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Looking at the suspicious gaze of the chancellor, the Four Seasons Tower expert almost spat out blood.

He left in embarrassment as murmurs of "old bastard" could be heard drifting from his vicinity.

The aged antique in the small yard was still filled with the same rage, cursing out loud, "What is wrong with children these days? Have they gone stupid from practicing their martial skills? It’s merely a skill of reorganizing the soul; judge the situation according to the shattered state of the divine sense, then reassemble it and recover it bit by bit – done! Such a petty matter. F*cking hell, I’ve repeated myself five times, but he still asks with wide eyes like an idiot child!"

"Your eyes are not to be filled with questions! They’re to be filled with understanding and enlightenment! Your brain isn’t tofu crumbs! It’s to be used to think and counter! Bunch of idiots! Four Seasons Tower expert, my *ss! Four Seasons Tower will be gone sooner or later with these pig brains as their members! I dare say that if the tower has all these pig brains, the end is drawing close for them! A human head with pig brains… Expert, blergh!"


The Four Seasons Tower’s ninth heaven expert vomited blood from the indignation he felt. He left in a huff, never once glancing back.

F*cking hell, I’ll be angered to death if I were to continue listening to him…

Lan Wuxin looked distraught.

"Elder Yun, it seems that the arcane skill is beyond an ordinary person. What should I do?"

Yun Yang was fuming. "You asked a bunch of pig brains here, how could they learn? Look at that bastard, what else does he know except to blink blearily? Worse than an idiot!"

Lan Wuxin felt his energy drain away. "The Four Seasons Tower sent over the one with the highest cultivation base… The rest of their members are not even of sixth heaven…"

Yun Yang scoffed, "What does that have to do with me?"

Lan Wuxin was helpless. "What should I do?"

Yun Yang was quiet for a bit before he suddenly erupted in a loud bellow, "What else? When that Physician Genius family of yours is here, if he could heal this old man for a bit, I’ll do it personally! Let the pig brains watch then! F*ck! Bunch of stupid pigs! How did Mr. Nian teach them, wasting my saliva…"

"Let them queue up and watch from the side! Let's see if they can learn it then! Pigs!"

Lan Wuxin wiped away the sweat on his face. "That sounds reasonable to me."

The men left.

It was quiet. Finally, silence!

Yun Yang gazed at the ceiling in a daze as he lay on the bed.

He had received too much information today, to the extent that he felt hard to digest them all. They were all significant information and he was weighed down by both internal woes and external worries. That the enemy was a capable one meant that the issue he faced was far more difficult and terrifying than he had imagined!

Yun Yang began to doubt the need to employ such a grand operation to tackle him, a puny and insignificant cultivator. Were they overestimating him?

After all, the Four Seasons Tower’s intelligence networks had documented Yun Yang, who was also Supreme Wind – the Supreme Wind that had appeared before the public in Yang Botao’s case - with an intermediate peak realm cultivation base. He was, at most, sixth peak. If he were to face off against the experts in the Four Seasons Tower, his life would be extinguished with just a single breath.

Despite being bold and courageous, Yun Yang still felt the lingering fear of the ominous situation.

After knowing that there was a spiritual sealing trap here that was designed specifically to capture him, Yun Yang had the foresight to first set up a plot. Conjuring up his ability, he first disguised himself as a reclusive expert then utilized Emmie’s assistance to exude an aged and experienced aura.

The saying went that the eyes were the window to one’s soul. However, Yun Yang’s gaze was actually filled with the vicissitudes of life now. Whether he was laughing or scolding someone, it was tinged with a sense of age, a man that had gone through much of what this world offered.

Facing such gaze, one would have no suspicion that this was actually a youth, no matter how young he looked. This was enforced by the episode in the mystical beast forest, especially his valiance that had summoned the host of mystical beasts, the cultivation base that shocked ordinary cultivators…

He was as disassociated as anyone could possibly be from both Supreme Wind and Supreme Cloud!

The Empire of Ziyou’s authorities had only performed a simple probe and no longer suspected Yun Yang being the enemy.

Such a capable man who was marked with vicissitudes, who was so formidable and could summon mystical beasts freely – even the Four Seasons Tower’s Mr. Nian might not have done it. How could one achieve such a miraculous feat without the passing of countless years?

Like an unintentionally discovered wine, it sat there while others speculated its identity, guiding them along in a smooth loop; naturally, he had forged for himself the image of a legendary expert whom no one had seen before.

His words and action had even hinted at Ziyou being his home country. Just a slight display of his patriotism had bolstered the impression significantly.

A man of Ziyou who had lived as a recluse for more than three hundred years and could casually dish out an extraordinary wine that triumphed its peers; a man who subdued all beasts and had incredible skill, one who could rise like a phoenix from the ashes… Everything pointed to the likelihood that this was the legendary God of Wine, Feng Xiange!

Feng Xiange was born and bred in Ziyou, had avoided the secular world for some time and had not made an appearance for years. That was how even the head of Ziyou’s civil officials, Chancellor Lan, someone so careful and intelligent, was so sure that this Elder Yun was Feng Xiange.

A rebirth!

It was a mythical, arcane skill that only Feng Xiange’s family, with their phoenix bloodline, possessed!

In spite of this, Chancellor Lan had still addressed Yun Yang as Elder Yun.

This was the way of how clever people did things and it brought Yun Yang even more convenience.

Elder Yun.

Yun Yang was very fond of this title that came from Lan Wuxin. It was evidence that Yun Yang’s plan was a great success; at least, it was impeccable up to this point!

Even when he was doubted regarding the soul recovery matter, Yun Yang insisted on not doing anything until the other party came to him, pleading. He put on a nonchalant front that spoke of a person who stayed far from poking into other’s affairs.

He did not agree, no matter how badly the other party pleaded, only agreeing to teach another person and thus, dispelling the suspicion upon him.

Of course, who could you blame when you were the one who could not learn it? It was your insufficient talent and inadequate experience that was the problem; what did it have to do with him?

Even when it came to the end and Yun Yang had to be the one doing it, he had stated his terms – I won’t be doing anything if you don’t heal me first and alleviate my injury. Even when he agreed to do it, he had suggested that others were to be present to observe.

Would a spy make such bold claims?

Yun Yang did it, though; when a traitorous man pretended to be loyal and when the most cunning appeared, to be honest, they most probably looked like this!

Yun Yang now could be said to have perfectly assimilated himself into the Empire of Ziyou’s internal higher authorities. Even Ziyou's emperor was making preparations to visit this old ancestor.

Of course, it was not that Yun Yang’s identity was flawless and without loopholes. If it had been Mr. Nian or Jun Moyan, they would have seen through Yun Yang's deception immediately.

The Four Seasons Tower’s Mr. Nian was mighty, with a lofty cultivation base. Yun Yang already knew it when the former had fought with Lei Dongtian previously. If Mr. Nian knew Feng Xiange and had even the mildest of acquaintances, Yun Yang would not actually be surprised.

However, Mr. Nian should still be in Yutang. The distance meant that a certain amount of time would be needed for him to appear even if he heard about Feng Xiange’s presence here.

As for Jun Moyan, he was from Ziyou as well. Based on their age, he seemed to be much younger than Feng Xiange. After all, Jun Moyan had already made his debut before Feng Xiange went into seclusion. There was a possibility that the two of them knew each other…

Jun Moyan had been quiet for a long time. He might not arrive in such a freak coincidence. Besides, even if that slim chance materialized, Yun Yang was not scared either. He had Jun Moyan’s Medallion of Gratitude. When the both of them met, it would be hard to tell who Jun Moyan would actually help!

Moreover, he did not announce himself as Feng Xiange. It was all their assumption. As such, despite the worry, it was not too big a deal.

Everything was only a hypothesis, however. Jun Moyan's presence might still cause unnecessary trouble. Yun Yang could only pray now that Jun Moyan would never come!

Other than his personal worries, Yun Yang was burdened with something else. Shangguan Lingxiu’s ship was a thousand miles away from Zilong City. According to the plan revealed by Lan Wuxin, he wanted to wipe everyone who came out, annihilating them on the spot. Yun Yang was now in Zilong City and could not unleash any of his usual powers; he could not warn her with his usual antics.

He frowned and wrote a letter before pummeling it into a wax ball, putting it into Whitey Two’s mouth.

He could not leave himself, but it was not a problem for Whitey Two.

"Go, send it to that handsome lady."

"Meow!" Whitey Two shook its head, asking for a ball of air of vitality. Only then did it turn into a beam of light and disappear swiftly into the night.

Yun Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

When Shangguan Lingxiu read the letter, she should be able to react and adapt to the situation.

He only had to worry about himself now.

Regarding the issue of Lan Wuxin and gang inferring that the current Supreme Wind was actually Supreme Cloud, Yun Yang was not at all fazed.

Just like what Lan Wuxin had said, even Yutang’s emperor and Old Marshal Qiu would not have believed that the person now was the real Supreme Wind!

The thought that it was actually Supreme Cloud must have sat with them for some time now; it was just that they did not explicitly state this realization.

The real Supreme Wind might be accomplished on the battlefield, but he would never have been able to achieve everything that was being done now.

Another point mentioned by Lan Wuxin, though, sent all the sirens within Yun Yang blaring.

This trap was set up through a collaboration among the four empires and the Four Seasons Tower.

He had to come to this setup, had to barrel through this trap, while Han Sanhe and army approached the nation's border on the other side. If his guess was right, Yun Yang speculated that the other two countries would send their armies over at the same time.

Whether purposeful or unintentional, it was an overall partitioned plan targeted at the Empire of Yutang. They would tackle the Nine Supremes here with a conspiracy while threatening the border over there to split Yutang’s land.

Since Tie Zheng’s wedding, the seemingly peaceful days were finally ending. Yutang was about to face an unprecedented crisis!

"What a winter." Yun Yang sighed softly.

Would the weather be Yutang’s only advantage?

Shangguan Lingxiu who was currently on the ship in the river looked thoughtful.

The episode a few day earlier had almost frightened her to death. The Residence of Yun that was fine and dandy all this while had suddenly collapsed into a slum! In addition, countless experts loomed over Tiantang City and had taken the Residence of Yun by storm.

It all but painted the picture of absolute annihilation.

Shangguan Lingxiu had just gotten Ziyou’s news and was making preparations to depart. Somehow, she had just brought everyone rushing over there instead, thinking of only one thing – she had to see Yun Yang safe before she could leave in peace.

Ultimately, her heart was entirely placated when she saw Yun Yang returning unscathed. Upon making sure that he was safe, Shangguan Lingxiu did not linger a moment longer; she left after taking another glance.

"This… might be my last glance at you in this lifetime. We shall not meet again after this. There’s no need for further complications…" Shangguan Lingxiu looked far ahead, standing on the deck, wearing a faint smile.

Shangguan Lingxiu was resolute about this trip to Ziyou; she knew that she could not guarantee her own safety. She was leaving everything to fate; it was hard to predict her own life and death!

Entering the lion’s den with the intention to complete an almost impossible mission, the chance of survival was barely there.

Who asked her to be from the Shangguan Family of Generals? The Shangguan Family of Generals – there was only advance without retreat; if there is justice, why should one fear death?"

"Ziyou, Ziyou…"

Shangguan Lingxiu took in a long breath. "Even if I’m destined to have my bones buried here in this life, my death shall still knock some sense into the world! Even if I’m a woman, the blood of Yutang’s family of generals flows in me, much more vibrant than anyone else!"

"General, we are seven hundred and fifty miles away from Zilong City on water."

Shangguan Lingxiu replied faintly, "Forward, at full speed!"

She looked at the sides of the water and the endless forest, subconsciously going into a trance.

One day, when the world was peaceful and there was no more war, how nice would it be for her to stay hidden in this forest with her lover, without a care for the bustle of this worldly realm again?

It was a pity that such thoughts were merely wild wishes for a descendant of the Shangguan Family of Generals. There would never be such an opportunity throughout one’s entire life.

Perhaps somewhere, sometime, her final destination of this lifetime was to perish on the battlefield!

The peaceful happiness of an ordinary girl was something she had no hope to dream of in this lifetime.

On the vessel, everyone was wrapped in a solemn atmosphere. Everyone was looking at a certain spot without any expression.

These people were the Shangguan Family’s personal officials. They were warriors bathed in the blood of the battlefield and had gone through hundreds of wars. Any one of these people would be a living grim reaper if placed on the battlefield right now, an unstoppable slaughterer!

They were gathered on this ship for an old wish of the Shangguan Family.

Their expressions and gazes spelled something aloud – since the moment they stepped foot into this ship, they held no hopes of returning alive!

"Even if this mission can be completed by luck, perhaps a tenth of these people here could follow me home…" Shangguan Lingxiu thought sadly.

Suddenly, the sound of billowing wind came suddenly from the sky.

"Be on guard!"

A warning sounded and the ship glimmered in the saber’s shine. Eight thousand people unsheathed and gripped their blades at the same time, but it sounded like there was only a single saber being retrieved from its scabbard! The uniformity would have the whole world in awe!

Between breaths, a formation of blades formed. Eight thousand long sabers reflected the sun’s beams.

Shangguan Lingxiu was hit with a sense of pride.

These warriors were the continent’s best elites! There was no doubt about it – it was undebatable!

The eight thousand sabermen was the Shangguan Family of Generals’ last sliver of force. With these eight thousand men, Shangguan Lingxiu had the courage to go forward, no matter what enemy she would meet. Even if she was faced with the Unrivaled Expert, Ling Xiaozui himself, she was confident enough to fight him. Eight thousand men acting as one!

"Woo woo…" An anxious cry came from midair.

Lifting her head, Shangguan Lingxiu saw a big snow-white panther flying back and forth, making rounds in the air.

A flying panther?

The sight made Shangguan Lingxiu’s pretty eyes bulge. Who in this world had seen a flying panther before?

The Eclipse Panther was a very rare ninth level mystical beast. There was only a handful in the entire Tianxuan Continent. Even Venerable Lord Sword did not expect to see more than one such Eclipse Panther; that was why he had failed carelessly. When the Four Venerable Lords knew that there were four Eclipse Panthers, they were also dumbstruck. Therefore, it was not surprising that Shangguan Lingxiu did not recognize an Eclipse Panther.

It was just like Yun Yang who thought he possessed the ability to contend with the Four Seasons Tower after his cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds. However, when he knew the truth about the Four Seasons Tower’s terrifying capabilities, he had almost led himself into obliteration.

What Shangguan Lingxiu took in was the panther circling in the air. It was obviously equipped with formidable prowess but did not have any intention to fight the secure defenses below. It was only crying and the cries seemed to be filled with sadness.

We’re friends, why are you doing this to me? I’m only here to send a letter. Why are you trying to kill me? Why are you so inhumane?

The people beneath it were clueless about the panther’s cries, obviously only thinking that they faced a strong enemy.

A flying panther! It must be a legendary ninth class mystical beast, or even higher! Otherwise, why else would they not even have heard of this panther’s appearance?

As for the power of a mystical beast of that level, everyone knew well that it was far more than simply worrying.

By looking at its huge size, the sharp claws gleaming icily, and the wide mouth… just this one panther alone would suffice to wreak havoc on the ship if it were to land on it! Furthermore, the creature would be able to leave safely and soundly after a massacre.

The eight thousand sabermen were called strong forces that were not afraid of anything in this world; unfortunately, it was still only a title. They had never actually fought a top-level force nor had they fought a top class mystical beast that had special powers. The situation was not looking good.

As for the confidence to fight the Unrivaled Expert… men had to set some goals for themselves and a slogan to go with it; no one expected the situation to come true!

Facing such a crisis, everyone was quiet and gripped their sabers tighter, staring intently at the panther that was hovering in the air.

The panther was only circling lazily, crying out aloud; its gaze downwards was growing even more confused.

Shangguan Lingxiu could even see a childlike sense of oblivion from the panther’s eyes. Perhaps it was not even an adult?

She asked, "Panther, what do you want?"

Seeing that Shangguan Lingxiu was talking to it, Whitey Two mewled happily, "Awoo… Awoo.. woo woo…"

"Do you want to come down?"

"Awoo woo…"

"Are you looking for me?"

The panther nodded like a pecking chicken.

"Withdraw the saber formation!" Shangguan Lingxiu ordered.

"My lady!" The leader was a one-eyed saber knight. He called out anxiously, "Do not trust this creature!"

Shangguan Lingxiu replied, "A panther that comes alone and has no backup can’t possibly be a trap. Letting it come down can save us a fight. It’s worth it, even if there’s some risk involved."

Clang! The saber formation was dismissed as the men lowered their blades warily.

Seeing that a crisis had been averted, the white panther landed from the sky with a swoosh. The huge body actually made no sound when landed on the deck of the third story as if it was lighter than a swallow. When it landed, it shook out its fur gracefully. It then sashayed over to Shangguan Lingxiu.

Shangguan Lingxiu watched the massive panther moved towards her like a mountain. Even though she had decided upon this course of action, she could not help feeling nervous but not entirely afraid. "White Panther, what is it?"

Whitey Two wagged its tail in greeting, then opened its mouth, showing the big wax ball hidden within. It lowered its head carefully and placed the wax ball on the deck. Whitey Two then pushed it forward with its paw and looked at Shangguan Lingxiu.

"Awoo woo…"

"Is this for me?" Shangguan Lingxiu was dumbfounded.

A panther had landed from the sky to give her a wax ball!

Wax ball? Could it be a message?

"Awoo woo…" The panther nodded and sat down, licking away with its tongue. It was exhausted from flying back and forth in the sky earlier.

Shangguan Lingxiu picked up the wax ball doubtfully and crushed it, revealing a parchment that brimmed with words.

The moment she crushed the wax ball, Shangguan Lingxiu was no long suspicious of where the message had come from due to the swift breeze that swept out from the ball.

The first line of the message stated who the culprit was – "I am wind."

Knowing now where the intelligence had come from, Shangguan Lingxiu was immediately relieved. Waving her hands at her concerned subordinate, she said, "It’s a letter from Lord Supreme Wind. It’s one of our own."

Once she spoke, everyone breathed in relief at once; their high strung nerves relaxing as well.

Lord Supreme Wind was amazing indeed to have used such a high-level mystical beast as a messenger!

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