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Chapter 1201 - 1201 His Uncontrollable Appearance

1201 His Uncontrollable Appearance

When Song Xinyan heard this, she instantly became excited and asked, “And then?”

Knowing that she could not hide it from her, Su Jiu could only brace herself and answer, “Then… it’s what you think.”

“Really?! You and your fiancé… really did it? How was it? Did it feel good? Is your fiancé amazing?”

Why is she asking this so directly?!


Su Jiu was even more embarrassed. “… Guess?”

“Hahahaha…” Song Xinyan couldn’t help but laugh. “If I had to guess, it must be pretty good. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be awake. Are you alright? Do you want me to visit you?”

“No need!” Su Jiu immediately rejected her and angrily said, “Song Xinyan, let’s stop this topic. You’re not allowed to ask anymore.”

“Oh? Are you shy?”

“…” Su Jiu had lost to her. Gritting her teeth, she threatened her, “Song Xinyan, do you want to cut ties with me?”

“Cut ties? You forgot your friends when you became a woman! You want to cut ties with me for a man. I’m hurt.”

Su Jiu’s mouth twitched. “I think you need to be taught a lesson. You’re so enthusiastic about prying into other people’s private business. Do you want me to call your husband and tell him that you’re empty, lonely, and cold and desperately need his comfort? Then you can tell me how he comforted you.”

Song Xinyan choked and retorted in embarrassment, “Little Jiu, you’re being unkind. I’m just concerned about you. Of course, I’m happy from the bottom of my heart for you to obtain happiness. I believe that if you didn’t love him very much and thought that he can’t give you happiness and wasn’t worthy of you being entrusted to him, you wouldn’t have given yourself to him, right?”

Su Jiu paused and rubbed her nose. “Yes, that’s indeed the case. Actually, I had already decided on him, but I didn’t have the courage to do so. He’s also the kind of person who respects me very much. Even if he had thoughts, he didn’t take the initiative to mention them. So, in the end, I took the initiative.”

Song Xinyan smiled, and her tone became serious. “It doesn’t matter who takes the initiative. What’s important is that the two of you belong to each other. Little Jiu, congratulations! You’ve become an adult! Then rest well. I won’t disturb you anymore. Hehe.”

After ending the call, Su Jiu felt her face burning.

Ahhh, such a thing is really embarrassing, and it’s like a dream.

She had been with Rong Si for so many years and had always stopped at kissing and hugging. Now, she had taken the last step. Thinking of how he had lost control of his emotions last night, she realized she had never seen him like this. It felt unreal.

As she was thinking about that, the door to the room opened and Rong Si walked in with a tray.

Seeing that she was awake, he raised his eyebrows and walked over to her. He bent down and kissed her forehead. “Why are you awake?”

Su Jiu pursed his lips and truthfully answered, “I was woken up by a phone call.”

“Who was it? Was it a man or woman?”

Su Jiu found his serious expressions funny. “If I said it was a man, would you be jealous?”

“Other than your father, I’d be jealous of any man who called you.”

“Tsk, I think you’ve been jealous of my father too.” Su Jiu reached out and pinched his ear. “Alright, it was Song Xinyan. Now she knows what happened last night. It’s so embarrassing.”

Rong Si laughed. “That’s normal. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides, I don’t care what others think. I only care if you feel better now. Does it still… hurt?”

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