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Qiu Yunshan said, "During this time, we can say that we have gained a lot here from you. Just by cultivating at a divine cultivation spot like the Residence of Yun and improving ourselves using various resources, it was possible for talentless people like us to advance to the Dao realm. This is already one of the greatest fortunes we can hope for. Looking back at our residence, how could there be real Dao cultivator?"

"Besides, each of us has an ace level mystical beast, which elevated our capabilities by another class."

"For the current embodiment of us to return home, we can be considered presences others can't afford to offend or dare not provoke for the rest of our lives. Even if we don't want any power, we're still a presence that can stand in parallel to a clan leader. The rest of our lives can be smooth and easy, there won't be any more worries."

All four of them looked at Yun Yang with shame and said, "This current state… we're already more than content."

Yun Yang nodded with a smile. "I know, I understand. I even agree with you. That's why all of you should return to your families now."

"We can't help you here, but we'd still like to see you defeat the Four Seasons Tower. Otherwise, we can hardly sleep a wink. Missing out on this battle of the century will also be our lifetime regret!" said Dong Tianleng.

"There's nothing to anticipate from this final battle," said Yun Yang, "There'll only be an ill ending if you fellows insist on staying. To you and me, to any side, it won't be a good thing."

The four young masters were all dumbstruck before realization hit them.

Yun Yang was right.

They would only become an additional worry for Yun Yang if they stayed. If the Four Seasons Tower assaulted them, Yun Yang would never ignore it. Then, would their kind intentions be only an obstacle to Yun Yang?

Since it was destined that they must leave, why did they have to wait for a result?

"I wish all of you here… that there won't be a time you'll have to fight with your all throughout the rest of your lives," Yun Yang wished with a warm smile.

When the four of them had said that maybe only when the situation had come to worst that would they fight and risk their lives, Yun Yang understood the implied meaning very well, despite the covert delivery.

If there came a day when their families were torn apart and the enemies were so formidable that no one could defend against them… that was when they would fight back. That was why Yun Yang wished them what he did.

"The four of you will always be my, Yun Yang's, brothers." Yun Yang smiled. "What comforts me is that you all really have a good sense of self-awareness. Even though you all have said that you don't know what you want, you have long acquired what you really wanted the most. Seizing it in your hands, they won't leave you."

"We shall meet again if fate decides it."

Yun Yang then melted into the air, his form gradually disappearing.

"Return quickly!"

After these words were uttered, Yun Yang completely vanished.

The quad stared at the chair Yun Yang had sat on, each of them in a sad trance like they had lost someone dear.

"Although we spoke the truth, I still don't feel good, like I've failed boss," Dong Tianleng sighed.

Qiu Yunshan lamented, "Boss is the nine heaven's dragon. It has been destined that we won't be able to keep up with him. To be able to have such an experience of his company in this lifetime, it's sufficient to reminisce for years to come. There'll be our shadows in his legend after all."

"Speaking of this, the three of us have to thank Dong Tianleng properly. If it weren't for his monkey business which allowed him to get along with boss, how else would we ever have the opportunity to get to know such a legend? Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel how surreal it has been, especially after boss' identity as Supreme Cloud was exposed. It's unbelievable, no matter how I think of it." Chun Wanfeng chuckled bitterly.

"Actually, I wanted to go along with boss…" Dong Tianleng was gloomy, his sudden words shocking everyone.

"You aren't the only one!" the other three men said simultaneously and they began chortling sadly.

Qiu Yunshan said, "Although we said that we've looked past the vicissitudes of life, that happiness comes from contentment, who isn't ambitious, being a man? Who doesn't want to stand at the top of the world and experience the joy and thrill of being the sole man standing at the peak?"

"Who doesn't want to make the most out of life and be unrivaled?"

"Our families are great, but they're a safe bet. Compared to these legendary figures, what can they be?"

"Still, we must have some sense of awareness. We can't be too blinded." Chun Wanfeng chuckled in self-ridicule. "Boss is a sentimental person. If we wanted to leave with him, he'd have granted our wish however he could."

"Unfortunately, our speed of advancement, the level of our state of mind, our temperaments and persistence, they're too far apart from boss."

"Our insistence will only hold him back! It will drag him down and slow him down enough to harm him - that'll be failing him."

"Since boss is fated to fly past the clouds, why should we become his burden? That won't do good to any of us!"

The four of them looked at each other and grinned softly. "We can't do anything for boss, but we can let him enter the battleground with a light heart. In the future, we can boast to our children and grandchildren that the legend of Tianxuan, the brain of the Supremes, Supreme Cloud, was your grandfather's brother. That's also a delight in life."

Dong Tianleng stood up. "No time to think about the future so much. Let's pack up quickly and return home."

He looked at the other three men. "After I go back, I'll cultivate closed-door for some time before I roam the martial world to gain some experience… If I have the chance to go to the Bound of Universe in this lifetime, I'll try to meet boss again. If I can't ultimately… that's my life too."

"Indeed so!" The other three agreed wholeheartedly.

"Let's go!"

The four young masters left the room to see a guard standing by the door.

"When Young Master Yun left just now, he left four rings for you young masters."

As he spoke, he passed the four rings over.

The four men took one each, feeling a surge of emotion within them. For a moment, they dared not open it.

"Let's check them out after we reach home." Dong Tianleng kept the ring and said, "What boss left for us must be extraordinary… We can't cause any more trouble for him at this point in time."

"That's how this should be."

"Let's go!"

On that very afternoon, the four noble young masters left with minimal baggage and guards, quietly exiting the southern gate of Tiantang City. After traveling a distance of five hundred miles, they then separated into four different directions and disappeared swiftly into the wild.

No one noticed their departure because, at this time, a big line of words were formed out of clouds above Tiantang City. Everyone's attention was riveted by it.

"Mr. Nian, we shall meet at Tianxuan Cliff in three days!"

A row of words floated in the sky silently. Sometimes it was dark clouds, sometimes it looked as white as cotton; occasionally it was colorfully hued, occasionally it was lined in gold. The hint that the words were manmade was evident.

After a while, the words in the sky slowly grew, expanding massively. The change was shocking, attracting everyone's focus.

The entire capital was sonorously cheering.

"Supreme Cloud!

"It's Lord Supreme Cloud!"

"Lord Supreme Cloud is back!"

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