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Published at 17th of July 2020 01:49:49 PM
Chapter 28

Alchemist McDawn POV

I’m McDawn Howell .

I now use a pseudonym and call myself 『Nico』 .

I only researched in isolated cabins . Still, when I realized that my research could be useful in the war effort, people from many countries began to look at me differently and tried to capture me .

After escaping their chase and running out of money and food, I was searching for something to eat in the Franbel Forest when I got lost .

Had the cat not rescued me in the forest, I would have died in the wild like that .

And that cat was using four-dimensional space and light magic .

Who knows, maybe it was just a brilliant wizard who was transformed .

Next time I see them, I’ll say thank you again .

Knock, knock . There’s a knock on the door .

「Nico-sama! The bath is ready! 」

「Thanks . 」

My body is quite dirty and sweaty .

I was expecting to just wipe it down with water, but I didn’t expect them to provide me with a bath .

Is it because I’m treated as the King’s guest, even though baths are only supposed to be available to royalty and nobility?

The bathtub, which looked like a large wooden tub, was large enough that I could stretch out and not reach the edge of the tub .

Mhm, it feels good .

「Hero-sama! Nico-sama is taking a bath now! 」

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「So, what’s the problem? I’m going in .

I’m sweating so much . 」

「Nico-sama is a very important guest!

Please don’t be rude! 」

「All right, all right . 」

Hmm? Voices can be heard from behind the door .

Clang .

「Ah—, it’s training, training every day .

Oh, man . Can’t we take a break? 」

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A black-haired boy walked in . Naked .

「I’m coming—」

「Uh, wait a minute . 」


「Haa—, this is so refreshing!

If I could have coffee milk after a bath, it would be great— 」

I wonder why this boy is so unphased .

Is it okay for men and women to take a bath together?

「Anyway, you’re a handsome guy .

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Your body is so slender, it’s like a woman… Hmmm? 」

The boy looks at my lower body and blushes .

「You’re a woman?! Shit!

Why didn’t you stop that soldier?! 」

He rushed out as he said it .

I was warm enough to get out of the bath .

After wiping myself down with a cloth, I put on some clothes and went back to my room to sleep .

She received an apology from the King the next day .

He said he thought I was a man .

While I don’t think of myself as a beautiful girl, I’m kinda hurt .

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