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Chapter 206

I pulled out the dagger out of its sheath at my waist .


[W- hat…… the heck– are you—–]


Walking towards them…






I kicked them one after another .

Of course, neither of them can resist .

The both of them tumbled on the ground .

And then, crouching down towards them…






Toad’s right calf .

There, I deeply thrust my dagger—–




[Gyiiii… . . gh—– gyaahh!]


While my dagger is pierced, I grind the blade inside .

I do the same with his left leg .

I quickly dealt with his legs .

After I pulled the dagger out, I stood up .

Next, I turned to Bardwitcher .


[……! Guggiii…… Gyiiihh!?]


Bardwitcher tried to move .

But, he can’t move .


[………………… . ]


If I’m “just going  to kill” these two, I would have just used right there and then .

That’s only if I’m just going to kill them though .




I’m going to turn Bardwitcher’s legs to look just like Toad’s .

With this, these two shouldn’t be able to walk properly now .

……And with that .

All that’s left is to remove the paralysis on Toad’s head .


[How about you tell me everything?]

[You b*stard——-, ……!? I can talk……!?]

[You can’t move your body though . ]

[You b*stard…… Who the heck are you!? Guhhh…… Doing something this cruel……! I will never forgive you!]

[……”Something this cruel”?]


I coldly looked down at Toad .

[I don’t think it’s that awful compared to what you lot have done to the Speed Tribe and Nyaki though . ]


[What are you……? What are you saying…… Or rather, you have met Nyaki huh? It would be wiser to just hand it over to us . You have no idea who you’re antagonizing here—– This is just advice with good faith . ]



I let out a sigh of amazement .


[……I’m just going to ask just in case . Were you the ones who attacked the Speed Tribe’s village?]


Toad’s black eyes turned round, before they focused on me .


[Could it be… Are you seriously mad…… because of the destruction of the Speed Tribe?]

[……………… . ]

[Wait . You…… are human, right?]

[Well, yeah . ]


Toad’s brows wrinkled to a frown .

Next, he let his downcast gaze wander from place to place .

As if trying to wrap his head around some information and trying to make sense of it……

That’s what he looks like .

Eventually——- a light of understanding flashed in Toad’s eyes .


“What the, so that’s why…”


He gave me such a look .


[I see . So– you’re– one– of– those— huh…… Then, I will apologize . My bad…… Let me apologize for now . ]



Toad said with a serious expression on his face .


[You’re one of those who want to kill the Speed Tribe yourself huh?]


I probably lost my expression at that point .


[……There’s no way in heck that’s the case . ]

[Huh? Then…… Why? Why are you doing thiiiiiiissss!?]


Once again, Toad sunk into the swamp of incomprehension .


[You seriously don’t get it huh . ]

[Like I said, what!?]

[One of my comrades is among them . ]

[Among who!?]

[A survivor of the Speed Tribe . ]



Toad’s expression froze .


[Y- You…… Even though you’re a human? You’re comrades…… with one of those fake humans? Huh? W- Why!?]


He really doesn’t seem to know what I mean .

He isn’t acting either .

The expression on Toad’s face changed to one of sincerity .

Though within that expression, there are also some few parts of another emotion……


Fear .

It’s not fear of death .

That is…


[O- Oi…… They’re freaking fake humans, you know!? Having something like that as comrades…… Are you alright in the head!? They may look humanoid, but these Demi-Humans are fake humans, you know!? Fake humans! And someone like that——- being a comrade……]

[What’s wrong with that?]

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[What’s wrong, isn’t that obvious!? Seriously, are you insane!?]


He isn’t using that to haggle for his life .

What he’s talking about—– is something that he really meant .

……………… . .

Ah, I see .

These people .


They’re that kind of people huh .


Then, it should be obvious for them .


That bundle of good intentions, Nyaki .

For them to be able to calmly do that to a young girl like her…


Toad sincerely appealed to me—— very sincerely .


[Isn’t it obvious that these fake humans would eventually be a threat!? Even though they seem to be lying low right now…… We should insist on destroying them! Especially if we leave that Faraway Country aside, they would definitely be a danger! Ahhh——]


He vigorously blurted that place out .

The Faraway Country .

I see…


[All of you desire…… to eradicate the Demi-Humans and the monsters that have gathered in the Faraway Country huh . ]


[Guhhh… . . T- That’s right! That’s why even you should open up your eyes and look at reality right now! Join hands with us and destroy all of them! Those fake humans are making a misunderstanding that just because they don’t have golden eyes, we would let them live—– They’re the same species as those evil beings!]


Toad’s fervent speech grew more heated .


[That’s why! That’s why, that’s why, that’s why! Together…… Let’s go save the world……!]


[……Is what he said, Pigimaru . ]

[Pigii, pigigigiiii……!]


Pigimaru’s cries were unusually angry and trembling .


[The voice of a monster!? Y- You…… You’re a heretic that’s raising a monster! I see now! Now it makes sense……!]

[Yeah, that’s right . I am—–]


By their standards…


[An abnormal heretic . ]

[D*mn it……! You have already lost the screw in your head huh… . . !]

[Perhaps . ]


Yes .

These people are the right ones .


[For you lot, you lot are the righteous ones…… By your standards, I’m completely and utterly wrong . And……]


The wound on his foot where I just stabbed—— I stomped on it with my heel and thorough dug my heel into his foot .


[I have my own righteousness…… In that sense, perhaps, neither of us may actually be wrong . One side is just denying the ideology of the other . You’re just believing in yours until you crush the other side . ]


If the other side shows no hope in reformation, then you thoroughly crush them .

Trampling and eradicating them until they can never rise again .




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For example, I thought of her .

If it’s Sogou .

If it’s Sogou Ayaka, she might be able to persuade this guy .

That his ideas are wrong .

Even for a long time .

She would earnestly explain it to him .


If it’s her, she might neutralize them and then make a compromise with them .


However, I—- am different .

No matter how I struggle, we’re different .


[I am…,,, not going to let people like you lot get away with this . If it’s just regarding Nyaki’s case, my level of disgust with all of you would have just been on the level where I would take you lot as a joke…… But you even killed all the people of the Speed Tribe……? Moreover, I even heard…… you lot are even talking about it as if it’s a glorious past……]


[W- What the heck do you mean!? Can’t you “see” it!? It certainly is a glorious past……! That’s right! You don’t even know the Speed Tribe! Even though you know nothing——- Even though you don’t know anything…… Don’t tell me what to do!]


[……And what exactly do I not know?]


[You know those b*stards!? While all the other Demi-Humans and monsters are hiding, they’re just groping around outside, you know!? They’re so insane that they’re giving me chills!]


[Groping around? Around what?]


[They’re a tribe who would say “If we take the time to talk to each other, we’ll be able to get along with any race we want . ” and all that d*mned evil ideas!]


[………………… . ]


[I don’t know what would have happened—– if we hadn’t crushed them right at that time…… Even just thinking about that ideology is making me shudder…… Understanding…… between humans and these fake humans…… Just imagining it is too horrifying……! D*mn it…… That’s scary!]


Thereupon, Toad smiled .


[However…… Good thing that Ruin was there with us . He said to us, that “Just hate won’t save us from anything” . He said that it’s only going to get more painful for us if we let ourselves be ruled by hatred…… That is what Ruin told us at that time! At that time when we hunted the Speed Tribe…… He told us that “Since we’re hunting them anyways, why don’t we have fun while doing it!?”! After that—– It had become more fun for us! We didn’t just start killing them, we started killing them in a way that we enjoyed! It was supposed to be just an extermination that was trapped in hatred…… But thanks to Ruin, all of us were really “having fun”! He made that happen! You understand now!? Ruin’s amazing!]


As if he sympathizes with him, Bardwitcher is also in tears .

……It seems that “paralysis” doesn’t affect their tear glands huh .


[It was so close…… A few moments more and nasty thoughts would have spread around us . Us, who did our best at that time—— And thus, that place is where everything—— Where for us, the “Heroic Sword” truly began!]

Toad, whose eyes seemed to shine, suddenly switched to a look of urgency .


[However, there are those fools who made them as some sort of exhibition or even a sl*ve…… they don’t understand their dangers at all! Yes…… Even those Elves…… Even though they were clad in human skin…… If only Vysis-sama didn’t have her eyes on her and she apparently have some use for them…… They originally would have been the first one…… The first one that we destroyed——-]






I just noticed .

I was stomping on the wound on Toad’s leg as hard as I could .


[Shut up already, b*stard . ]


I kicked Toad in his head .





[……As for the rest, I’ll go ask your friend here . ]


This guy’s no good .

I feel discouraged to carry on this conversation any longer .

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They’re already—— no good .


[………………… . ]


I look in the direction these guys came from .

Even after I let them shout that much, there’s no sign of the other people rushing in .


Are the other seven people farther away……?

If they were only kind on their own people, these two would have been great bait but…


Well, fine .

These two…… I’ll just end their lives right here .


The other guy who I haven’t cancelled his paralysis—— Bardwitcher .


This guy is still crying .

His expression showed his agreement with Toad’s words the whole time .

Is he that impressed by Toad’s courage to speak up even when they’re in this predicament?


Well…… In the end, he’s sympathizing with him .

Those bullcrap that Toad blurted out .


[Kuh! My voice, please reach Ruin and the others—— Gobfueehh!?]


I vigorously kicked Toad in his face .


[Didn’t I tell you to shut up?]


Tsk .

Clicking my tongue, I stepped away from Toad .

[I don’t care what you lot think anymore…… I don’t care whose side is right or wrong . However, there’s one thing…… that I’m sure of . ]


Brimming with hatred, I looked down on them .


[Whether it’s Seras, Pigimaru, Slei, Eve, Liz, Erika, Nyaki, or the Speed Tribe . ]


No matter how I think about it .


[………… . It’s more difficult to hate them . ]


Toad and Bardwitcher looked shocked .

Their reaction says it all——- It’s as if they just met someone who is incapable of understanding .


Maybe it’s right .

Maybe it’s wrong .


I don’t know .


All I will do is beat them up with my own “righteousness” .

I won’t try to convince others .

If they clashed with my own righteousness…… I will just trample them down .


That is—— how Mimori Touka does things .


[Just like how all of you find the Speed Tribe repulsive…… I also find all of you repulsive . That’s why——-]


I will just same the same thing that he have just said a few while ago——-


[For me, the Heroic Sword among the first ones I should destroy…… You don’t have any problem with that, right?]

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