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Chapter 82: Big Brother, Smile

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Su Shengjing’s heart ached for Su Jiu, who had participated in the shooting with him for such a prolonged period. He stroked her head and said, “Darling, you must be tired. How about I bring you out to eat?”

It was only then that Su Jiu realized she was hungry. She cutely agreed to his words and followed him downstairs.

When they reached the ground floor, they bumped into Rong Si and Song Wanqiu.

Song Wanqiu held Rong Si with one hand and carried two grocery bags with the other. The bags contained a bunch of vegetables and tofu, but no meat. When Su Jiu’s gaze fell on the little villain’s skinny face and body, she felt a bit bad.

Although her daddy was poor, he had a wealthy friend like Sheng Tianci to help him out. Hence, her and her daddy’s lives were not too tough. She could drink imported milk and eat meat every day.

On the other hand, the little villain led a harsh life.

Both Rong Si and his mother did not like to owe others anything. Although Sheng Tianci had lent them money, they would not spend it unnecessarily. Instead, they would think of ways to return the money. Therefore, they still led relatively impoverished lives.

It had been a few days since Song Wanqiu was discharged from the hospital. Her complexion looked a bit better now—at least, she had regained a bit of color in her cheeks. Since she had not seen the father-daughter duo recently, she also discovered the changes in Su Shengjing.

Why did he lose so much weight? Did he and Su Jiu face any troubles? 

Su Jiu sweetly greeted them. “Auntie! Brother!”

Looking at how cute and polite Su Jiu was, Song Wanqiu felt immense affection for her. After giving birth to Rong Si, Song Wanqiu had always wanted to have a daughter. Unfortunately, she was already struggling to support her son. How could she afford to raise another child?

Moreover, her son’s father had long abandoned her.

Concealing the sadness in her eyes, Song Wanqiu gently smiled at Su Jiu. “Little Jiu, where are you going with your Daddy?”

“Daddy said that he’s going to bring me out to eat nice food. Big Brother, Auntie, shall we go together?”

When Song Wanqiu noticed Su Jiu’s bright smile, which suggested nothing bad had happened to them, she felt relieved. However, she was too embarrassed to accept their favors again. Therefore, she tactfully refused, “There’s no need for that. We’ve already bought our groceries. You can just eat alone with your Daddy.”

Rong Si’s gaze never left Su Jiu’s face. He gently pursed his lips.

He knew that recently, Uncle Sheng would pick her up early in the morning and send her back late at night. She’s probably having a good time playing with that boy, right?

Feeling disappointed, Rong Si kept silent.

Su Jiu immediately sensed that something was wrong with Rong Si. She pulled his hand, dragged him to the side, and mysteriously whispered, “Big Brother, I’ll tell you a secret. Daddy and I are going to be on a show!”

As he met her sparkling eyes, the sadness in Rong Si’s gaze faded a little. “A show?”

“Yes! Someone came to our house today and filmed us for a long time with a camera. You’ll be able to see me on television soon.”


Rong Si looked forward to it, but he became embarrassed again. Drooping his head, he said, “I don’t have a television at home.”

Su Jiu was stunned. She suddenly recalled that Rong Si’s house barely had any furniture, let alone a television.

However, instead of showing any disdain, she happily said, “It’s okay, Big Brother. When I have money, I’ll buy you a super big television!”

Buy a television for me?

And a super big one! 

Rong Si’s lips twitched. He felt an urge to smile, but he forcefully suppressed it.

Su Jiu could not help but silently exclaim. This little villain keeps all his feelings bottled up inside him. No wonder his mentality became twisted over time in the novel. 

Hence, she said, “Big Brother, I’ve known you for so long, but I’ve never seen you smile. Can you smile for me?”

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