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Chapter 214



Looking as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing, Ruin turns towards Arene .


[I don’t care! Even if you look at me like that——– I don’t know! After all…… I don’t want to die! I don’t wanna! I don’t want to die…… Absolutely not!]


Hearing what she said, Yuugungu became furious .


[You’ve got to be kidding me, Arene! How dare you leap in front of me!?]

[Haaahh!? How dare YOU say that , Yuugungu! You’re the one who dare leap in front of us first, didn’t you!? I- It’s your fault…… The reason why I changed my mind was all your fault!]

[Aaaah!? How come it was my fa——]

[It’s yooooouuuurrr faaaaulllttt! La la la la la! I don’t know what you’re talking about! I can’t hear you! I don’t care!]

[T- The place where the other Divine Beast is——- it was with the Goddess! The Goddess owns it!]


The one who interrupted Yuugungu and Arene’s quarrel——– is Myana .


[I- It’s fine for her if Nyaki dies…… but she really cherishes that other one!]

[Myanaaaaaa! You’re betraying us too, you f*cking wh*re!]

[S—— Shut up! Or rather, you’re annoying, idiot! In the first place, since the time we were being attacked, you’ve been freaking annoying! I mean, a muscle head like you who’s always getting carried away has always been annoying! Yes, it would have been better if you died first! Go die! Ahh, saying all the things I’ve been penting up feels so refreshing!]

[Guhh…… The one who should die is you, you f*cking w*oooooore! Oi, Mister Fly! I have even more useful information that these idiotic women don’t know——-]

[That probably doesn’t exist, right!? What!? Are you that desperate to survive!? That’s too uncool!]


[The Sixth Cavalry!]


The area fell silent .


[If we, the Heroic Sword, finds the Faraway Country, the next one that will be sent will be the Sixth Cavalry, the strongest of the Alion’s Thirteen Cavalries! This is solid information! I’m the only one who knows about this!]






Everyone turned speechless and looked at the man who just spoke .


[R—- Ruin……?]

[Let’s think rationally here . ]


[Thinking about the future——— The one who should survive is me, the most talented warrior among us . I’m sorry…… but this is the only option . ]

[H—- Huuuuuuhhhh!?]

A vein popping out of her forehead, Myana bellowed .


[W- What kind of incomprehensible thing are you talking about now, Ruin!? What the heck are you deciding for yourself!? Huuhhh!? Huuuuuuhhhhh!? What the heck is that!? What happened to those so-called bonds!? Hey?! What happened to them!?]


Vexed, Ruin bit his lip .


[Even I am reluctant to do this…… I am the only one who can survive in this group . Besides, I am the one who has the most information, having received direct instructions from Vysis-sama . And of course, I have information that all of you don’t know…… Unfortunate it might be, but please accept it . This is our bond . ]

[W—— What the f*ck is that!? In the end, isn’t it just you just wanted to save yourself!?]


In a half-crazed frenzy, Arene shouted .


[Aaaaaahhhhhhh, it’s a lie! It’s all a lie! Everything Ruin said was just a lie! Only what I said was the truth! All the things were just things they said because they wanted to survive——]

[In this mission, we are ordered to particularly kill the Forbidden Race who lives in the Faraway Country! Apparently, the existence of the Forbidden is very inconvenient for Vysis-sama!]

[Like I said——– Shut your trap, Ruin! Shut your mouth and keep your lies to yourself!]

[We have already told Vysis-sama the location of the door to enter the Faraway Country with a magical war pigeon! We sent it about half a day ago!]


Drowning out Arene’s words with more volume, Ruin revealed more information .




I inwardly clicked my tongue .

These guys——- They’ve already grasped the location of the Faraway Country .

Moreover, they’ve already reported it to the sh*tty goddess .

It would have been great if I could have crushed them before they were discovered but……


As if they were competing with each other, the four of them began spitting out information .


They would sometimes curse each other, sometimes interrupt each other and obstruct what they’re saying .

They really aren’t that fun to watch .

But thanks to this, I got the information I wanted to hear from them .

It looks like their loyalty to the sh*tty goddess seemed to be quite thick, but it seems that it was just my imagination .


[It seems like all of you want to survive . ]


All four of them drew their breaths .


[It’s just that thanks to all of you, I got the information I wanted . That’s why, I will cancel out my . ]


I cancelled the from all of them .

Thereupon, the distressed expressions on their face disappeared .

Incidentally, is still in effect .

……With its level ups, the duration of its effect may have increased .

If not, it would have taken me a ridiculous amount of time to poison the monsters of the Disposal Ruins .

So, it was necessary for me to alternately use with .

But normally, just a single cast of would be enough to settle something .


[——–Now then . As for who will survive…… I did say that the three who weren’t chosen will die, but do you know why I went to the trouble of cancelling out everyone’s ?]


The four of them looked like they still didn’t get the meaning of my words .


[I’ll give all of you a chance . ]


And then, I said .

[Give me all the information I need to find out about what I’m about to ask you . Depending on the content of that information———- I will let all four of you live . ]


Everyone’s complexion changed .

They waited in silence to see what I was going to ask .

Trying to keep any emotion from leaking out, I spoke .


[It’s about the Speed tribe . ]


For a moment, the four of them looked like they couldn’t comprehend what I said .

The content of my question seemed different from the previous questions .



[I’m not a very patient person…… You’d better speak up before I change my mind . ]


Thereupon——- They quickly spilled it out .

The four of them talked about their memories of destroying the Speed tribe .

It was different from earlier .

Oddly enough, they are now linked together .

None of them were trying to interrupt another .

Rather, they began to give each person a chance to speak .

Before long——– They even began to make up with each other .


[I- I’m sorry about earlier . I was also…… quite confused . ]

[I- I was out of line too . I’m sorry I said that . I didn’t mean anything about what I said…… The thought of dying here had just surprised me too much . ]

[Me too…… I’m sorry . I’m reflecting about it . ]

[———-The one who should apologize is me . It was a foolish move of me, Ruin Seal . But first, let me apologize…… I’m really sorry . It’s just that I have to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task Vysis-sama has given me…… This is the only thing that is within my mind . ]

[Fufu, I know…… Ruin . We all know that . ]

[Myana…… Thanks . ]

[We…… can start over again, right?]

[Of course! This whole thing came about because of Nyaki . We don’t have to blame ourselves for anything!]

[Yes, of course . Unnn, that’s right…… We forgot such an important thing . ]

[Fufu, with this…… We’ll start over again huh . ]

[Yeah—— From now on, we’ll start over again . ]

[………………… . ]


These people really are quite cheap .

When things are going well, they would feel good about themselves and get drunk with such feelings .

However, as soon as they were driven to the corner, their true nature came out .

What surprised me is how quickly they switch over .

How the heck can they do it this easily——— just right after they curse each other .

They really are quite cheap, these people are .


[Now, everyone! In this situation, let’s let this Flymasked man hear about it! Our brilliant story of the past!]


The four of them spoke .

I don’t even want to remember every single thing that they said .

I want to vomit .

They feel really repulsive .

But, I knew I had to listen .

I had to hear what they did to the Speed tribe——– to Eve’s parents .


I thought I should know about it .


And then……


[That’s enough . ]


I’ve had enough .

To get them to shut up, I’m going to kill them right now .

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But, the four of them, with a glint in their eyes, don’t stop talking .

They are completely intoxicated with their story, and continue to talk .


[As I said before, hatred alone won’t produce anything! Only emptiness! So, we are faced with the problem of having fun while killing them at that time! Yes! Since then, we’ve learned to enjoy killing———-]

[Shut up . ]


[……………… . ]

[That’s enough . ]


Maybe it was because my tone of voice had obviously changed .

The four of them shut their mouths .

I take off my mask .


[As I thought, the one inside that mask was the same as us——— the same human . ]


As if a glimmer of anxiety had been dispelled, Ruin’s eyes lit up .


[I could tell you more “about the day it started”———- but is that enough?]

[Yeah, that’s enough . ]

[I see…… I’m glad, it seems you understood huh . You were just testing us, right?]

[………………… . ]

[Even listening after the eradication of the demi-humans, how cold-hearted could you be to look like you’re accustomed to it . ]

[………………… . ]

[Rest assured . Our hatred is real, but we won’t be swallowed up by our pent-up hatred . We make sure that we keep the thought of having fun within our hearts . ]

[Very well . My business with you ends now . ]

[T- Then, you’re going to cancel out this mysterious Restraint Magic!?]

[———–Why should I?]


[Do I really need to cancel it out? After all———- I’ll kill all of you right here . ]

[Huh? Haaaaaaa———!?]


The faces of the four people who had been convinced that they were going to make it out alive are filled with astonishment .


[Didn’t you realize when I took off my mask and revealed my true face?]


Masks were originally intended to hide someone’s face .

The fact that I took it off———


[I don’t have a problem with people who will eventually die knowing my face . ]

[I- Impossible!? You promised! If we tell you about the Speed tribes, you will spare everyone! Y- You…… You lied!]

[What I said was that “it depends on the contents of that information”, didn’t I?]



Hearing what they said, there’s no way I will let them go .

I asked about the Speed Tribe’s matter with the intention of re-evaluating how much of a scum they are .


[Y—— You traitor! Don’t you have a human heart, y- you heretic…… . !]


The guy who was trying to betray his friends a while ago said that . Well said .


[What I’m doing is just eradicating people I don’t like too . I mean, you all too…… would eradicate such people, right?]


In the Faraway Country that they were heading to .

Because they are demi-humans .

Because they are monsters .

Those were their only reasons .

And without any mercy, they would kill them, right?


[No matter how submissive she is, all of you didn’t spare Nyaki . Just because she isn’t human, you didn’t respond to Nyaki’s sincerity . That’s why, I will also——— not spare any of you . ]

[Haahhhh, what the f*ck is that!? Stop messing around…… Stop f*cking messing arouuuuunnddd! You aren’t human! Die! Keep your promise! Then, go die!]

[As I thought, Nyaki brainwashed him! Damn it all!]

[Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar!]

[ < Berserk > ]



The first victim was Myana .


Myana, turning into a blooming flower of blood, died .


Seeing what happened, Yuugungu and Arene are speechless .


Next would be Yuugungu .


[Wait, stop…… Hiii——— Guaaaahhh!?]


Then, Arene .

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[That’s right! Hey, you can do what you want with me, so———- Gugeeeehhh!?]


Her blood splashing on my cheeks…… I wiped it away before standing before Ruin .


[Every…… one…… Everyooooooonnnnnneeeeee————!]


Ruin’s head lowered, looking really crestfallen .


[Does this mean———- that it was me huh……]

[The one you’re giving the right to survive, I see——– it was me huh . ]

[………………… . . ]


This guy .

As expected, even I am caught off guard by what he said .

This guy——-


He still thinks that I’m going to spare him .


[……Let me ask you, Flymasked man . ]

[What is it?]

[Who…… are you? What’s your purpose for doing something like this?]

[One of the reasons, in a nutshell——— is because the survivor of the Speed tribe is my friend . ]

[All of you killed my precious friend’s parents and brethren as you pleased…… For what reason did you think I would spare you? Talking about such an event that gleefully…… The other one is——–]


It was simply because……


[I’m an avenger . ]

[Aven… ger……?]

[I’m in this travel for the sake of revenge on that sh*tty goddess…… the goddess of Alion . ]

[Wha!? R- Revenge, on Vysis-sama!? S- She’s the one who have been protecting this world from the Root of All Evil, you know!?]

[I don’t care about that . ]


No matter what sacrifices I make for this deed——– No matter how just her cause apparently is, it won’t matter to me .


[As soon as I found out that you lot were a covert unit for that sh*tty goddess, was the moment when your future ends . ]


In fact, these people can still clamour about even when they’re poisoned .

If I spare them here, if the enemy’s side makes their move in the future, they would become troublesome people .


[Most of all…… If I let you all off here, all of you will definitely be avengers too . As an avenger myself, I would know . The tenacity of an avenger is a truly frightening thing . ]

I’ve learned about this the hard way .

So——– I’ll end this here .

I’m not going to leave these to monsters, I will take care of it myself .

I’m going to make sure that they die here in this place .


[Revenge…… . Nothing comes from revenge! Reconsider it!]


It seems like Ruin has switched to persuasion .

Maybe he seriously believes that he can be persuaded .

Probably because he was thinking about how we’re the same human .


[Revenge is futile! Nothing would come out from revenge!]

[Hmph, what are you talking about?]


[I came out because of revenge though . ]



[And also…… Those words you said just now, as the target of accomplishing my revenge, there’s no way that those words could persuade me . ]

[Guuuuuuuu……! You never had any intentions of sparing me……]

[Is there even any worth of sparing you here?]


Looking over my shoulder, I looked at the three mutilated bodies .


[When you found out that only one of you will be spared, didn’t all of you try to save yourself?]


However, Nyaki was……


[In a situation where she knew that she was going to die…… Nyaki was willing to sacrifice herself to help us . ]

[……………… . !]

[It’s as clear as daylight to see which side I will be on . ]

[S—– Spare me! I- I don’t want to die yet! Is there something I can do!?]

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[Asking if there’s something you can do, even though I saw that you were quite fine killing the Speed tribe?]

[Y- Your Speed tribe friend is a coward!]


[If they want revenge, then do it yourself! And yet, they’re making you dirty your hands in their stead! Don’t do it yourself, let them do it! Don’t you think it’s cowardly!? Not doing it themselves, having others dirty their hands———–]

[You’re wrong . ]

[About what!?]

[That fellow……]


Eve is……


[She’s still digesting the deaths of her parents and her brethren in her mind . She’s getting over with it . In short…… She’s one honorable person . ]


It looked like she was setting the matter about her tribe’s eradication in her own way .


One mustn’t be stuck in their vengeance .


She’s trying to move forward .


While I don’t .

Eve is an adult .


[However, I’m just a kid…… And a kid like me thinks that I can’t let people like you guys get away . ]


After all what they did to the Speed tribe and Nyaki .

I can’t stand the thought of a foreseeable future where they would carefreely live .


I wonder why?

It seems like I was angrier——— More than I thought I was .


[Besides…… I don’t intend to get Eve involved in this . ]


What’s important for her right now is to be happy .

There’s nothing good about getting involved with these guys now .

She could just live in peace with Liz .

And that’s fine enough for Eve .

So——– It’s okay for me to get my hands dirty as a result .

Looking at Ruin, I could see that his head is turned in another direction .

Probably thinking about how to get out of this place .

It seems like he’s desperately trying to think of a way out here .


[S…… . Sins can still be redeemed! All have the same chances, just like how you have the same chances as I! All humans do! If you want, I’ll repent for what I did back then! Everyone deserves to be given that opportunity!]

[However——— I’m not going to give you that opportunity . ]



[It is as you said, I’m a heretic after all . ]


Deciding to end this, I pointed my arm towards Ruin .


[Goodbye . ]



After looking at the four bodies for a while, I turned away .

Putting my index finger and thumb in my mouth, I whistled .

This is something Eve taught me when I was at Erika’s home .

Shortly after, Pigimaru and Slei appeared and approached me .

Having Slei carry a jute bag on her back with some of Heroic Sword’s equipment and luggages thrown into it, we started walking .

As for the corpses——– I guess I don’t really have to deal with them using huh .

I also don’t have a hammer here anyway .

This is the Demon Zone .

Monsters and beasts would naturally come and devour their corpses .

For now, my priority is to return to Seras and Nyaki’s side .


[………………… . . ]


Stopping once, I look back .


[You were questioning my sanity earlier, right?]


Looking forward, we started walking again .


Good grief……


Someone who travels around the world for revenge……


[There’s no way I can be sane . ]

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