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The situation he was most reluctant to face had appeared once again!

Oh God, how many more times must I suffer such separation from those closest to me!

"I've found him. I'm with Lingfeng now. Don't miss me."

"Yun Yang, we're entrusting Lingxi to you now. You must take good care of her. We shall see each other again in the future."

"I'm very happy, so very happy, like never before."

The letter Yue Rulan left was scribbled with only these short lines. However, these words resounded like thunderclaps in the eyes of Ji Lingxi and Yun Yang.

Found him? With Lingfeng now? What did it mean?

The Eighth Supreme was gone, he no longer existed in this world; so how could she find him? How could she be with him? Perhaps, the more pertinent question should be what could be considered as finding him and what could be considered as being with him?

It was simple actually, as long as…

As the thought sprouted in his mind, a chill ran along Yun Yang's spine.

As for the last line, "I'm very happy, so very happy, like never before", it seemed to be expressing so much joy but the implication was indescribable sorrow! Those who knew the situation would only have one thought – this woman who had married herself to Ji Lingfeng earlier had become a member of Ji Family; she had finally fulfilled her wish and no longer had a longing to exist in this world.

Therefore, was she gone too?

Yun Yang could imagine like he had in the past, imagining that Supreme Wind was still in this world and could no longer appear before everyone due to severe injuries or certain reasons, not even to meet him. He had just picked up his eighth sister-in-law, just like he had picked up Sister-in-law Yun prior – uh, but he could not fool himself!

Scanning and re-reading the letter, Yun Yang felt a devastating blow. Just as he recovered from his stupor, he jumped up as if burned and roared, "Find her quick!"

The entire underground world of Tiantang City all moved at his command. Not long after it, even Yutang's official forces were deployed by Yun Yang. In addition, plenty of sects, schools, and forces of notable families were all commissioned by Yun Xiaoyao and a blanket search was conducted both inside and outside the entire Tiantang City.

Within a single night, three thousand miles of perimeter around Tiantang City was searched through.

Yun Yang, who ordered the search, did not wait for news after his command. He urged Reddie to gallop out of the Residence of Yun, looking for Yue Rulan with his divine sense, round and round he went with the Residence of Yun being the center point.

In spite of it, there was nothing to be found after three full days!

It was like she had vanished into thin air; Yue Rulan was like a snowflake that had melted into this world. There was no ripple, no sound and no trace – not even the slightest clue was left behind!

There is a saying that no news is good news, but this saying did not fit the current situation; at least, Yun Yang did not accept it. To him, he would only be placated once Yue Rulan was found alive and well. The lack of news upset Yun Yang greatly; when the third day came, he lost control of his temper, which was very rare for him.

Three straight days of searching allowed the whole of Tiantang City to know that there was such a person in the world – the purple gown-clad Young Master Yun!

Young Master Yun had turned into the netherworld Shura straight away!

Fang San was The Merciless Tower's top killer.

After he was appointed, he had rushed to Tiantang City, travelling thousands of miles and taking shelter in an inn. He did not rush into action just yet.

A good assassin would carefully conceal his trace and observe the target quietly. The more flawlessly one could conceal his trace and avoid attention, the smoother the assassination would go and the greater the chance that one would escape unscathed.

In spite of this common sense among assassins, Fang San was not a believer of such methodology. He was more familiar with finding some form of entertainment before his mission to adjust his state and to maximally unleash his capacity.

Brothels were places that Fang San despised going, as he considered them to be a disdain to his status; if his status was lowered, what threat could it pose?

Hence, everywhere he went, he would lurk in the dark and kidnap innocent women, taking them to his room without anyone knowing. When the deed was done, he would finish off the woman; everything was done without a sound or trace in order to prevent suspicious from being aroused in the time that he was there.

Fang San was of the first heaven of the cultivation realm. If he were to be found out doing such a deed, he need not roam this world anymore!

Coming to Tiantang City, he had carefully plotted his entertainment excursions due to his assassination target. He was always on the lookout to strike and because of it, he was contently satiated. Tiantang City was indeed the capital of a nation, there were plenty of beautiful mistresses and ladies around for him to pick and choose from.

He had only been here for a few days but Fang San thought that he had arrived in heaven.

Tonight he slipped out and approached the residence he had his eyes on earlier, and managed to get his hands on the family's youngest daughter, who had yet to step out of her house.

The light was dim in the inn. Fang San chuckled vilely looking at the trembling beauty before him. He was about to pounce and let his primal side show when the room door suddenly shattered with a boom.

"Who is it?" Fang San jumped up half-naked. His lustful side swiftly replaced by his calm assassin instinct.

He naturally thought that his track has been discovered but so what if he had exposed himself? He had the confidence to retreat without an issue; it was just a waste of this beauty!

The attacker by the door wore purple, standing coldly without saying a word. Yet an unspeakable murderous intent was blazing in his eyes.

"Who are you?"

Fang San could immediately discern that the stranger was an expert but he was not really intimidated. After all, he looked too young. "A kid would actually dare to interrupt The Merciless Tower's Sir Fang San's fun! Are you seeking death!?"

An assassin would always prioritize caution in everything he did. To announce his identity and background now was basically showing a talisman; how dare any ordinary martial warrior provoke The Merciless Tower?

However, Fang San did not realize that the phrase 'The Merciless Tower' was nothing more than a fart to this person before him.

The purple silhouette flashed, Yun Yang was already by the bed. A peek at the young crying girl on the bed had the murderous intent in his eyes reach its climax. The saber light flashed as an intense blow landed towards where Fang San was standing.

"Who – who are you?" Fang San cried, avoiding the blade in frantic retreat. "Are you mute? Even if there are grudges to be settled here, you have to at least announce your name first…"

Yun Yang did not ease off; the saber light glimmered brighter yet the youth was still silent.

Clang, clang, clang…

The weapons of both men collided twice in the air. Fang San felt as if he was struck by lightning as he staggered, the unexpectedly strong power he encountered caused his mouth and nose to bleed. How could he still not realize that the other party was an expert far stronger than him? He could not help crying out in terror, "Who are you? This – this is a misunderstanding…"

Fang San truly wished that it was a misunderstanding. Otherwise, today would be his death day! It was too bad that despite the matter arising from a misunderstanding, today would still be his death day anyway.


An icy saber light broke through Zhang San's defense and landed solidly on his neck. Blood was spilled. A head that looked terrorized flew up before it was crushed by a kick.

The bloody scene shocked the girl on the bed and she cried out shrilly.

Amidst the spray of blood, a faint voice laced with disdain spoke, "Speaking a word before killing rubbish like you would humiliate me."

"Lady, no need to be afraid. Someone will send you back in a while."

Before the voice could even echo, the purple silhouette vanished.

The girl was struck by a sudden realization about something as she asked in delight surprise, "You – you're Young Master Yun?"

Purple gown-clad Young Master Yun who was handsome and elegant, he who was titled the most handsome man of Yutang, was the dream-man of every lady in Yutang.

The first emotion that came to the girl was delighted surprise – from meeting her idol. However, Yun Yang was already gone and did not even hear her question.

A while later, two men came in and said respectfully, "Where is your house, young lady? Young master has asked for the both of us to send you home."

In another inn.

There were a few Hall of Crimson Blade assassins who were currently discussing how to sneak into the Residence of Yun to kill their target, the child who was only a few years old without any defense power would die from just about any strike.

"From what I see, it's not the best for us to attack forcefully as the child is in the Residence of Yun now. Maybe we can disguise ourselves as sellers of daily necessities. A Residence that houses so many people will go through daily necessities very quickly. Other large residences would have familiar businesses send items directly to their homes. Now we only have to figure out what the Residence of Yun needs daily and which businesses send them. As long as we can get hold of this information, we can act accordingly. The Residence of Yun has a lot of experts but they may not be on guard for such details. Even if their abilities are too strong and we can't do anything immediately, we can still scout out the vicinity to help out future operations."

"Brilliant, brilliant! We can play either attack or defense, how wonderful!" The group praised each other.

Then, a cold voice spoke faintly, "Brilliant? How brilliant?"

The leader among the killers was alarmed at once, standing up and questioned, "Who is it?"

What answered him was an icy saber light that broke through the door and a chilling voice that continued, "When you reach hell, you'll have plenty of time to discuss how to really play either attack or defense!"

Blood splattered.

A purple silhouette made a round in the room like a whirlwind before he exited the door and vanished into the night.

In the room, the handful of Hall of Crimson Blade killers lay in puddles of blood. All their eyes were widened in disbelief as they were wiped out instantly.

The Red Sleeves School was a rather infamous underground organization in Tiantang City. The organization was known for its maids and servants but it was actually a revolting force that trafficked women. It was just that the sect had always acted carefully and mysteriously so much so that not many people knew of its existence and even fewer people knew that it was located in Tiantang City for so many years.

It was the same night when a purple gowned silhouette made its appearance.

As this purple shadow presented himself and checked all the secret chambers in the Red Sleeves School, his killing intent soared, exterminating more than four hundred people from the organization. Even those members who were not at the headquarters at the time were hunted down door by door and killed. The man had wiped everything out, not leaving a single soul standing.

On this night the infamous and substantially sized Red Sleeves School crumbled and was extinguished from the world.

Yun Yang was still clad in purple, riding Reddie, spreading his deific consciousness as the horse galloped. He searched for Yue Rulan without concealing himself. From inside of Tiantang City to outside of it, he would urge the horse over in hope of discovery in any nook or cranny.

For three days Yun Yang did not even sleep for a blink. He had meticulously plowed through the wide area. Yet Yue Rulan was like a mud-made cow that fell into the sea – soundless and without a trace. Instead, the killers from various background who had succumbed to Yun Yang's hands during this three-day search had reached more than four hundred people! As for the rogues and gangsters who bullied ordinary citizens and sects that did unspeakable things, those who died from Yun Yang's saber reached more than three thousand in number.

An abundance of the air of injustice surged through Yun Yang but he was not aware of it.

For one, he was devoted to finding Yue Rulan; there was also the fact that he had lost the connection to his deific consciousness space for so long that he was not as sensitive to the absorption of the air of injustice. Evidently, he had no idea how much he had gained in this aspect.

Yun Yang was getting increasingly frantic now.

"Sister Lan! Where have you gone to?" The anxiety clouding Yun Yang's heart was indescribable. One would have died from the distress of the lack of news.

Yun Yang continued galloping in and out of Tiantang City while riding his steed. Despair had long filled his heart. The icy weather and constant flutter of snowflakes that landed on Yun Yang's face and body chilled his heart even more.

There was really nowhere else left to search after the three-day blanket search. Yun Yang had even gone to the palace! All the princes' residences were his focal point, not a single one was excluded or missed out.

His only hope now was the outskirts of the city. Yun Yang and his charge galloped through the flurry of snow, the man's gaze flitting around in distress and fatigue. Yun Yang had looked high and low, across each drain on the roadside, each forest and each bump that was covered by snow; he had even rummaged through them.

The east of the city, the west of the city, the south and the north.

Yun Yang searched in every direction, back and forth, the area of his search expanding while the snow fell heavier and harder.

He did not give up, not caring about the drainage of his divine sense – even when his cultivation base was already in the heaven realm, he could barely handle the expense. It was like there was a ball of flame ablaze in Yun Yang's heart, setting his organs alight so much so that his limbs seemed to be on fire as well.

Yun Yang was already a thousand and five hundred miles southward from the city now.

He was still carefully casting all around, trying hard to be patient and search around bit by bit. Yet there was nothing all along. As time crept by and the sunlight dimmed, Yun Yang's heart grew cold.

The realization that had long set itself at the bottom of Yun Yang's heart was harder to resist but he refused to give up still. He did not want to cope with the pain of losing another family member again. He chose to persevere.

The snow fell in a flurry.

Yun Yang stood atop the hill mounted on his steed, feeling utterly lost. His purple robe was already stained and dirty. There was also Reddie, who despite his brilliance, had also reached his limit from galloping around without a break.

Yun Yang suddenly growled into the sky.

"Have all of you seen this? Have you? Huh! Have you seen it! How can you! How can all of you leave just like this?!"

"One after another, all of you gone! All of you have left!"

"I want to leave too! I want to leave and just put everything behind me! Can I? Can I, huh?!"

"I've f*cking had enough of this!"

Yun Yang growled painfully pointing at the sky.

The flurry of snow did not stop from his roar, it continued falling in silence.

Yun Yang finally sighed in dejection. As if he had lost all his bones, he sprawled onto Reddie as the sound of forlornness exited his lips. He did not want to move anymore; moreover, he did not want to do anything or think about anything anymore.

There had never been a moment where he felt so powerless and in despair!

A shadow flashed faraway.

Yun Yang perked up.

"Sister Lan?"

He sprang up from Reddie's back and drifted over like a wisp of smoke. A snow white silhouette stood quietly before a grave in the snow; it stood straight and stoic like a statue, sorrow seemed to exude just from the person's back.

Yun Yang approached the person quietly.

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