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Chapter 212

When the sun had not yet set……

On my way to find the remaining members of the Heroic Sword, I found two men .

Based on their outward features, one of them was Nana Tout .

The other one——- turned out to be one of the strongest members, Satsuki .

Naturally, I had no intention of going head-to head with him——–


Making use of a surprise attack, I entangled the two of them .


As a result, Nana Tout, who was under , was cut down by Satsuki .


Incidentally, at that time, Satsuki was already under my .

I also added to that Satsuki .

Next, I used ’s

I established the target of his consciousness and guided Satsuki with it .

To where exactly?

Of course, it’s back to the others .

The “Final Blade”, Satsuki, is considered as one of the two strongest swordsmen in the world .


However, before I could understand the meaning of his second name, he fell under the influence of my spell .


However, his reputation really precedes him, as I understood that he was extraordinarily strong .

If I had fought him head on, I would have been no match for him .

He was far superior to Civit’s cronies, the Five Dragon Warriors .

However, that’s only……


“If I fought him head on . ”


If he were caught in the spider’s sticky web—— He will end up like the others .

As long as you get caught in my plan, it wouldn’t matter how strong he is .


Satsuki and the others seemed to have underestimated the pressure that I, who had been lurking nearby, was releasing .

They probably sensed the presence of Pigimaru, who was with me, and thought that the people lurking around were just really insignificant opponents .


People wouldn’t always be wary of just any people, they would only be wary of more powerful opponents .

It would be different if it was a weaker opponent whose strength is approaching his .

It’s rare for a strong person to be wary of someone with a significantly weaker strength than him .

The higher the ability to estimate the opponent’s strength, the more powerful he or she is——


—-and that’s the kind of opponent I fought against .


I started guiding Satsuki’s berserked body along while making sure that Slei was following us from far back just as I instructed .


Eventually, we reached the place where I think the other members of the Heroic Sword were .

The plan was to have Satsuki charge at them and divert away their caution .

If their friend who was under attack, they would be shaken—— and an opening I could take advantage of would open up .

While slipping into the darkness, I will round up the rest of the members who are bewildered by Satsuki’s charge .


I would also make a surprise attack from a distance using my combination technique with Pigimaru .

That’s what I had originally planned .

However, that plan turned out to be foiled .


They had built some sort of protective wall .


 Moreover, there was something unnatural about that wall .

I’m sure that wall wasn’t made from wood or stone .

How should I say this……

It was as if the image of a white sandstorm was being projected onto a large set of extremely thin LCDs .


Perhaps, this wall was due to the power of a magic tool .

The plan that I had initially prepared——– because of that wall, it went awry .

The Abnormal State Skill that I was planning to use during my combination technique with Pigimaru……

Its activation condition includes “Visibility of the Target” .

Only the skill is exempted from that condition .

This “visibility” doesn’t necessarily have to be the “whole body” though .

What is important is whether I have recognition of the target or not .

If the rate of my recognition of my target is low, there’s a large possibility that the skill won’t work .

What is certain is to get as much visual information about the target as possible .

And at this position, it was unlikely that I would be able to get enough recognition to trigger my skill .


There were some gaps in the wall, and I could see that there were people inside .

However,even if I waited, it was unlikely that I would be able to secure what could be called reliable recognition .

Their sense of caution is unusually strong .

It’s as if they were frightened about having their figures being caught in sight……


However, that’s where one question arose .


“Do these people know the condition for activating my Abnormal State Skills?”


No——– That is unlikely .

I immediately denied that possibility .

It’s because there would be inconsistencies that would appear if they knew about my existence or my skills in advance .

If they knew, Toad would have been able to pinpoint what was done to him .

However, Toad didn’t seem to have any idea why his body wasn’t able to move .

Nana Tout and Satsuki would have also been cautious if they had known about it .


That means, they don’t even know that my Abnormal State Skills exist .


Which means——–


“That wall is simply used as a barrier in case of a surprise attack from arrows or other long-range weapons . ”


Now, I’m hiding from a distance and trying to understand the situation……

Was having that kind of thought good?

Then, the battle is still in my favor .

They still didn’t know what kind of attack I would use .


I decided to arrange the task of clearing this .

In the meantime, Satsuki noticed the presence of the remaining members of the Heroic Sword .

Turning towards them, I saw that Satsuki was already running towards their defensive wall .

At this distance, if I just move poorly, I’ll let them know my position .

The distance between the other members of the Heroic Sword is also far .

At this distance,

I don’t have any choice but to give up on controlling Satsuki here .

So, I let him go by himself .

Eventually, I heard confused squawkings .

While they did that, I started to arrange the task of clearing this again…… .


My first goal is to get close to one of those gaps .

In this situation, the usual “keep them at bay” won’t be enough to clear this .

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This time, it’s all about a matter of “visibility” .

However, if I can peek through one of those gaps, I will be able to have a great amount of information on them .

It’s almost certain that I will be able to reach a level of recognition that I will be able to use my Abnormal State Skill .

The risk of failing to activate my Skills for the first time is particularly high for these kinds of opponents .

Therefore, this time, I want to set up the conditions that will increase the certainty of activation as much as possible .

Most of all, if I can get in front of that wall and peek through a gap, I should be able to cast my skill in all of them at the same time……




The question is, how do I get that close?

I heard the word “Ruin” being shouted by someone among their ruckus .

That should mean that one of the people inside that wall is the the other one of the strongest members of the Heroic Sword, Ruin Seal .

Now that Satsuki has appeared in that state, they will be more cautious .

I need to create an opening so that I can approach……

The difficulty of this is quite high .


I took a step backwards .

Then, I gave an order to Slei, who has been waiting in standby beside me .


[Use your eight legs and run like there are two horses running around . ]


Immediately after we parted from Seras and the others, I had already made Slei take her third form .

While I’m pouring magic power into the half-sphere at the back of her neck, it would emit light .

That light could be seen by others, showing our location to others .

So, I let her transform beforehand .

Why did I bring Slei with me this time?

It’s simple .

Slei’s presence greatly expands the scope of my strategy .


Pigimaru .

Slei .


For creating an opening on the enemies——- their existence are really great help .


[——-Take this route . I want you to maintain a good distance from them . Be extra vigilant about any arrows or any long-ranged attack they send to you . ]

[Bururuuuu . ]

[And, as for Pigimaru——–]

[Pigiii . ]

[After Slei gives you a ride around, I want you to go over there and get as huge as you can . Once you get huge, you can go right back to your original size——— The purpose of being huge is to make your presence known to them . ]


I look back once in the direction of Ruin and his group before I continue .


[After a few seconds or so after you start moving, I’ll go call out to them once and choose the right words . My voice should grab their attention for a second . ]


At that moment, their attention would turn away from the moving Pigimaru and Slei .

Diverting away their awareness…


I then removed the Gem of Voice Amplification from my Fly King mask .


[After showing your presence through Gigantification———]


I handed the Gem of Voice of Amplification to Pigimaru .

Dexterously using his protrusion, Pigimaru held it in his embrace .


[Squeal as loud as you can . ]

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The sound of Slei’s footsteps .

The sudden appearance of a humongous slime .

And then——– its deafeningly loud cry shaking the air .

With these three factors, an opening will be created .


Meanwhile, I will go as close as I can to that defensive wall .


[Your life may be at risk on this mission . If you’re afraid, you can go back to where Seras and the others are…… Rest assured, I won’t blame you . ]


Whether it’s Pigimaru……

Or Slei……

Neither of them slightly moved .


“What’s the point of telling that to us now?”


—or so their expressions seem to tell me .

Even though I’m feeling thankful, I couldn’t help but chuckle .


[When this is over…… If something that looks good comes out of the magic leather bag, I’ll give you guys my share . ]




I silently nodded once .

With that gesture, Pigimaru and Slei responded .

Standing up, I put on my Fly King mask .


And that——— is the signal for the start of the operation .



The whole operation was going on as planned .




Pigimaru, who had returned to his original size after becoming a giant, let out a cry as we had discussed .


As for what’s left——-


[——— ———–]


As I started running, I activated .

Pigimaru’s squeal drowns out my voice when I activate it .


is a skill that makes all the targets within range slow except for me .


For the opponents that are within range, it may look like I’m moving at super speed .

But in reality, it was just my opponents that are slow .

In a slow world, where everything is slow——– they would become sluggish .

Yes .

Even their reflexes .

For me whose basic abilities are inferior to Ruin Seal, this is the way I could “get close” to him .

This moment——– This is the kind of situation where I need to use it .

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I need to hurry .


Both Slei and Pigimaru…

As long as they’re not concealing their presence and emitting those sounds, they would be their targets .

If the enemy has a means to attack them from long-range, they immediately attack them .

I need to hurry——– However, I must remain calm .

Keep calm until the last moment, until I’ve finally killed them .

Make sure that my presence remains hidden .


Quickly stepping on the grass and soil, I run .

During the course of the operation, the Heroic Sword began throwing balls of light everywhere .

Perhaps, they are some sort of magic tool .

My figure is also illuminated by that light and is exposed .

However, their attention has been completely stolen away by Pigimaru at the moment .


———I finally closed in on the protective wall .


They’re now within the range of the world of slowness .


And then, after I reached the end of my goal……

Audaciously and discreetly……




Target distance——— Reached .

Immediately after, I deactivated .

I can see them .

All four of them .


I have recognition of all of them .


My arms have already been thrust forward .

And then……


[ < Para——– lyze > ]


That’s when I noticed……

There’s one of them……

That person turned around and looked over his shoulder, and his eyes caught me .





It’s already too late .


[Since when have you been theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee—————————!?]


This is……


[Well then———]


——-the end of the line for all of you .


[How about we get started?]

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