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Chapter 225: Auction (3)

The moment Lord Wu Qing finished speaking, a Peak-Realm being at the side said, “Sir, we’ve already set up Martial Immortal Blood Crystals at the various nodes of Cang City according to the locations of the altar.”

“As long as you give the order, we can activate all the human experts in the sacrificial altar and guide the experts of our race to descend. From then on, this world will completely become our race’s resource land.”

Upon hearing this, Lord Wu Qing nodded slightly and said with a faint smile, “That’s good!”

However, just in case, he couldn’t help but remind the Peak-Realm expert.

“Everyone, don’t forget that to allow us to descend into this world, our race started a war in the Blood Red Plains with the ugly Yang God Race.”

“Several True Immortal-Realm experts died because of this. As for the experts below the True Immortal Realm, there are already countless deaths.”

“If the grand plan of our race is ruined because of our negligence, we won’t be able to escape the blame even if we die 10,000 times. Our race will even be implicated and bear our sins.”

The moment Lord Wu Qing finished speaking, the Peak-Realm experts at the top and the ordinary Grandmaster-Realm experts below immediately stood upright and replied in unison, “Don’t worry, sir!”

“Even if we die 10,000 times, we won’t ruin our race’s grand plan. No one can stop our descent.”

Seeing this, Lord Wu Qing said confidently, “Everyone, go to the various nodes and wait for the time being. When the auction begins, immediately activate the altar and sacrifice the living beings in the entire city.”

“After the matter is completed, our race will successfully descend into this world. You will be known for your outstanding service and become the heroes of our race. I will also reward you.”

Everyone agreed in unison upon hearing this. Then, their figures disappeared from the spot, and the underground warehouse became empty again.

This was also because Wang Yi liked living a normal life and was unwilling to keep his spiritual perception activated.

Otherwise, he would have sensed so many experts gathered in the underground warehouse long ago.

If that were the case, they would have probably been wiped out by Wang Yi the moment they gathered, let alone be able to carry out the plan to activate the altar and sacrifice tens of millions of living beings.

It was only at this moment that Fu Anzhi’s dispirited expression was revealed in the corner.

Lord Wu Qing did not prevent Fu Anzhi from listening to them at all. Rather, he deliberately let him hear their previous conversation.

Fu Anzhi naturally heard everyone’s conversation, but the more he listened, the colder and more desperate his heart became.

Fate was really unpredictable!

Thirty years ago, after Fu Anzhi’s wife handed that thing to him when she died, he was targeted by that ‘good brother’ in Tantra City.

At the same time, Lord Wu Qing also came to his door and promised that as long as he took out that thing, Lord Wu Qing would revive his wife.

Of course, for Fu Anzhi to have such a family business, he was naturally not easy to deal with when he was young.

How could he believe something as unbelievable as bringing someone back to life without seeing concrete evidence?

This was until Lord Wu Qing used all kinds of unbelievable and magical methods. After that, no matter how unbelievable it was, he could only choose to believe it.

This put Fu Anzhi in a dilemma. On the one hand, his wife had instructed him not to hand over the item no matter what.

On the other hand, the people who coveted this thing were too strong. Be it his Peak-Realm ‘good brother’ or Lord Wu Qing who could revive the dead, they were not beings he could afford to offend.

Although he wasn’t sure what was so special about that item, Fu Anzhi naturally couldn’t be indifferent to the temptation of reviving his wife.

Actually, at that time, Fu Anzhi also had a plan. Since he could not afford to offend either of the two forces, he thought that he might as well pull in another force and wander between the three forces.

He would completely cause confusion and see if he could take this opportunity to benefit from this chaos. Not only could he keep what he had, but he could also revive his wife.

Unfortunately, at that time, the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce was only beginning to take shape. Apart from those two people, the thing left behind by his wife could not move other experts at all.

It could be said that at that time, Fu Anzhi did not have any bargaining chips in his hands, nor could he pull in a third party. In the end, he could only give up on the plan helplessly.

But who would have thought that after 30 years, Fu Anzhi would finally see hope?

After obtaining the Green Jade Rock Marrow and having the capital to continue carrying out his plan, fate played a huge joke on him.

Lord Wu Qing did not play by the rules at all. The plan had just begun, and the situation was still calm, but he had already turned hostile and imprisoned Fu Anzhi.

More importantly, Lord Wu Qing wasn’t even a human at all.

He had coveted that thing so that he could sacrifice the lives of millions of living beings. Then, he would activate the so-called altar and guide the foreign race to descend into this world.

At this moment, Fu Anzhi finally understood his wife’s dying words, and he finally knew how much trouble he had caused.

It could be said that it was because of his selfishness that Cang City was now in an unknown danger zone. In fact, even the entire human race was in danger.

Fu Anzhi no longer cared about his life and death. As for reviving his wife, he had completely given up.

He could only hope that the few trump cards he had left behind would be useful. With his own death at the end of the story, he must not involve Cang City or even the entire human race.

Lord Wu Qing casually played with a scarlet crystal-like round crystal in his hand. There were dense patterns engraved on it, making it look extremely mysterious and profound.

Lord Wu Qing’s gaze swept across Fu Anzhi, who had already become a prisoner. His eyes were filled with mockery, bloodlust, and even a hint of madness.

After a while, he finally said mockingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“I want you to see with your own eyes how that bitch Wu Jiao is revived and how she accepts the judgment of the race.”

“I want you to watch how that bitch is tortured, and how she will fall into eternal damnation and suffer the pain of being burned by the flames of sin.”

At this point, Lord Wu Qing’s eyes instantly turned scarlet, and his expression was completely distorted. He even felt like he was about to go crazy.

No one knew whether he was still targeting Fu Anzhi, or if this was just him venting his anger.

Lord Wu Qing roared crazily, “B*tch! B*tch! B*tch!”

“Which part of this trash is better than me? He actually charmed you!”

“He charmed you to the point that you didn’t hesitate to destroy your future, give up your noble status, give up the chance to change the fate of your race, and even give up your life to protect this piece of trash?!”

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