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Chapter 1117: Master Qing Returns!

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“I…” Han Siye touched the back of his head and hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s alright. It’s just like that.”

“Hm, it’s better to be alright than to have ups and downs, right?”

“That’s true. I’m just like you now. Other than attending classes in school, I occasionally follow my father to act in some shows. I’m basically half an artist now.” What Han Siye didn’t tell her was that he had chosen to enter this industry for her.

He was satisfied to be in the same circle as her. Especially if he received the same film as her, he could often see her on set.

Although many people on the Internet said that he was a bootlicker and, even more unpleasantly, that he wanted to be a mistress—he knew that Little Jiu had a boyfriend, but he still had improper thoughts about her—Han Siye did not think that he had done anything wrong.


It was true that she had a boyfriend, but he did not disturb her or force her to be with him. He just continued to love her silently in his heart. Was that wrong?

Perhaps, he would give up on her only on the day she married Rong Si.

The atmosphere was a little awkward. Su Jiu pretended to be relaxed and smiled. “Then I’m your senior, right? Be polite to me, okay?”

Han Siye also smiled as if nothing had happened. “Yes, please guide me, senior.”

Fortunately, Han Xiao spoke at this moment, relieving some of the awkwardness. “Ha, you do need Little Jiu to guide you. It’s not that I want to criticize you, but your acting skills are not good. You’re far inferior to Little Jiu. You should learn from her.”

Han Siye glanced at him from the corner of his eye and said in disdain, “Ha, and your acting skills are far inferior to Uncle Su’s.”

“What did you say? My acting skills are worse than this guy’s. Impossible!” Han Xiao was unconvinced. After all, he had won several Best Actor awards.

Su Shengjing smiled and satisfactorily said to Han Siye, “Kid, you have good taste.”

“Of course.” Han Siye arrogantly raised his chin. This made Han Xiao so angry that he wanted to throw him out.

“Are you even my son?” Han Xiao asked.

Han Siye seriously replied, “We’re related by blood, but maybe not emotionally.”

The audience laughed in the comments again.

“Hahahaha, Best Actor Han is too difficult! It’s fine if he’s a slave to his wife at home, but he’s even being bullied by his son?”

“This son is too unfilial. You might as well have given birth to a piece of barbecued pork. Why don’t you throw it away? Tell us where you threw it, and I’ll pick it up!”

“Movie King Han is really pitiful. To be honest, I think Movie King Han’s ability is about the same as Su Shengjing’s. There’s no need to compete.”

Han Xiao could not be bothered with his son. At this moment, another guest arrived at the venue.

“D*mn! It’s Xiao Yang and Xiao Wei! Oh my god! What kind of godly lineup is it this time?!”

“Ahhh, so handsome! How are they still so good-looking?!”

“Xiao Wei is so handsome! Boohoo, I beg him to enter the entertainment industry too! Though, he’s a piano prince now. It’s also very good.”

Xiao Wei was wearing a white shirt and a beige windbreaker today. He looked gentle and refined, like a rich young master from a prestigious family. And he was indeed one. He was now a popular pianist with a large group of fangirls, and his popularity was not inferior to that of list celebrities in the circle.

When Xiao Wei saw Su Jiu and Han Sye, he was also a little surprised. He immediately understood what Yang Fangping wanted to do. It seemed like he wanted to sell a lot of emotions in this series.

If he had guessed correctly, the remaining guests were Li Kaiwen, Li Nuoer, Chen Xixi, and Chen Ke, who had filmed the show with them.

As expected, Li Kaiwen, Li Nuoer, Chen Ke, and Chen Xixi arrived at the scene one after another.

When the audience saw this scene, they were filled with emotions. “Oh my god! They are the guests of the first episode of ‘Daddy, let’s go!’ Boohoo, I’m back!”

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