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Chapter 109: Chapter 109: What? There’s Still Such A Place?

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Hearing the system’s prompt, Chen Chen perked up.

It had appeared! Finally, there was another opportunity for wide-range tracking, and it had a range of 20,000 meters. There was no restriction!

That also meant that Chen Chen could go to other places to use this opportunity.

To be honest, Chen Chen was still a bit disdainful towards the headquarters of the demon clan.

Although poison was also a type of treasure, it will be detrimental in excessive amounts. For example, the magic mushroom that would shorten one’s lifespan if one approached it, could not be brought around at all.

Just as he was thinking, the two demon clan elders actually fell to their knees at the same time.

“We, An Chen and An Xing, the elders of the second division of the demon clan, would like to see the clan master regarding an important matter!”

As soon as they finished, the cliff in front suddenly crumbled, revealing a large door.

The interior of the door was pitch black, and a faint blood aura surged out from inside, looking extraordinarily ghastly and horrifying.

Chen Chen suddenly became extremely nervous.

He didn’t expect to be meeting the demon clan master so soon!

The demon clan master was the greatest big shot of the demon clan. Even the Wuxin Clan elder and ancestor were a notch lower than him in terms of status and authority.

After all, the demon clan master had not only unified the 36 divisions of the demon clan, but also served as the king of the State of Zhou.

“Don’t be scared, the clan master won’t hurt you,” the two demon clan elders reminded coldly.

They then led Chen Chen in and the further they went, the stronger the odor of blood.

By the time they reached the depths, the odor of blood was already so overwhelming that it made them retch.

“He’s not a demon who sucks human blood, right?” Chen Chen was worried and he was afraid of being eaten up by going in.

However, things were beyond his expectation.

There wasn’t a mountain of corpses or a massive bloodbath inside, nor was there any horrible demon. There was just an old man in a cloak whose hair was draped across his back messily and who was seated on a stone platform.

There were four chains of light around the stone platform that the old man was shackled to. Two chains were threaded through his shoulder blades and the odor of blood was emanating from him.

‘Is this Zhou Renlong, the demon clan master whom Master mentioned? He’s having such a tough time.’

Chen Chen lamented in his heart.

Xiao Wuyou had once told him that the demon clan master Zhou Renlong was the top expert of the two nations who was incredibly powerful, but he was not told that Zhou Renlong was a prisoner.

‘Who in the two kingdoms can shackle the demon clan master here? Could it be someone from outside the two kingdoms?’

“Clan Master! Qingtian has completed his mission…but he met with an accident on the way to retreating and his sea of consciousness collapsed. Clan Master, please help to rebuild his sea of consciousness!”

The demon clan elder who brought Chen Chen over pointed at Yuan Qingtian who was standing there like a fool, and his words were very sad.

“Yes, but if you let me repair his sea of consciousness, the second division will lose that opportunity.”

Chen Chen did not see the mouth of the demon clan expert moving but the voice was coming from him. However, it was extremely hoarse and he sounded like a demon from hell.

An Chen and An Xing knelt down again with tears in their eyes.

“Clan Master! This time, Young Clan Master has suffered a serious injury, and we beg for your forgiveness! Please give him a chance! We didn’t ” didn’t return empty-handed this time either, we brought this one back!”

After saying that, Elder An Chen pointed at Chen Chen.

In an instant, Zhou Renlong, who was being shackled, raised his head and gazed at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen only felt a huge pressure landing on his body immediately which felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, making him want to fall to his knees immediately.

However, he ultimately persisted and did not use a single bit of spiritual power.

“Clan Master, this young man is named Zhang Chen. Although he’s from the State of Jin, he has the rare Indestructible Body! If he joins the body refinement division, we will produce another supreme expert in the State of Zhou soon!”

Hearing his words, Zhou Renlong’s eyes were filled with a few traces of surprise, but that was all.

Compared to Xiao Wuyou’s reaction when he found Chen Chen, Zhou Renlong was much calmer.

He was obviously the big shot who would stay composed regardless of what happened.

“Hah, the Indestructible Body? That’s interesting. Got it. However, even though Qingtian has been revived, he probably has no memory, are you still willing to let him compete for the throne of the crown prince of the State of Zhou in this state?”


The two chorused in unison.

Yuan Qingtian had given up a lot to assassinate Chong Ye, who had lurked in the State of Jin for more than ten years. Hence, even if Yuan Qingtian’s mental age became that of a toddler, they would still let him fight for it.

“Okay, you guys stand down and leave Qingtian behind then,” Zhou Renlong said indifferently.

Elders An Chen and An Xing looked at each other before flying out.

Soon, only Zhou Renlong, Chen Chen, and the unconscious Yuan Qingtian were left inside the deep mountain, and the atmosphere became extremely depressing all of a sudden.

Chen Chen could even hear his own heartbeat.

Looking at Chen Chen who was overwhelmed with nervousness, Zhou Renlong said indifferently: “People of the State of Jin who enter our demon clan, must take a deadly oath in front of the Fiendgod statue to prove their sincerity.”

Only after hearing that did Chen Chen notice the huge Fiendgod statue behind Zhou Renlong.

Looking at the statue, Chen Chen’s heart was filled with helplessness.

‘What oath does he want me to take?’

‘Zhou Renlong is not telling me either. Is he trying to put me in a difficult spot?’

Seeing that the atmosphere was becoming more and more depressing, Chen Chen, who was blessed with a heart of gold, swore solemnly to the Fiendgod statue. “Fiendgod, I, Zhang Chen, hereby swear that I will destroy the Wuxin Clan within ten years, or I will die without a burial place and never be allowed to reincarnate forever!”

Hearing these words, Zhou Renlong, who was seated, shivered slightly. After a long time, he finally said, “This oath of yours is a bit too much. It’s not that easy to destroy the Wuxin Clan. Ten years? You’ve made a really bold claim.”

Chen Chen smiled and scratched his head. He did not have much concept of time. Well, he had only cultivated a few months.

If he was given ten years, wouldn’t he have become invincible? Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for him to destroy the Wuxin Clan?

At this juncture, he could only make an oath using the Wuxin Clan. Anyway, they were vile so there was no harm in killing them.

“How about I take another oath? How about twenty years?” Chen Chen said, much less confident than before.

Zhou Renlong’s mouth actually moved when he heard this, seemingly angered.

“Do you think swearing in front of the Fiendgod is a joke? If you break the oath, you will be cursed by the Fiendgod.”

He had seen those who swore allegiance, but it was the first time he had seen someone who swore to destroy the Wuxin Clan within ten years.

‘That’s just a damned death wish.’

Chen Chen grimaced. ‘Do oaths really work?’ It was the first time he heard of such a thing.

He thought it was just nonsense.

“Forget it, since you dare to make such an oath, it at least proves that you hate the Wuxin Clan. That’s enough. From now on, you are a prospective disciple of the demon clan’s Body Refining Lineage.”

“The demon clan is different from the State of Jin. Regardless of your talent, you will not receive special preferential treatment. You will have to earn everything themselves.”

“Even when it comes to the position of the demon clan master, I will have to step aside and give way if someone from another division is stronger than me.”

Zhou Renlong’s words made Chen Chen feel a little disappointed.

He thought he could get the title of a young clan master or something but it seemed that he had been reading too much into things because a shabby place like this was really not for a genius like him.

However, he was astounded by what Zhou Renlong said next!

“The first three divisions of the demon clan have their own secret realm, which contains various hidden inheritances. These inheritances all require different tests, and every initiating disciple will enter them for ten days to find the most suitable technique for himself.”

“Back then, Yuan Qingtian went through various tests and found the divine concealment technique, shocking the entire second division. Likewise, you will have to find the technique on your own.”

“However, I have to remind you that the secret realm of the body refinement lineage prohibits all transcendent power. Anyone who enters will become a mortal in order to find a suitable cultivation method. The physical factor is only secondary, the more important thing is your unyielding will! During cultivation, the willpower is the most important. Even if you have a mortal body, you will be able to slaughter the elite as long as your will is firm!”

“What? There’s such a place too?”

Chen Chen was beyond stunned and there were all sorts of inheritance hidden in the secret realm. There was such a place!

‘Isn’t this the damned place that… I dreamed of?’

“Of course there is, if you do not get any inheritance in it, it only means that you are not strong-willed. If you are not strong-willed, you will only be a stepping stone for others to become famous in the future, even if you have an Indestructible Body! If that is the case, it means that you are not qualified to enter the body refinement lineage of the demon clan.”

Zhou Renlong’s tone was austere, and in the end, it already contained a murderous menace.

After he finished speaking, the Fiendgod statue suddenly moved slowly to the right, revealing a door.

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