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Chapter 110: Chapter 110: Legacies All Over the Place

“Are you letting me in just like that? No buffer period?”

Looking at the Clan Master, Chen Chen felt speechless and the look in his eyes seemed to be hinting that Chen Chen had to go in immediately.

‘In that case, I’ll go in. I may not have prepared anything but with the system, there shouldn’t be problems.’

Chen Chen walked towards the door slowly.

On the other hand, Zhou Renlong muttered, “Only if you have the will to defy heaven, can you go far on the path of diabolism. Personal talent and aptitude aren’t that important.”

Before he finished, Chen Chen had already entered the light door.

By the time Chen Chen vanished completely, Zhou Renlong began to look stern too.

“I finally have a disciple in the body refinement lineage. Hah, but what’s there to defy?”

Zhou Renlong muttered to himself, looking at the four chains with indignation in his eyes.

On the other hand, after stepping into the door of light, Chen Chen was greeted with the sight of a large canyon that seemed boundless. There were countless ancient trees and occasionally, the sounds of menacing beasts could be heard.

However, despite the fact that it seemed to be full of vitality, there was no ethereality there.

In addition, there seemed to be a special power inside that made Chen Chen feel very oppressed.

Besides, he couldn’t use his storage ring so he didn’t have much of a sense of security.

“Finding a legacy here as a normal person in such a place is harder than being robbed along the way to the Tianyun Clan!”

‘Seems like the Tianyun Clan has less harsh methods for recruiting disciples.’

If ordinary people stayed in that secret realm for ten days, they would have to survive in the wild and also find the time to look for the legacy. If they got injured, they would be left alone with no help. They might even be accidentally taken away by the beasts.

To be able to find a good legacy and return in one piece within ten days would not only require a strong willpower but also good luck.

“Even an elite like me is feeling the pressure. Speaking of which, System, are there any opportunities within thirty meters around me?”

Chen Chen frowned slightly and asked the system in his mind.

He decided to use the 20,000 meter tracking opportunity there too. However, he would have to get to the middle of the secret realm in order to expand the tracking range.

“Yes, there is an underground passage twenty meters to the left and an ordinary legacy at the end.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen was rather shocked. He had just entered the secret realm, and just asked a casual question, but it turned out there really was a legacy!

Could this place really be full of legacies?

With that in mind, he did not hesitate in the slightest and immediately went to the place stated in the system prompt.

Since he entered this secret realm, he naturally did not intend to find only one legacy as that would be a waste of his incredible talent.

Looking at the boulder by his feet, Chen Chen seemed to understand something and immediately moved it away with all his might.

As expected, there was a hidden tunnel below and he leaped into it, after which he saw an ordinary square table at the end of the darkness.

There was a book, a pill bottle, and a dagger on the table.

Those should be the so-called legacy.

Chen Chen did not rush up to get it like a fool and instead asked the system about it first.

“Are there any traps or tests within 30 meters?”

“Yes, there is a snake hole between three meters to nine meters ahead, where thousands of poisonous snakes are hidden.”

Hearing this prompt, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched and he wanted to curse in his heart!

‘Thousands of poisonous snakes hidden within a range of six meters? Isn’t that letha;?’

‘Besides, this passage isn’t high. Even if the quality is good, I can’t jump over, or I’ll hit my head.’

‘This tunnel is really deep too. If there are no tools, it’d be time-consuming to use those tools. It’s not worth it for an ordinary legacy.’

After some thought, Chen Chen scurried out and looked for a long, thin stone, and used it to cut three that had the girth of a human’s calf.

Although he couldn’t use his spiritual power, his physical strength was far beyond that of normal people, so it didn’t take much time for him to do that.

After cutting the tree trunk and shoving the cut segment into the tunnel, Chen Chen created a one-way bridge. He then laid a flat stone under the trunk to prevent the middle from bearing too much stress.

Looking at the bridge that would allow him to avoid the pit of snakes, Chen Chen felt amazed at himself.

In terms of resourcefulness, he was the best in the two kingdoms!

Carefully stepping over the bridge, Chen Chen walked to the table and immediately picked up the book before flipping through it.

“If you can withstand the suffering of a thousand snakes devouring your body, it means that you are qualified to cultivate the Five-Colored Poison Sutra. I, Wu Kang, from the sixth division of the demon clan. I’m in the early Nascent Soul realm. I hope you will not insult this cultivation method.”

“As for the pill bottle next to it, it contains my antidote to poison, which I have carefully developed.”

“Are you flustered? Are you scared?”

“Hehe, destined one, I only have one thing to tell you. There is no free lunch in this world, so suffering some hardships to get an opportunity is inevitable.”

“However, you don’t have to worry, once you take this antidote, the poison in your body will be removed too.”

“As for that dagger, it’s called the Hundred Poison Dagger, which is a spiritual weapon for protection. It is stained with 36 kinds of poison. You may keep it for protection.”

After reading this paragraph, Chen Chen did not say anything and stowed away all the items on the table into his pocket.

He then stepped on the wooden bridge and went back to the entrance of the tunnel.

‘How did an elder from the sixth division of the demon clan get into this secret realm? Why did he get up to so many fancy tricks? Aren’t you tired at all? Hmph, I just like eating free lunch!’

After secretly criticizing, Chen Chen walked towards the depths of the valley.

20 kilometers was neither too far nor near. Chen Chen couldn’t use his spiritual power to move so he had to walk for about three hours in the rugged valley.

He came in empty-handed but now, the pockets on his bag were already filled with some ordinary heavenly treasures that could be used for restoring physical strength, healing and detoxification.

There was also a longsword, an ax, and a rope that was dozens of meters long.

They were all found from the corpses that he tracked.

As for whether or not those corpses were the demon clan disciples who had entered the secret realm in the past, Chen Chen didn’t care.

“20 kilometers is not a small area!”Chen Chen stopped and muttered.

In the next second, he used the one chance he had to track within a range of 20,000 meters.

“System, are there any opportunities within a 20,000 meter radius?”

As usual, numerous pop-up prompts from the system began to appear in his head rapidly.

“400 meters ahead in the cave outside, there is the legacy of the elders who are at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.”

“At the bottom of the river 2,000 meters ahead in the cave outside, there is the legacy of the eighth-generation Clan Master of the demon clan, who is at the Essence Soul realm.”

“3,500 meters in the southwest direction, there is the legacy of the fifth generation Clan Master of the third division of the demon clan, who is at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.”

“4,000 meters underground, there is the legacy of the third-generation Clan Master of the demon clan, who is at the Essence Soul realm.”

“8,000 meters due north in the middle of the stream, there is the statue of the Fiendgod.”

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