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Chapter 144: Okay, I’ll Listen To You

He’s probably going to look for his mother.

Rong Si was an independent and thoughtful child. However, he did not tell anyone about his thoughts, not even his mother. Even at such a young age, he had become much more mature and shrewd than other children.

Su Jiu was afraid that he would be in danger. To be exact, she was afraid that he would see something he should not see. It would be bad if that traumatized him. Hence, Su Jiu hurriedly jumped off the chair and ran to the kitchen to look for Su Shengjing.

“Daddy, Big Brother went out alone. What if he meets an evil person who wants to sell him to some shady people? Can we follow him?”

Su Shengjing was preparing some milk for Su Jiu when he noticed the anxious look on her face. He recalled that he had promised Song Wanqiu that he would send Rong Si home and ensure his safety. Therefore, he immediately stopped whatever he was doing. Wearing a cap and a face mask, the two of them headed out together.

Su Jiu whispered, “Daddy, Big Brother went out secretly. Let’s also follow him secretly and not make him aware of us.”

She wanted to see what the little villain was up to.

Su Shengjing nodded. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

When they reached the ground floor, they spotted Rong Si. He had already walked out of the main entrance.

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu and quickened his pace to catch up with the kid.

Rong Si’s small figure weaved through the crowd on the streets. Su Jiu realized that he had a clear destination in mind and was familiar with the route. He did not hesitate at all along the way.

After walking for about half an hour, Rong Si arrived at the financial district in the city center. He stopped in front of a hundred-story, magnificent commercial building and looked up at the logo on it.

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu to the park opposite the building and looked up as well.

He was stunned. R.S. Corporation?

This is one of the top enterprises in the city, which is almost comparable to the Song Corporation. What is this kid doing here?

Rong Si stared at the entrance of the building that had a security post. One needed to swipe a card to enter the building; otherwise, one would be stopped at the entrance.

All Rong Si could do was stand under the scorching sun and stare at the entrance without moving. His lips were tightly pursed and his hands clenched into fists. Just like that, he continued to wait.

At this moment, in R.S. Corporation’s CEO’s office.

Song Wanqiu glared at the man sitting on the leather chair with bloodshot eyes. “Rong Cheng, I don’t care how you and that woman treat me, but Ah Si is your son. Why are you treating him like this? You’re his biological father!”

Rong Cheng was dressed in a custom-made black suit. He had a handsome appearance and a dignified aura. Upon closer inspection, anyone could see that he resembled Rong Si.

As Rong Cheng sized up this woman, who was trembling with anger, an ambiguous smirk played on his lips. With eyes as cold and emotionless as Rong Si’s, he said, “I promised Qiao Man that after marrying her, I will cut off all ties with you and Ah Si. I have no choice.”

Song Wanqiu’s face was pale. “Does that mean you really don’t care about Ah Si anymore? Even if he can’t go to school? Are you going to watch as his bright potential goes to waste?”

Rong Cheng gazed at her pale, yet beautiful face and laughed. “You’re so charming even when you’re angry. To be honest, although I’m married to Qiao Man, I still can’t forget you.”

As he spoke, he stood up and walked closer to Song Wanqiu. He extended his hand and pinched her chin. “Every time I lie on the same bed as Qiao Man, I think of you.”

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