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Chapter 114: Chapter 114: 36 Divisions of The Demon Clan

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Hearing this, Chen was speechless, feeling as if he had fallen into a trap.

Zhou Renlong did not want to explain much either. He said to a dark corner, “Zhou Feng, you take him. I’m a little tired.”

As soon as he said that, a man in black appeared from the shadows and stood in front of Chen Chen.

“Please,” the man in black said coldly.

He silently led the way while Chen Chen followed him, secretly surprised.

If he had sensed correctly, this man in black had a cultivation level of at least the Nascent Soul realm or higher!

Just because he was the only disciple of the first division, that did not mean that the first division was weak. There were just fewer official disciples.

“Senior Zhou, why are there so few disciples in the body refinement lineage?” Chen Chen asked after a moment of hesitation.

“There used to be three, but they all died more than ten years ago,” Zhou Feng answered monotonously, staying quiet after answering that question.

Chen Chen didn’t ask about it any further. There were too many secrets in the demon clan, and he couldn’t immediately understand all of them. That was the biggest problem.

What he wanted to do the most now was not to figure out these questions, but to take out the communication token to report that he was safe.

However, he did not dare to do so. Back then, his master, Xiao Wuyou, who was at the peak of the Core Formation realm, could sense the situation in the courtyard of the main peak hundreds of meters away. God knew how far Zhou Renlong could detect.

He had to find a chance to leave the first division of the demon clan in order to take out his storage ring with ease.

In the meantime, he also had to find out how the Black Tortoise egg was doing.

Thinking about this, Chen Chen unknowingly arrived at a mountain with Zhou Feng.

The top of the mountain seemed to have been cut, as it formed a huge platform.

There were hundreds of people gathered on that platform at this moment.

The people were dressed in black and had stern expressions on their faces as they stood quietly. There were also several figures fighting in a large ring in the center of the platform.

Chen Chen was familiar with one of them, which was Yuan Qingtian, who would disappear and suddenly appear again every now and then.

“Elder Zhou Feng, can a single person be attacked by a few pairs of identical twins?” Chen Chen asked, pointing at the ring while feeling somewhat puzzled.

At this moment, there were a few people dressed in the exact same clothing with identical figures, all of them beating up Yuan Qingtian.

Zhou Feng replied coldly, “That’s an illusory trick of the third division. The young clan master, Feng Huan, has an innate flair for illusory tricks.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly, and after looking for a while, realized that indeed, all of them had blue eyes that were extraordinarily penetrating.

Seeing that the fight was getting more and more intense, Yuan Qingtian suddenly roared, “Chen Chen! Screw you!”

Immediately afterwards, his ethereality erupted, and he smacked his palm on one of the figures.

In the next moment, several figures disappeared at the same time, and Feng Huan was directly blown out of the ring.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s face instantly became expressionless as he reminded himself not to bother with the fool.

“Haha, who else dares to fight with me!?!”

Yuan Qingtian laughed long and hard after winning the battle. He was extremely smug and childish, like a child who had just been given candy.

“Zhang Chen, the disciple of the first division, would like to join this trial against Yuan Qingtian.”

At this time, Zhou Feng spoke loudly, his voice spreading throughout the platform.

Soon, Chen Chen felt quite a few gazes land on him.

However, the people of the demon clan didn’t seem to be very talkative. After a brief moment in which a look of amazement appeared in their eyes, they regained their composure.

Chen Chen was also sizing them up, and the more he looked at them, the deeper his frown became.

The third division of the demon clan was commonly known as the Division of Illusion. Feng Huan’s blue eyes were simply shocking.

Most importantly, the clothing of the woman of the fourth division was atrocious. She was scantily clad, her body covered by only a single piece of fabric.

“The fourth division is commonly known as the Division of Demons, which consists of castrated men who practice Yin Yang techniques. Not only are they good at charming, their actual combat abilities are also ranked in the top of the 36 clans,” Zhou Feng informed him coldly.

Looking at that “woman,” Chen Chen could not help but shiver. He seemed to have seen the legacy of the fourth division in the secret realm before.

The fifth division was the weapons division, and they were good at smithing. The junior division master was a burly man who carried eight long swords on his back, which made them seem like peacock wings.

The sixth division was the division of poison. The junior division master was androgynous and shrouded in a black robe. However, the spot where he was standing was black.

The seventh division was the division of puppets. The junior division master had four legs and no longer looked like a human.

The eighth division was the division of witchcraft and the junior division master was an elder who was said to be only 23 years old.

The twelfth division was the division of corpse refinement. The junior division master was already reeking of a pungent odor that caused flies to fly around him.

The thirty-sixth division was the division of medicine and the junior division master seemed to be only eleven or twelve years old, carrying a medicine box while looking extremely exhausted. His face was covered in sweat and he seemed to have no status of cultivation.

Looking at this group of people, Chen Chen broke out in cold sweat, which appeared on his forehead.

Compared to the successors of the 36 clans of the State of Jin, the junior division masters of the 36 clans of the demon clan were all oddballs.

“Ah, I’m too handsome, so I don’t fit in with you guys.”

Chen Chen was worried. He used to joke about such things, but now it was his reality.

Fortunately, he had wisely put on an ugly mask before. Otherwise, he would be embarrassed to say that he was a disciple of the demon clan.

Zhou Feng seemed to know what Chen Chen was thinking and said calmly, “Their appearances may seem unpleasant but in terms of strength, except for that kid in the medicine division, the others are all on par with successors of the State of Jin, who are at the peak of Foundation Establishment.

“Those two from the corpse refinement and puppets divisions can control six Foundation Establishment peak walking corpses or puppets at the same time. Even ordinary Core Formation realm powerhouses have a hard time dealing with them.”

Chen Chen nodded after coming to a realization.

The demon clan was definitely impressive at first, but the later stages would be uncertain.

However, Zhou Feng continued talking at this moment.

“So far, there have been 23 generations of clan masters, and the junior division masters of the divisions of illusions, corpse refinement, poison, and demons, have been the clan master once.”

“So powerful?”

Chen Chen was quite surprised. The demon clans were mutually restraining, and some were harder to deal with. For example, poison was the nemesis of the puppets.

However, they must be terrifying, since they could still become Clan Masters under such circumstances!

While they were talking, the “woman” of the demon division had gotten into the ring and fought with Yuan Qingtian.

This junior division master was very good at combat, probably better than Lin Jin and Qi Bufan. Most importantly, the clothing on his body vanished as he fought.

Seeing this scene, many junior division masters frowned.

Chen Chen looked away, unable to look at him any longer. It was the first time he had seen such a fighting style.

However, Yuan Qingtian seemed to have really completely lost his memory, as he didn’t know what it meant at all. Soon, he said his catchphrase and sent the junior division master flying.

“You don’t show mercy to women at all! Hmph!”

With a soft humph, the junior division master of the demon division picked up the cloth and wrapped it around his body wishy-washily before returning to the crowd.

Seeing that the peacock-winged burly man was about to enter the ring, Chen Chen stood up and said coldly, “Enough, don’t waste your time. I’ll do it.”

Being in the demon clan while wearing an ugly mask, Chen Chen naturally had to have a bit of the aura of a demon clan disciple.

Through this period of observation, he already had a certain understanding of the demon clan.

If he wanted to do well here, he had to keep a high profile, be arrogant, and have the guts to fight!

As long as he had that mask, he would have to be such a person!

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