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Chapter 11: So Bloody Unlucky

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After a moment.

The constables and their horses led Chen Chen’s family toward the entrance of the village. Wang Er creeped behind them, a vicious glint in his eyes.

Chen Shan and Qin Rou saw everything and worried.

On the other hand, Chen Chen seemed carefree. He shouted out to Erya, who was in the crowd, “Erya, help me feed Lao Hei! Don’t let him go hungry and lose weight!”

“Brother Chen, don’t worry…” Erya answered shyly. Her eyes were also filled with worry.

Chen Chen smiled at her reply. He followed the constables and walked toward the front of the village.

Today, he would see what show these people would put on.



A few minutes later, after the group had left the entrance of the village, Wang Er couldn’t wait anymore. He walked from the back of the group to the front, whispering to Constable Zhou, “Master Wang said this family must be taken care of!”

When Constable Zhou heard the words, he calmly replied, “We need to talk about the price though. You told me before that we were just here to collect the corpses.”

“That isn’t a problem, but they must be taken care of on the road,” Wang Er said harshly.

The backstory of the Wang family was a bit disgraceful. If the Chen family was brought to the government office in the county, it would not be good for their nonsense to get out. It was better to take care of them on the road and prevent any further mishaps.

A strange glint flashed in Constable Zhou’s eyes as he said, “Killing on the road… The price is even higher. After all, it’s not a righteous thing to do.”

“No problem!” Wang Er replied without any hesitation.

Their Wang family had plenty of money!

“Great. Then I will take them into the stone forest five miles away, and we will take care of them there!”

“Perfect!” Wang Er responded and returned to the back of the group. When passing by Chen Chen’s family, he did not forget to glance at Chen Chen as if he was already doomed.

Chen Chen sneered to himself. With his current hearing, he could hear the conversation between Wang Er and Constable Zhou very clearly.

Stone forest five miles away?

Humph! None of them are good!

“Little Chen, I have a feeling that they were up to no good just now. If anything happens, I will delay them. Take your mother to grab a horse and escape. Don’t look back. Do you understand?!” Chen Shan asked with a low voice. He looked as if he was ready to face death unflinchingly.

As a man, he had no hesitation at this time.

“Dad, don’t worry. Maybe they are all good people,” Chen Chen smiled and comforted him.


Qin Rou saw this and sighed to herself.

Her son was perfect. His only flaw was that he was too kind; he didn’t know that people could be evil.


“Little Chen. There are many bad people out there. You have to be careful.”

Qin Rou rubbed her son’s head, her face showing dismay.

Where could she run to as a woman? If something happened later, she would, at most, distract those people and make it possible for Chen Chen to escape.


Chen Chen gave his parents a relaxed look, then quickened his pace and wandered around the group.

When Wang Er noticed this, closely following behind Chen Chen, afraid he’d run away.

“System, find me some bad luck. Like how I ran into the wolf last night.”

“Walking eight meters at twenty degrees ahead, you will step on a hidden pile of cow dung.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen sped up and immediately walked forward in the direction shown by the system. His perception was keen, and after spotting the cow dung, he calmly stepped over it.

Wang Er stared at Chen Chen closely, quickening his pace once again without saying anything. After a while, he felt his feet become sticky.


Looking down, he saw a pile of slimy cow dung covering his shoes. It was a dark blob and quite disgusting.

“D*mn! So bloody unlucky!” Wang Er cursed, quickly moving his feet away. When he looked for Chen Chen again, the young man was back to walking with the group.

Chen Chen was amused when he heard Wang Er’s cursing.

Today, he wanted to let the old guy know what was truly cruel!


After the group walked forward more than a hundred meters, Chen Chen left them again, with Wang Er closely following him once more.

He thought he had stepped on the feces by accident and didn’t suspect anything.

Just as he took a few steps, the foot that had stepped on cow dung before stepped on something else. The combination made him suddenly slip, and he fell backward.

‘Sliding on dung! Today is so unlucky!’ Wang Er scolded himself in his heart, but he did not panic. As the steward of the Wang family, he knew some martial arts. When he leaned back, his body suddenly exerted strength, and he stood steadily on the ground with a beautiful backflip.

The move was quite expert. If it weren’t for the dung on his feet, it would be even better.

However, the very next moment, he gasped as his face suddenly turned purple.

He raised his foot and saw that there had been a sharp rock where he landed, now piercing his shoe and plunging into the sole of his foot.

Bright red blood gushed out, and mixed with the dark dung, it looked even more disgusting.


“Ow! It hurts! It hurts!”

Wang Er’s masterful demeanor disappeared instantly. He didn’t care about the cow dung anymore; he picked up his foot and started screaming.

All the constables were dumbfounded when they saw the scene. They had never seen anyone piercing their feet when they walked!

And what was that dark blob?

After constables realized what it was, they turned their heads in unison, not daring to look at it directly.

It was so repulsive!

Only Chen Chen moved toward Wang Er with a concerned expression.

“Steward Wang, are you alright? Maybe we shouldn’t rush to the county government. Let’s go back to the village and bandage your wound.”

Wang Er showed a fierce look when he heard those words. He roared, “This injury is nothing to me! D*mn, if it wasn’t for you untouchables, I would have looked at the almanac when I went out!”


Chen Chen looked at the blood-stained stone and waved his hand earnestly. “Steward Wang, how can you be considered unlucky? Fortunately, it is just your foot that got hurt. If you had smashed and knocked your head, then what? You might have died young, right? You are so lucky!”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Wang Er’s eyes flickered and his heart became full of fear.

Had it not been for the backflip, he might have knocked his head, and if his head had been pierced by the stone…

Wang Er didn’t dare to think about it anymore, limping back to the group with a sullen face.

At the same time, he promised himself he would be really careful when walking from now on.

At the front of the group, Constable Zhou frowned when he saw this. He ordered, “Steward Wang, there is a river in front of the woods. Go and wash up.”

He was taking advantage of the situation and using this as an excuse to bring Chen Chen’s family into the woods.

“Right. Thank you, Constable Zhou.”

Wang Er bowed his hands in thanks but gasped again after saying this.

The feeling of cow dung seeping into the wound was really uncomfortable, making him want to die.


At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to follow Chen Chen. He just wanted to go into the river to clean his wound, otherwise his foot might be done for!

However, he didn’t know that…

This was just the beginning for him!


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