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Chapter 103: Chapter 103: Appearance Of Changes

Chen Chen sat in the Heartless Hall for a long time, numerous thoughts running through his mind.

The reason that Chong Ye did not immediately make things difficult for him was because he really had no one else he could deploy now.

He could still deal with Xiao Huang, Xuan Hong, and the others from the 18 clans. However, Ye Wusheng was really hard to deal with.

Since Qi Bufan had already died, he could only rely on himself now, in order to not mess things up during the ranking battle of the 36 clans.

Of course, Chen Chen did not expect Chong Ye to truly keep his promise to let him go after defeating Ye Wusheng.

The only people he could trust at this critical moment were the people on his side.

However, he still had doubts at this point about Yuan Qingtian, who was still acting as a mascot.

Since Chong Ye had reached the point where he had to use Chen Chen, it meant that he had no one else he could deploy, and that meant he didn’t know how high Yuan Qingtian’s cultivation level was.

‘Does Yuan Qingtian not belong to the Wuxin Clan? Could he…’

An inexplicable thought appeared in Chen Chen’s mind, lingering there.

He had a feeling that there would be changes during the Ranking Battle today.

However, no matter what, he had to inform his master.

Regardless of whether the Wuxin Clan was going to attack him or there were going to be changes in the Ranking Battle, he would be confident as long as his master was near him.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen got up and left without hesitation. After he left the king’s palace, he silently took out the transmission token and informed Xiao Wuyou of the current situation.

Chen Chen returned to Yiran Inn to see that everyone was very excited about his safe return.

However, Chen Chen couldn’t bring himself to be happy. Instead, he quickly started making various arrangements to prevent accidents from happening.

“Elder Zhao, if I get detained after the Ranking Battle, or if anything else happens, you guys leave first. Do you understand? Don’t worry about me,” Chen Chen insisted to Elder Zhao once again.


“No buts, I won’t die so easily. If you guys are around, I can’t run as quickly.”

Chen Chen looked solemn. After saying those words, he turned around and left Yiran Inn before they could retort. He then headed towards the arena.

Indeed, he would not die easily, not unless he met a formidable expert who could turn him into ashes with a single slap. Otherwise, with the heavenly treasures that he had in his storage ring, he would be able to recover in minutes.

A few moments later, above the arena.

The successors of the 36 clans gathered, but a few people from the 18 clans were missing.

The platform designated for the second sect, which was reserved for Qi Bufan, was now empty and only the Luoyou Clan’s flag was flying high.

In addition, two out of the ten platforms for the top ten clans were unoccupied.

As for the reason…

The successors all looked at Chen Chen, who was sitting on the high platform for the 14th clan.

It was him!

Last night, he killed three successors on the street, including Qi Bufan, who was ranked second among the elites.

At the thought of it, the crowd looked at Chen Chen with a little more awe. It was a type of respect that they had for experts.

Even You Lanxin, who was beside Chen Chen, became extremely cautious with her words.

“Senior Brother Chen… Ahem. Last night, I secretly bet 200 Spirit Stones on Qi Bufan. Sorry…”

“It’s okay,” Chen Chen replied indifferently.

At this moment, he simply wasn’t in the mood to care about Spirit Stones.

Seeing the cold expression on Chen Chen’s face, You Lanxin’s heart trembled slightly. Immediately afterwards, she took out a storage bag from her chest and threw it at Chen Chen.

“The gambling den returned the Spirit Stones to me and the owner wanted me to bring this to you. He hopes that you will spare his life.”

Chen Chen grabbed the storage bag, casually glanced at it to see that there were about 30,000 Spirit Stones inside.

It seemed that the gambling den had given Qi Bufan’s Spirit Stones to him as well.

It made sense that he would want Chen Chen not to kill him. If Chen Chen launched a purge, all the gamblers and gambling dens in the city would have to quit gambling altogether.

Even if the gambling dens wouldn’t have to pay a high sum as compensation, their businesses would take a hit if no one gambled anymore.

Just as Chen Chen put away his storage bag, Chong Ye, who was far away from him, suddenly spoke up.

“Last night, the successors of the Luoyou Clan and the Tianyun Clan got into a conflict over a trivial issue. Reasonably speaking, the successor of the Tianyun Clan should be taking the place of the second clan.”

Hearing those words, the group of successors all looked at Chen Chen with varying expressions.

They all knew that Chong Ye and Chen Chen had met privately. Judging from the situation, it seemed that the Tianyun Clan had defected to the Wuxin Clan.

There were complicated gazes in the eyes of Xuan Hong, Xuan Hong, Ye Wusheng, and the others.

The second place had always been reserved for the Green Dragon Clan, which was one of the four sacred clans.

“All Chong Ye does is get up to such tricks in order to sow discord.”

After secretly muttering to himself, Chen Chen sat onto the platform meant for the second clan without any courteous refusal. Soon, the flag of the Tianyun Clan replaced that of the Luoyou Clan.

Seeing this, Chong Ye smirked.

He then looked at all the successors present and said indifferently, “May the last day of the Ranking Battle begin.”

As soon as the Ranking Battle began, the following situation was similar to what Chen Chen had thought.

It was absolutely quiet most of the time, with some occasional challenges between small fries. There would also be strategic adjustments of places where a fight wouldn’t take place at all and the clans would just admit defeat accordingly.

Everyone was waiting for the final battle in the afternoon.

Ye Wusheng, Xiao Huang, and other experts also didn’t intend to fight. At this moment, they were keener on protecting themselves. As for their allies, they could only try to be blessed.

The alliance between the 36 clans was just that fragile.

Just like that, the morning passed by quickly, with almost none of the experts fighting.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere of the entire arena suddenly changed.

It was no longer as relaxed as it was in the morning, Instead, there was a solemn and somber tension, signaling an impending massacre.

Meanwhile, Ye Wusheng and the others fixed their eyes on Chong Ye.

As long as Chong Ye used up his chance to challenge someone and return to first place, it would be time for them to settle the score with the eighteen clans.

Now that the 18 clans were without Qi Bufan, the rest of them posed no threat at all.

Chen Chen, who was lying down and sleeping, was probably the only one.

However, would Chen Chen really attack them? They had no idea, only able to take a gamble at such a juncture.

Looking at Ye Wusheng and the others, Chong Ye glanced at Chen Chen, seemingly trying to warn him with his gaze. He then stepped into the ring.

“Chong Ye of the Wuxin Clan would like to challenge Yuan Qingtian of the Hidden Wind Clan.”

Hearing these words, Ye Wusheng and the others clenched their fists tightly.

When Chong Ye replaced Yuan Qingtian and returned to first place, they would be able to strike!

However, the next scene made their jaws drop!

Yuan Qingtian, who was originally acting as a mascot, did not admit defeat directly. Instead, he flew down from the high platform and landed on the ring.

Looking at Yuan Qingtian, who was in front of him, Chong Ye frowned slightly.

‘What does this mean? Does he still want to fight me?’

Before he could figure it out, Yuan Qingtian saluted Chong Ye and said in a respectful tone, “Senior Brother Chong Ye, you are the best elite of the State of Jin, and I’ve admired you for a long time. I’ve been wanting to fight with you at least once, so please grant me my wish.”

“Yuan Qingtian, are you out of your mind?” Chong Ye asked, his voice turning cold.

‘Is this the time for a sparring session?

‘Besides, all the successors of the 36 clans know that you are under my command. Now that you want to fight me, won’t you be telling the 36 clans that I, Chong Ye, am not strict in my rule?’

“Senior Brother Chong, I’m not out of my mind. I hope that you can fulfill my wish.” Yuan Qingtian bent forward further, his tone extremely sincere.

Chong Ye’s eyes instantly became filled with fury, and he said coldly, “Since you need to be taught a lesson, don’t blame me for striking hard!”

As soon as he finished saying that, his half-step Golden core aura suddenly erupted and he dashed towards Yuan Qingtian at the speed of lightning before slapping Yuan Qingtian’s heart.

The power of the blow seemed to be far greater than that of the strike that he previously dealt Ye Wusheng and Lin Jin. He was clearly furious!

Boom! There was a shocking explosion!

The successors watched in shock as Yuan Qingtian struck Chong Ye with one palm and the two of them went toe-to-toe against each other. Terrifying aura poured out in all directions, causing the ring to collapse.

However, Yuan Qingtian didn’t retreat.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s spirit trembled.

Previously, he had noticed the light in Yuan Qingtian’s eyes when he bent forward.

It seemed that he really wanted to cause a stir.

That also meant that… The variable of the Ranking Battle of the 36 clans had appeared!

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