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Chapter 2734 - launcher

"Brother Fei, what's that ring you gave me?"

"Why did he lead us there just by looking at us?" tan dapao asked.

Lan Mei also asked, "That's right, a million grandmist crystals is not a small number."

Long Fei said: "Don't worry, it's just a small thing. We can redeem it after we earn enough money from this trip."

Long Fei was not worried about the Space Ring.

Because …

The ring had his imprint, so no one in this world could open it except him.

As such, the old geezer with the green dragon corpse inside could not move at all.

However, Long Fei did not know that the Space Ring was actually a Space Ring that only the presbyter of god's tribe had the qualifications to wear, and he also did not know that it was because the hunchback old man did not even look at the god's tribe's imprint on the ring that he was able to let Long Fei and the others pass without looking at it.

At that moment, the old man's heart was covered with a layer of coldness.


It too carried a killing intent.

However... He did not dare to make a move!

The god's tribe was too powerful.

He was worried that the moment he made a move, he would be in big trouble.

It just so happened that the group of Yans's men bumped into the spear, and with a single thought, all of them were killed!

Terrifying, domineering to the extreme!

… ….

"Huff …"

"I'm free!"

"I'm finally free!"

The three of them walked further and further, and the city walls that were high up in the air became further and further away from them. tan dapao took a deep breath, "The aura of freedom is too comfortable."

"Boss, you really are awesome."

"Every time I follow you, it's always dangerous, hehe …"

"Where are we going now?"

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak, tan dapao said: "Right now, we should leave the East Imperial City as far away as possible. It's best if we go to another city, and then we'll be out of danger."

"Is that so? "Brother Fei."

Long Fei kept giving him meaningful looks, afraid that tan dapao would spout nonsense.

However …

tan dapao could not help but ask as he saw the twitching look in Long Fei's eyes, "Brother Fei, are your eyes cramping? Why did he keep flashing around non-stop? Were you tired these past two days? "

Lan Mei stared at Long Fei, staring intently.

tan dapao said: "Beauty, did you also notice that my boss's eyelids are cramping?"

Long Fei wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Then, he vowed sincerely, "Don't worry, I will definitely do what I promised you."

Lan Mei said: "If you two dare to escape, I will definitely not let you two go, moreover … Do you think anyone can walk out of western regions? "

"Not to mention the Great Sage powerhouse, even higher level powerhouse would not be able to leave without a plane."

The western regions was extremely wide.

The four perilous areas were once again hellish existences.

The East Imperial City was in the center. Without a plane, it was impossible to leave this place.

You know.

Back then, the East Imperial City was not even called a city, it was called Eastern Emperor Prison!

Some of the exiles were sent here and imprisoned.

Such a tall and lofty wall was actually just a wall to prevent escape. As time passed, the number of people in the Eastern Emperor Prison grew more and more, and they also slowly began to have their own order.

After that, this place became a East Imperial City.

However …

Even a three year old child would know that no one could leave the western regions. Anyone who entered the East Imperial City would never be able to leave.

He wanted to leave the western regions?

A fantasy story.

tan dapao looked at Long Fei and asked: "Brother Fei, what did you promise her?"

Long Fei rolled her eyes at him, and said: "Don't talk."

Lan Mei said indifferently: "I believe in you, that's why I took the risk to bring you out, you should have trust between people right? Of course... You can also escape, but, the result of your escape is death. "

As soon as he finished.

The aura on Lan Mei's body trembled slightly.

In less than half a second, tan dapao stood still, his face pale blue, unable to breathe.

Although Long Fei didn't do it like that, he still felt a bit uncomfortable.

Although Lan Mei could not cultivate, her cultivation was higher than Long Fei's.

It could easily crush both Long Fei and Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "I, Long Fei, will definitely do what I say."

He muttered in his heart: "Besides, you are descendant of holy general, the former little brother of Black and White."

Lan Mei slightly loosened his breath, and said: "This is more like it. You better clear it up for me, your little lives are still in my hands."

While they were talking …

Lan Mei identified the direction, and said: "Southwest direction, quickly!"

He walked out with large strides.

tan dapao took a deep breath, "This girl is really popular!"

"Brother Fei, are we really going?"

Long Fei nodded, "Go!"

While they were talking.

Dozens of kilometers away, there was a huge boom, "Rumble!"

A flame that shot into the sky exploded.

Flames shot up into the sky, covering half the sky as bright as day.

Lan Mei's pupils tightened, "Uncle Bao Zi's Radiant Bullet!"

"Did something happen?"

Lan Mei immediately said to Long Fei: "Hurry!"

Long Fei anxiously followed.

tan dapao looked into the sky in a daze, "The power of this explosion is very strong, could there be a launcher in this world? That's right, this is the Universal Realm, there are all kinds of warriors here. "

Glancing at his severed right arm, tan dapao revealed a bitter expression.

Long Fei shouted, "Cannon, what are you waiting for, quickly follow me!"

… ….

"Leopard, run!"


"Quick, quick, quick!"

At the mouth of the Black Prison Valley, Lan Yuan who was covered in blood, lifted Lan Hu on his shoulder and heavily shouted towards the nearby Lan Bao.

"Big Brother, leave quickly!"

"Leave me alone!"

Lan Bao was holding onto a machine gun that was similar to a super machine gun. The only difference was that this machine gun was wrapped with breath of true spirit s.

It was also released from Lan Bao's body.

It was like an energy.

This kind of energy was like a bullet that was constantly being filled. Lan Bao held it in both hands and swept at the black substance that was rushing out.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Come on!"

"All of you, come the f * ck!"

"Come at me, you beasts."

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Flames shot up into the sky.

Lan Bao roared frantically, his face was red with anger and ferocity.

The dark blobs of demon beast in the valley were suppressed by the powerful firepower, but... They weren't injured, but they continued to move forward. However, their speed and start slowed down a bit.

"Leopard, let's go!"

"Hurry up!" Lan Yuan bellowed.

The black prison valley had already been shaken, and the ferocious demon beast had already flanked them from both sides. Lan Bao was simply unable to hold on for long.

"Cough cough …"

Lan Hu's face was pale as he said, "Big Brother, let me down. I'm fine, go and bring the leopard back first!"

"Big Brother, go quickly!"

Lan Yuan frowned, he did not move, and he did not look at Lan Hu either, because... In the distance, Lan Bao was already surrounded by the demon beast in the Black Hell Valley.

He had fallen into a deathtrap!

There was no way out!

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