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Chapter 178

Immediately after the sound of something sharply piercing through the wind rang out—- I found Seras’ arrow pierced on a monster’s forehead .


The monster that was about to leap towards u lost its momentum as it tumbled down on the ground .

Eve’s iron ball brought along the sound of chains as it flew in the air .

The spikes covering the iron ball dug into the monster’s face and snapped its neck .

Skillfully making use of the centrifugal force, Eve pulls back her iron ball .

The rumbling of the horse’s hooves rang as she rushed forward with the four wheels in tow .

The black horse with horns runs through the demonic forest regardless of how bad the roads are .


A large monster resembling a hippopotamus came charging from behind us .

Seras tried shooting an arrow, but its skin is too tough for her arrow to pierce .




Stopping its movement with paralysis, we left this hippo-like monster behind .

The huge wheels of our chariot continued to spin as it powerfully tread on the ground .

The bushes behind us, diagonally to my right began to intensely rustle at the same time .

A big tree suddenly got blown off the ground .

Immediately after…


Raising an ear-piercing roar, a humongous gray horned gorilla jumped out .


Golden eyes filled with cruelty .

Strings of saliva gleamed in the sun as it showed its fiendish fangs .

Its height probably reaches up to eight meters .

Smaller monsters of the same species appear a little after the humongous gorilla .

A group of them are now chasing after our chariot at a frightening speed .

……Within this distance, my won’t be able to reach the rear most gorilla .





The humongous gorilla leading their pack suddenly turned around and charged at its companions behind it .

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The following flock was suddenly thrown into chaos and they began collapsing .

That humongous gorilla was probably their boss .

But, their boss suddenly began attacking them .

It’s probably really confusing for them .


Behind me—– In front of the chariot, a hoarse, strange voice resounded .

The owner of the strange voice is a monster .  

Waiting on the branches of the tree ahead of us, an insect-shaped monster jumped towards Slei .


However, Eve skillfully swung her iron ball and swatted the bug away .


[Leave the smaller monsters to Seras and I . ]

[……Yeah, I’m counting on you . ]


Monsters were attacking from all directions .

We have to quickly respond in all of these directions while making sure to protect each other’s backs .

Seras shoots an arrow .


[As for those large monsters and those in large groups, I’ll leave it to you, Toukdono!]



A purple imp clung onto the railing beside the chariot .

Drawing out her sword, Seras leaps toward the side foodhold…



—and thrusts her sword into the imp’s head,

The imp who had lost its strength was shaken off the railings and fell off, vanishing from our sight .



Seras covers her nose .


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[This smell……?]


The imp’s blood had melted some of the railings .

It seems that its blood had turned into acid .


[As expected of the Northern Demon Zone, even dislikeable monsters were in this place . ]


Ahead of us .

Two golden-eyed unicorn-like beasts appeared running on the left and right, as if they’re planning to corner us in between them .

These two unicorn-like beasts have multiple eyes and an ominous green smoke was fuming out from its mouth .

My Abnormal State Skill—- is still out of range .




The horns of the unicorn-like beasts shot out at the same time .

They flew out while rotating .

It’s like they’re flying drills .

Their aim was—- Slei huh .

Just as I was about to prompt her to evade, Slei swung her large horns .




Slei easily flicked away the horns that the enemies shot .

The unicorn-like beasts who had their attacks blocked began regenerating their horns .

A new horn was sprouting from the depths of the hole where their horns used to be .

However, Seras and Eve will not allow it to send another attack .

One of them was tripped over by Seras as she pierced its legs with an arrow .

Meanwhile, the other horse was crushed by Eve’s iron ball .

However, it happened right after that .

Perhaps, because she flicked off the enemies’ attacks, Slei temporarily lost her balance .


The carriage leaped up high .

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Eve’s body flew up the air and was thrown out of the chariot .


[Pigimaru . ]



Quicker than I could fully say it, Pigimaru turned some of his body into a roped and chased after Eve .




The rope-shaped Pigimaru wrapped around Eve’s body .


[Alright . ]


We’ve caught her .


Leaning forward, I fixated my body on the railings of the chariot as I grabbed unto Pigimaru .

Then, I pulled Pigimaru as hard as I could .

Eve is then pulled back to the foothold on the roof .

[Thanks for the help, Touka . ]

[When you fall, Pigimaru and I will just pull you up . That’s why, you could fight to your heart’s content . ]


Eve regains her grip on the iron ball and chain weapon of hers as she stands up .


[Umu, I’ll be relying on you on that . ]


Pigimaru’s second enhancement .


What has visibly improved was his “strength” .

Until now, it has been impossible for him to lift more than a certain amount of weight .

The only thing he could do was to help me climb up a tree .

But now, he can pull even the combined weight of Eve and her iron ball weapon .

Of course, it will still require my own strength to pull her up .

However, thanks to my status correction, it was possible for me to lift Eve and her iron ball if I put all of my strength into my pull .




I rewrapped Pigimaru around my arm .


[……With his strength, I feel like I could move around like a certain spiderman . ]


Incidentally, the range of my skill didn’t expand yet because we’re not really “fusioned” .

Fusing with Pigimaru should only be used when I think it’s time .

If I use that technique, Pigimaru will be inactive for a while after .

I must properly discern the timing of using it .

The same can be said for my .

Due to the relationship between its MP consumption and cooldown time, it isn’t possible for me to just randomly use it .

Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to know that I have two cards hidden under my sleeves .

There are also the other magical tools that Erika gave me, as well as the weapons that this chariot itself had .


[After all, I’ve been able to fight all these opponents with just some of my Abnormal State Skills so far…… I guess it’s just as Erika said, it’s also not that good to overestimate my enemies that much……]


It’s also a good way for our team to work together .

Seras calls out behind me .


[Toukdono . ]

[Yeah . ]


It feels like Seras is waiting for an ascertaining response .

Feeling the presence of another monster, I began preparing to unleash my skills .


[Like before, let’s run through them in one charge . ]

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