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Chapter 324: Lion Head

Night fell.

Chu Xiaoye and the others were trapped on the tree.

Under the tree were more than thirty strong black lions.

They kept walking below and roaring, as if they wanted to pressure them and make them afraid, then fall from the tree.

Chu Xiaoye lay on the tree with his eyes closed and did not move. He was quickly recovering his strength.

Because he had absorbed the recovery ability of the golden-haired lion king, his injuries had long recovered. However, he was tired, hungry, thirsty, and sleepy.

He ignored the roars below and took the time to rest.

Catherine lay beside him. Although she was seriously injured, she still opened her eyes and protected him silently.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei lay on another big tree at the side. They were limp and exhausted. It seemed to be difficult for them to even stand up.

However, they still bared their fangs and responded to the pride below.

Tilly lay on another short tree and slept soundly, as if she was not worried that the lion below would suddenly pounce on her or slap the short tree.

In fact, although these lions were strong, their intelligence seemed to be no different from that of ordinary lions. They did not know how to slap and bite trees and would only spin around and roar to scare others.

This was a beautiful and fertile paradise.

With sufficient food and resources and a geographical environment that lived in a corner, they could eat and sleep without worry. They did not have to worry about enemies invading them. Therefore, all of them lived comfortably, were fat and healthy, and looked as fierce as before, but they had long lost their former aura.

This also gave Chu Xiaoye and the others a chance to breathe.

They roared for the night, but did not take any action.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei had already fallen asleep on the tree.

Catherine’s strength was also recovering quickly.

However, thirst and hunger still tortured them.

Without the replenishment of food and water, it would be difficult for them to recover their former combat strength.

The night quickly passed.

When the sun rose, the thirty-over black lions under the tree had already roared until their mouths were dry and they were exhausted. They could only lie on the ground and rest with their eyes narrowed.


Right at this moment, a figure suddenly rushed down from above. Like a goshawk that was diving for its prey, it instantly arrived and bit the neck of a lion!

Then, he jumped onto the tree with a whoosh.

This change happened in a split second, and none of the lions resting on the ground could react.

When they woke up, their companion had already been brought up the tree and was looking at them in fear and despair.


The thirty-over lions hurriedly stood up and roared.

They never would have thought that the brat on the tree, who was already at the end of his rope, would actually dare to rush down and kill them!

Chu Xiaoye bit the lion and climbed up the tree.

Because this lion was too heavy, he only climbed to the first branch and stopped. He placed the lion’s body on the branch and started to greedily suck the lion’s blood.

His extreme thirst made him recover his animal nature.

The smelly blood flowed into his throat and was as sweet and delicious as spring water.

He immediately perked up.

The lion he was biting had already widened its eyes and died completely.


He raised his head and growled at Catherine, who was above him, to let her down.

Catherine stood up and jumped down. Although she was still weak, she finally had more strength than last night.

The little lioness’s black eyes flickered with a moving light. She looked at him gently, then lowered her head and started to greedily suck the blood of this black lion.

Tilly, who was on the tree beside him, seemed to have smelled a delicious meal. She immediately opened her eyes and stood up, letting out a roar, looking impatient and pitiful.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei, who were on another tree, also looked over and gulped.

Normally, they would never care about the corpses of their own kind, but now, this corpse was full of temptation, making them even more hungry and uncomfortable.

After taking a few quick sips, Catherine raised her head and quietly retreated.

Chu Xiaoye extended his claws and pointed at the lion’s thigh. He looked at her sternly, signaling her to hurry and not dawdle.

Catherine was stunned for a moment before she immediately walked close and raised her claws. Her silver claws pierced into the lion’s right hind leg and, like a sharp blade, easily cut open its muscles and bones, removing the entire thigh meat.

Chu Xiaoye used his claws to stabilize the black lion’s corpse and looked at the other hind leg, signaling her to continue.

Catherine immediately cut off another hind leg.

Then, Chu Xiaoye bit the black lion’s corpse and suddenly jumped down onto Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei’s big tree.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei immediately got up and climbed down from a high place. However, their limbs were limp and they were powerless. They almost fell.

When they crawled to the side of the black lion’s corpse, Little Curly Tail made way for Mei Mei and bit the broken leg of the black lion. He started to greedily suck blood and his entire body trembled from the recovery.

Mei Mei immediately went to the black lion’s neck and drank big mouthfuls of blood.

They were thirsty.

Tilly, who was on the tree beside him, was anxious and angry. She roared and bared her fangs at Chu Xiaoye, showing an angry expression.

Chu Xiaoye turned around and ignored her.

Tilly arched her body and was about to jump over to enjoy the delicious meal when Chu Xiaoye suddenly turned around and looked at her warningly.

This tree was not thick. If she jumped over again, the tree would not be able to withstand it and break.

At that time, wouldn’t they be walking into a trap if their strength had yet to recover?

Furthermore, this little white lion was seriously injured and its strength had yet to recover. What if it lost its balance and fell down?

Seeing his fierce gaze, Tilly immediately shrank her neck and stopped jumping. She looked at him pitifully, as if she was saying, “Hungry… thirsty…”

Chu Xiaoye extended his golden claws and cut off the two front legs of the black lion. He let Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei eat first, then brought the remaining corpse of the black lion to the short tree and hung the corpse in front of Tilly.

Tilly pounced on him like a hungry wolf and started to suck his blood. She no longer had the arrogance of a young lady.

When she was almost done drinking, Chu Xiaoye cut off the black lion’s head with his golden claw and threw it to her. Then, he jumped back to Catherine with the black lion’s corpse and started biting.

Catherine, Mei Mei, and Little Curly Tail were biting the muscles on their thighs with relish.

Tilly looked at the huge lion head with its round eyes in front of her with a blank expression.

Furthermore, there was a lush black mane on the lion’s head.


The noble little white lion from the snow mountain immediately roared angrily with tears in its eyes, looking like it had been wronged.

Chu Xiaoye looked up at her and ignored her, continuing to eat.

Lions were delicious, at least he thought so.

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