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Published at 24th of September 2020 09:50:55 AM
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Blood of Devil!

There was nothing to refute him, so she stood still, rubbing her cheek, and he asked her .

“Are you sick?”

“What? No, this is fine . ”

My mother used to slap me so hard that I lay on the floor that this is nothing . When he said so, he was silent for a moment and then grabbed her by the wrist again . It’s not like he was grasping it like before, but took her measurements very carefully and asked .

“How old are you?”

“11 years old . ”

He seems to have cursed again as ‘crazy’ .

“Are you eating well?”

She nodded at his question . This is the first time she had ever eaten so well . He said, letting go of her wrist .

“Come again tomorrow . ”


“Come again . ”

“……yes . ”

She nodded and stepped out of his room .

The next day, she sneaked back to him again in the evening, and he was waiting with a candle on . As she approached, he stared at her face and held out his pocket to me .

What is it?

When Estel opened it, it was a cookie .

“Eat . ”

What is it?

Estel was embarrassed, but she started crunching and eating chocolate cookies full of hazelnut . He also handed over the glass that was on the table . It was milk .

“Drink . ”

“Ok . ”

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Estel answered politely and drank milk . The sweet taste of honey spread throughout the mouth .

Estel couldn’t figure out what the hell it was . When he emptied his pockets like that, he asked .

“Your father bought you?”

“Yes . ”

“How much?”

“20,000 gold . ”

“Hmm . ”

“I had no idea how much it was . My mother got half a silver coin a night from the guest . How much money is 20,000 gold?”

But he didn’t seem surprised by the amount of money .

“Why did my father buy you?”

At the question, Estel was puzzled and looked at him . She didn’t know if she could say this or not . If the servants didn’t tell him, wouldn’t she not be able to tell him?

“Can’t you tell me?”

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“That’s, it’s…… . ”

Hesitating, he stared at me and said .

“Carl . ”


“My name is Carl . ”

“Oh, I’m Estel . ”

“I know . You heard it before . ”

“I did…”

As he noticed again, he still looked at her closely . He reached out and touched Estel’s hair and said .

“Honey Blonde . ”

Estel flinched and worried that he might be jerking off his head, but he didn’t . Instead, Estel raised her chin and said,

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“Pink eyes . ”

His red ruby eyes glistened on the candle . As if searching for something, he looked into her face and she was worried that he might find a similarity between her and the Duke – even if he didn’t find it – she was worried .

“Do you know what is the characteristic of the Castiel family?”

Estel tried to shake her head from side to side, but she realized she shouldn’t because he was holding her chin .

“I don’t know . ”

“Black hair and red eyes . ”

The remark opened her eyes wide . So, then I’m not his son?

It’s honey-blond with pink eyes .

“Because our ancestors had the blood of the devil . ”

The words gave her a blank look at him .

The Devil?

Carl’s neat face smiled slightly . “Wow, it’s my first time seeing you smile . How should I say?… . It wasn’t a heart-warming smile . ”

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