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Chapter 408: Untitled

The sky turned dark.

In the humid forest, the temperature fell and it was even colder.

Even a lion with a thick mane could not adapt.

A cold wind blew over and the cold father, who was lying under the tree to rest, immediately shivered.

He hurriedly got up and went to Maya’s side, staying close to this lioness and warming up to her.

Qiqi and Nunu hid in the cave dug by the pit and were a little warmer.

The other members of the pride leaned on each other to warm themselves.

The tree was even colder.

Chu Xiaoye let Little Curly Tail and the others rest in the bushes under the tree. This way, they could avoid some cold wind.

He had once experienced even colder weather on the snow mountain, so he did not care about this temperature. However, Little Curly Tail and the others were different.

These few little fellows had long been used to the climate on the grassland over there and had never encountered such cold air. For a moment, they could not adapt.

Little Curly Tail forcefully dragged Molly into the bushes with his tail and crawled into her arms to stay warm.

Molly’s resistance was useless and she could only obey.

Mei Mei was close to her mother, Xi’er, and Aisha.

She really wanted to lean on her brother to sleep, but she did not dare to. Her brother seemed to be exceptionally rough with the opposite sex who approached him. He would kick and slap her at every turn.


Belia, who was twisting her waist and preparing to lean close to Chu Xiaoye, was slapped to the ground by Chu Xiaoye. Her eyes were filled with tears and she was speechless.

Mei Mei’s heart palpitated when she saw this. She suddenly thought of the pitiful little white lion.

She could not understand why such a beautiful and noble little white lion was beaten and abused by her brother back then.

Why did his brother hate females?

Didn’t every lion king have many wives and concubines? The more they had, the happier they would be?

Brother had already grown up and the mane on his neck was already very dense. Although he was still underage, he already looked as mighty as an adult lion. He was even more mighty than other lions.

Wasn’t it time to drool over beauty and snatch wives and concubines?

Mei Mei was full of questions. Unknowingly, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She had a dream. In her dream, her brother had become a super lion king feared by ten thousand lions and ten thousand dogs. Behind her brother stood countless young female lions.

Xi’er, who was squinting and seemingly sleeping, suddenly smelled a familiar scent from her daughter.

She suddenly opened her one eye and was shocked.

Aisha, who was lying at the side, seemed to have smelled this familiar scent as well. She looked up at Mei Mei, then looked at Xi’er, her eyes flickering.

The world had changed drastically. Every creature was growing quickly and maturing faster than before.

Chu Xiaoye lay on the tree alone and narrowed his eyes, guarding against the wind and grass around him. He personally stood guard for the entire team.

Catherine lay in the grass under the tree and still peeked at him silently like she had done for countless nights. Her gaze was blank and her thoughts fluttered.

The little girl curled up under the tree. Even though she was wearing a warm gazelle skin, she was still trembling coldly.

The big black bear lay down beside her, its strong body blocking the wind for her. Its thick fur was close to her and it warmed her body considerately, like a tall and gentle father.

Little Curly Tail’s growl sounded from the bushes.

Molly accidentally woke him up and was slapped rudely.

Blue and his wife also crawled into the bushes and snuggled up to warm themselves.

Belita stayed with them.

As for Belia, she was unwilling to give up. She climbed onto the tree at the side and faced Chu Xiaoye, twisting her waist and butt non-stop. Her fawning appearance looked pitiful, as if she was begging.

She was half a year older than Belita and was already two years old. After the blood rain, her body had already started to mature and her female instincts were gradually becoming stronger.

She needed strong genes and strong males.

Therefore, she chose this young lion king.

As for why she chose the male lion and not male leopards, who knew? Anyway, she could not control herself when she saw Chu Xiaoye.

Anyway, it was those male leopards that looked strong but were actually useless that made her not interested at all.

The two trees were not far apart and were only three meters away.

Belia stood on a branch that extended outwards. Her limbs were long and slender, like a slender and beautiful young girl who was trying her best to show her graceful and soft figure and her young and charming face.

However, she did not receive any response.

In the eyes of humans, almost all lions and leopards looked the same.

However, in the eyes of lions and leopards, every animal was different. There was beauty, ugliness, good, and bad.

Some had good figures, some had poor figures, some were sexy, and some were ordinary. Some had elegant bearings, and some did not. It was like humans looking at humans.

Belia could see Chu Xiaoye’s appearance, and so could Chu Xiaoye.

This female leopard was indeed beautiful, sexy, and charming. She was a rare beauty. Oh, no, she was a beautiful leopard.

However, what did this have to do with him?


Therefore, no matter how she performed, he was calm and not charmed.

Men had their ambitions everywhere, so how could they be sentimental?

Girls were the most annoying!

Chu Xiaoye turned around and climbed down the tree, preparing to pee.

In the bush not far away, Little Curly Tail’s growl and Molly’s resistance came again. The entire bush was shaking.

Chu Xiaoye was stunned for a moment and decided to walk over to understand.

These two little things were actually hiding inside and fighting. It really exhausted him.

Just as he was about to walk in front of the bush, Belia suddenly jumped in front of him silently. She lay on the ground, wagging her tail and looking at him with watery eyes, as if she was begging him.


Just as Chu Xiaoye was in a daze, a figure suddenly rushed out from behind and suddenly slapped Belia’s head, causing the female leopard to roll out.

Catherine stood in front of him with her back facing him and her gaze cold.

Belia immediately jumped up from the ground, bared her fangs, and fawned over him coquettishly. She instantly became furious and fierce, preparing to fight this nosy lioness to the death!

The commotion here immediately woke the other members up.

However, the strange thing was that no one came to stop or persuade them.

Even Belia’s father and mother only watched silently from afar. In fact, the male leopard’s eyes even revealed relief and encouragement.

Belia became even braver.

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