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Chapter 9

“At least I want to make sure that the subject of The Leire County wouldn’t be anxious due to the long absence of their lords, ” 

Archel said as she walked through the corridor of the mansion . Elaha was leading her to the Oval Office half a step ahead . It was also the office of Gael Von Zenat’s late mother . It’s been a long time since she used this office since she prefers the island .

“I’m sure there are already many anxious people after the funeral . ” Archel entered the Oval Office at Elaha’s guidance naturally as if it was her own office . Then she glanced toward Elaha .

“Sir Elaha . Have you ever dealt with the Duchy affairs?

“That,” Elaha paused at her sudden inquiry . He was a knight, not a butler . No, even the butler can’t touch the family’s important matter . That’s how it usually was .

“I know some people are given authorization over the handling of Zenat’s family business on the island . ” 

Elaha stopped breathing . She was right . As a knight, it’s not something he normally does, but as Zenat’s loyal subject, it was something he could get his hands on .  

Knowing how inefficient it is to only pass down the information verbally without any proper documents, Gael only shared the family’s business with a few trusted people . One of them was Elaha .

“ . . For a moment, I’ve dealt with it . ” In the end, Elaha confessed .  How far does this person know?

“You’re The Duke’s most trusted knight, after all . ” Archel chuckled lightly . Elaha lowered his gaze unconsciously .  

This lady in front of him is surprisingly skilled to have someone in the palm of her hand . He couldn’t raise his head due to the tension . Even though he knew that she’s less than 20 years old and had no physical force at all .  

“Then can you help me?”

Clack-! Archel who reclined her chair and sat down pulled out a blank sheet . The girl smoothly writes down the matters of her territory . Since Leire’s documents are not here, she wrote a rough draft .

Elaha slightly opened his eyes in dismay . Although the format was not well composed, it comprises everything required to be included . From the tax management of the County to instruction on public security . She marked the map neatly . Though it wasn’t exactly a well-drawn map, the way she smoothly marked the map showed her familiarity with the terrain .

“Please go through it from the start to make sure there’s no mistake . ”

Archel quickly put down the pen and spoke, as she had a little hands-on experience in this field . Of course, before she possessed the body, she didn’t have any experience in managing territory .  She only saw the main character who managed the estate .  Fortunately, she had seen it a few times after she came into this world . It was because Count Leire and his wife taught her things with all their heart, not long before she became an adult .

 It was only for a short time . Now she had to jump into these work right after their funeral ended . No matter how hard she tried, there’ll be a loophole somewhere .

“For now, we have to maintain the basic system, but…”

She didn’t mean to touch the established system that the Count and his wife had built during their reign . However, since the head-of-family has changed, an adjustment is unavoidable .  

Right now, as she saw in the book, those bandits who looked down on the young lords would begin to lay their groundwork . Of course, they’ll be extinguished quickly .

“You have to pay extra attention, particularly to public security . Of course, there’s a high probability that even the knights have been bribed by other families, but please proceed accordingly . ”

Archel pointed from place to place on the map and explained it . Elaha frowned at the word ‘bribe’ .  

“Are you saying that you’ll utilize the knights that were bribed by other families?”

“Yes,” Archel replied without a hitch . Elaha couldn’t digest her intention .

“If they were bribed, they’re no longer Leire’s knight . So why-”

“Because they’re going to be good at managing public security,” Archel spoke moderately . Elaha tilted his head, “…Pardon?” 

He couldn’t comprehend her actions . Archel stopped writing the document and looked up at Elaha .

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“Sir Elaha . I know that you’ve invested in the business . When you’re expected to make a profit in a few months, what do you think you should do when your business is nearing a danger?” Elaha answered her question without much thought .  

“I think I’ll try to prevent the danger as much as possible . ”

“Right?” Archel raised the corners of her mouth . She then pointed to a map of Leire’s territory .

“Then what about people who invested in Leire’s estate?” Archel tapped the map with the tip of the pen, “The nobles around Leire, especially the blood-related families, are all eyeing at Leire’s estate . ”

She looked over and over again to see if there was something she missed . She marked out all the places she saw in the book thoroughly . Particularly, she checked the mountain area that would be the enemy hideout several times .

“But the pie that you’re supposed to split up shouldn’t be rotten and worn out . What they want would be the prosperous Leire territory,” Elaha opened his eyes wide at Archel’s words .  

“That’s not an investment…”

“Isn’t going to be a power dispute between those who want to acquire the land?”, Elaha couldn’t keep up .

The young lady in front of his eyes was somehow the lord of Leire . She shouldn’t feel pleased about the fact that her estate is about to get coveted . But Archel De Leire seemed a little different from what he thought .

“The result will be an investment . They believe that they’ll succeed . And for me,”

Archel tapped the paper . Then she looked straight to Elaha .

“The investment that could take care of the land without having to put up a large amount of money . ” She handed the documents to Elaha, “I already know where the bribed knights and servants anyway . ”

She opened her hand as she spoke, “And under the imperial law, it is not necessary to pay salaries to those who betray their owners . Moreover, they will be managing the Leire estate with great care at the order of the owner who bribes them by now…” Archel laughed . “Then I’ll just have a delicious pie, right?” 

Elaha unwittingly accepted the document as if he was being enchanted by magic . This was different from his master, Gael Von Zenat, who gave his neck a cold feeling as if he had a sword pointed at him . This time, there’s no threatening air . But there was a soft charisma that seemed to tighten the logic and eventually lead her to the path she wanted .

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“…I understand . But you don’t mind if I know about Leire’s affairs?” He asked, trying hard to keep his eyes off the documents . Archel nodded as she looked at the figure .

“Even if I wrote an order, I have no choice but to send people periodically to manage the estate . ” She pointed to Elaha as she tidied up her pen,

 “It will be Sir Elaha from now on . ” Elaha hesitated . That’s the problem . This young lord seems to easily trust people . However, he couldn’t disregard her just because of her young age . It was when Elaha was about to open his mouth .

“Sir Elaha is a reliable knight . Reliable enough to be entrusted in Zenat’s affairs, even knew about both island and mansion affairs,” Elaha swallowed a short sigh .  As expected, she’s too young .

“In other words, not my knight, but the knight of Zenat . ”

Elaha becomes dumbstruck at the cold voice, ”Right now, there’s no one reliable to be entrusted in managing Leire anyway . Not to mention, The Duke of Zenat and I have a temporary alliance until Michael graduates . In other words, as long as we’re bonded in an alliance, you are at least a more reliable knight than those people who have been bribed by other families . ” Then she unfolded her hand .  

“Of course you’re Zenat’s knight, not my knight . So I can’t say anything even if you opened and skimmed through the documents for his sake . There’s no way I’d know . ”  She shrugged casually .

“But anyway, the words that came out from my mouth are not a secret . That’s what I believe . ” She pointed to the documents Elaha was holding . “Even if it’s not the case, if it was a secret, you’d still have to deal with it very closely . Isn’t that right?” She handed over the documents in Elaha’s hand .  

Even if he didn’t want to see it, it was close enough for him to inevitably be aware of  Leire’s internal affairs .

“I’d like to borrow Sir Elaha’s skill,” She ended her words with a smile . Elaha, whose body hardened, opened his mouth slightly in awe . She has the power to lead people in a different way than his master . She’s the one who can never refuse, but leads people without resistance and brings them to do what she wants .  

If this was really a talent of a 17 years-old girl, it would have been fair to say that it was her natural talent . Because he didn’t have the confidence to reach this level of power even if he spent 17 years of his life .

“…Yes, I understand . ” In the end, Elaha bowed his head . Archel smiled .

“Thank you . If you meet any difficulties, please let me know . And after you deliver them to Leire, please pick a blue Silvecia flower in the back garden of Leire’s mansion . ” At her words, Elaha became puzzled . He is an islander, but he often comes to the land and sees a variety of common flowers .

“Isn’t Silvecia famous for its silver color?”

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“That’s right . But in Leire’s back garden, we have a blue petalled Silvecia flower . ” They were the flowers that changed color in response to Michael’s mana . The fact was only known by Archel, who read the book . And if Elaha brought the flowers, it would be proof that Ellaha had stopped by Leire properly and carried out his work .

“Then I’ll leave it to you . ” Archel smiled softly . Elaha lowered his gaze to the documents . In the end, he had no choice but to comply .

It was only two days later that Archel and Gael headed for the island . Elaha, who had originally intended to drive the wagon, had been away for his mission to Leire . His vacancy was occupied by Rosé Taga, the mansion’s maid .

*Rustle* The carriage shook slightly . It was not an annoying disturbance . Archel was silent, looking out the window . Looking at her, Gael questioned her feelings for the first time .

Don’t you want to ask a question instead of being so compliant to follow me to the island? Those tiny lips that were closed without asking anything bothered him .

After a long silence, they could see the sea from afar outside the window, which was gradually visible . He was going to take the carriage to a small port, and transfer to the ship to reach Zenat’s headquarter . After that, when you’re completely disappeared from the sight of inland people, that’s when you can freely reach the island of Zenat .

“It’s unusual for inland people to go to Zenat’s island,” Gael said . Archel, who was looking out the window, turned her head .

“I know . Because it’s Zenat’s secret headquarter . ”

“Really,” Gael’s answer was a beat faster . He took a sigh and continued to talk,” You know a lot about Zenat . Then do you happen to know that the sea in front of the island is extremely rough?” Archel opened her eyes a little wide . She shook her head instantly .

“I don’t know to that extent,” She couldn’t have known, for the book didn’t explain about the sea surrounding Zenat’s island . Gael nodded slightly .

“That’s only natural . The inland lady who went there, either became the islander or,”

Gael, who was sitting the opposite of Archel, knocked on the carriage door . Slowly, she can feel the carriage slowing down, so Archel glanced out the window . The sea that looked distant just a while ago was in front of her . And she could see a big ship approaching the port . The ship was adorned with brilliant blue cloth and silver decorations that belong to Zenat’s family .  

“…Because they couldn’t return to the land,” As he finished his words, the carriage’s door opened .

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