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"How dangerous…" A wall within Ji Lingxi crumbled immediately. Replacing it was an inexplicable sense of sadness and worry. "Doesn't he have any helpers? It must be due to his awful connection with people!"

The lady in white sighed softly and replied, "I can't give you too many details right now, not even their names… If I tell you now, I'll only bring you harm…"

Ji Lingxi was about to continue pleading but the white-dressed lady continued, "Your current cultivation base is still too shallow. You haven't come across the realm where a single thought of longing will kill in an instant. You don't know yet that a thought or the birth of a thought can already trigger the surge of energy and signs, resulting in many disasters that should not happen. All in all, as long as you cultivate diligently and enhance your cultivation base to a certain standard, you'll know it when you can know it."

"Maybe then, you'll be needed to personally save your parents from their woes," said the lady.

Ji Lingxi bit her lips and felt her guts twist. Tears glistened in her eyes as her composed mind lost its orientation.

'Not very good.'

'Enemies are everywhere, with danger lurking at every corner.'

'Deep in their woes.'

'You'll be needed to personally save them…'

The information contained within was massive and terribly negative!

'I've wrongly accused you all! You're in such danger, you're in such a dreadful situation, yet you've sent us away at the risk of your own lives!'

'You've created this guarding red light for me so painstakingly, afraid that your daughter is at a loss in this mortal world…'

Ji Lingxi felt grief pouring from her heart; she could not help the tears that spilled from her eyes, looking pitiful.

The lady clad in white coughed; a hint of awkwardness tinged her expression.

'I wasn't wrong… Yes, that's right, I wasn't the slightest bit wrong.'

'Your father is now being attacked by his brothers and almost no one is on the same line as he is. Of course, that's awful…'

'Those brothers of his… All of them are forces of the universe. Naturally, there would be enemies everywhere with danger lurking at every corner!'

'As for your mother… She's a tough cookie too, fighting your father every day. Of course, your dad is deep in his woes. This - this isn't a problematic description…'

'Besides, husband and wife are one, inseparable… Your dad naturally represents your mum as well. Since your father is in deep sh*t, your mother will be too. This still isn't wrong…'

'I'm just stating facts. I take no sides. It's you who are imagining things in the worst way. I - I can't be blamed!'

'Still, this girl's imagination is through the roof - she thinks too much too fast!'

'Pursued and captured… Awaiting rescue… Saving you fellows in the very last moment with their last bit of energy… Why didn't you become an author with such a mind? What a regret…'

Yun Yang, who was by their side, spoke up in a timely manner, asking, "Then, do you know my father, Aunty Mei?"

Aunt Mei almost groaned with a palm to her forehead.

'Am I here today to answer your questions, curious babies? Do they all have to be about your father?'

"Your father… I've met him. Everything's a chance encounter. It's the work of fate."

The white-dressed lady was resigned. She could not say that she knew them, for these people came together to fight every year, and Yun Yang's father was a sly one!

Well, it wasn't only him actually; the many masters of the Ninth Abyss were all old foxes, speaking about the truth of destiny all the time!

"How are my parents now?" asked Yun Yang, "Are they well? Are they also in danger?"

The lady pondered for a bit to arrange her words and answered, "Both your parents… should be together now."

'Hmm, this reply is still… correct. They're really together daily. I didn't say that they loved each other deeply and fought each other aggressively as well. Never mind, it's alright even if I were to say it.'

Yun Yang and Ji Lingxi immediately looked alarmed.

From the earlier conversation, it was easy to infer that Ji Lingxi's parents were trapped and held captive by formidable enemies. They were not doing well, at the very least, stuck at an impasse. If Yun Yang's parents were their company, did that mean that Yun Yang's parents were captured as well?

Fat tears fell in a pitter-patter from Ji Lingxi's eyes. "Uncle and aunty are in danger too… Why is this happening?"

Yun Yang, on the other hand, was doubtful. 'This isn't the same as what my aunt told me previously.'

"May I ask senior who has captured them? At least both of us have a heads up, lest we don't know it despite facing our enemy in the future!" Yun Yang asked calmly.

The lady was about to answer but suddenly heard a voice ringing in her ears and could not help being stunned.

She then conveyed the message that the voice was trying to pass on, "I'm telling you through telepathic voice delivery but for the short time being, at least, you have to keep this secret securely. You cannot speak of it, even to each other. Otherwise, the consequences will be devastating. What I spoke just now about causing chaos with a thought isn't a lie. Mentioning the subject here will allow the party to feel it."

Ji Lingxi nodded seriously. "I won't ever disclose it - not even half a word!"

"Is it true? Is it so mystical?" Yun Yang thought to himself.

Was it true?

The lady spoke softly, "Not only is the person who seized your parents proficiently capable, but his name is also very odd. He's called, the First Master of the Ninth Abyss."

When she said this, she could not help the internal monologue she had, 'Sorry Old Black. I can't help it that all of them want to splash black ink on you…'

Ji Lingxi gritted her teeth and was utterly resentful.

"First - Master - of - the - Ninth - Abyss!"

She was anguished, loathing the named person to the bones.

Yun Yang repeatedly the name slowly, "First Master of the Ninth Abyss? This name… seems quite familiar… The legendary pinnacle expert whom no other person can top, the Seventeenth Master of the Ninth Abyss; I wonder if he's related to this first master?"

"Indeed, they're the heirs of the Ninth Abyss. The Seventeenth Master is the seventeenth heir among the bunch. As for the First Master, he's of the first ancestral generation. He's also the most skilled among the rest," the lady answered.

"How so in particular?" Yun Yang asked musing.

"How in particular…" Aunt Mei gave it a thought and replied, "Maybe because the act of moving mountains and filling oceans, ascending to the heaven and tunneling into the land, is already intimidating to all of you. However, this First Master of the Ninth Abyss…"


"The continent, this land under your feet... the First Master of the Ninth Abyss can destroy it umpteenth times with a stomp of his feet! A breath of his can destroy the stars and the moon - it's the absolute truth that he can kill someone with a single thought!" the white-gowned lady listed casually.

Dread washed over Yun Yang and Ji Lingxi.

Destroy the continent umpteenth times with a stomp of his feet?

Destroy the stars and moon with a breath?

How omnipotent was he? Was there such a terrifying force within this universe?

"I'm not at all exaggerating. What I can make a comparison to isn't much because what you all know is too little. I could only make a rough explanation. It's basically the same reason regarding this realm's inability to withstand the so-called Empyrean Force." The lady looked serious. "Therefore, don't recklessly seek death before your capabilities grow up to par!"

Yun Yang and Ji Lingxi looked grim. Ji Lingxi was worried and tearful, panic-stricken, while Yun Yang frowned and pondered, "Is this true? Is this real?"

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