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Although there was no movement at all within the ruins of Residence of Yun, an inexplicable sense of cold could be felt lingering over the place. The sense of deterrence was unprecedented, while the smell of blood seemed to grow stronger...

Faced with such a situation, the hearts of the elders could not help but grow colder and colder; even his lips could be seen trembling, the circles around his eyes had grown darker. With a sudden wave of his large hand, he said, "Soldiers, listen to my order, let’s..."

At this critical moment, a voice rang out, "Don’t ... Don’t do it! I am here! I am back!"

Qiu Jianhan's heart dropped to his feet. He then turned his head around to look towards the direction where the sound had come from.

Within the snow-covered sky, a purple silhouette could be seen running over to him, gesticulating with joy. The figure was plainly at ease, high-spirited and wild.

It was Yun Yang!

At this moment, the eyes of the old marshal grew blurry with tears. His heart was relieved. However, with a sudden, raging roar he exclaimed, "Little bastard! Where have you been? What kind of play are you acting in? Are you trying to claim bankruptcy?"

A series of curses spilled from his lips, sounding like a booming cannon. However, the slight trembling in his voice had long revealed his true feelings!

A sudden surge of warmth emerged within Yun Yang’s heart. While hurriedly rushing over to the old marshal, he whispered, "There is a slight peculiarity in this matter. There are still some matters that need to be resolved quickly... allow me to explain them to you in detail after this ... for now, it’s better to withdraw first... this time...we have overcome it peacefully. "

"Overcame it with peace?" With a trembling finger, the old marshal pointed towards the ruined Residence of Yun, "There is not even a single complete tile of your house to be found and you are telling me that everything is safe and sound?"

"Something has gone wrong earlier, but it is truly fine now. Now is not the time to wrangle over small matters like who to blame or the tiny details of this small incident." Yun Yang explained in a slightly anxious manner.

It was a waste of time to try to explain the whole story. Once Venerable Lord Sword became incurable, it was not merely like previously where only a dozen or twenty individuals would die. Now, the thirty-thousand-strong royal army would also meet their end!

The strengths between the realm of heaven cultivators and Tenth Perfection realm of peak cultivators were of significantly great difference, particularly that of Venerable Lord Ice, Frost, and Snow’s similar powers and fief. Under the conjoined magical might of these three champions, their power would then be ten times greater than that of any single one of them. The Yutang men before him could not possibly hope to bring harm to them and would either be dead or extinct!

Yun Yang was not going to allow that to happen.

"Is everything truly fine?"

The old marshal Leng Daoyin took a step forward and asked aloud, glancing suspiciously at the young man.

"I have to end the subsequent ramifications of this incident; then only can it be deemed as fine!" Yun Yang nodded his head forcefully.

"Army, retreat back a hundred paces! Don’t remove your armor and for the generals, don’t come down from your saddles!" Upon exchanging looks and glances with Yun Yang, Qiu Jianhan knew that something was wrong. He then immediately issued his order for his men to step down.

The army neatly retreated upon hearing his instructions.

"Deicide Bow archers, wait in a combat position. Crossbow archers in a fan-shaped position, pull your bows but do not release them. Armed calvary arrayed in front. Point your spears forward! "

While Yun Yang could be seen lamenting that such an action by the old marshal was but a useless move, he, nevertheless, finally felt a sense of relief.

The icy chilled glances that Qiu Jianhan threw at Venerable Lord Snow and the others were mixed with a deep hatred and murderous vibes.

"I know that you are of the Four Seasons Tower, and our Nine Supremes are dead because of your conspiracies. Such hatred is absolutely irreconcilable. Sooner or later, you will be required to atone for such a grudge. However, since the young master of Marquis Yun is willing to reach a consensus with you fellows, as long as you remain honest and frank during your stay at Yutang without playing any tricks, you can rest assured that there will not be any problems. On the contrary, regardless of whether you are the Four Seasons Tower or the Eight Seasons Tower or whatever kind of tower, the Empire of Yutang will inevitably utilize the full power of the country against you!"


That was the feeling that echoed within Yun Yang’s heart.

Having his face pulled down, Lord Snow did not utter a single word.

He gave rise to a fortunate feeling; he was lucky that he had not acted too tough and stubborn during the negotiation with Yun Yang just now, especially on his decision to let Yun Yang go.

Look at all the reactions of the people of Yutang. They were all crazy!

The old man immediately before him was born with a normal cultivation base yet he had dared to confront him. What was even harder to believe was he had actually felt threatened. That was a threat originating from a superior warrior, a warrior that had governed countless men and had a host of battle strengths. To his surprise, it was actually enough to make him feel pressured.

"Calm down, old marshal. I am going to deal with some matters first...I will return in a while. I will definitely give a satisfactory explanation to you then!" uttered Yun Yang, accompanying his smile with a wink, seemingly trying to fawn and flatter.


The old Qiu acted as if he was very proud. While raising his head and stroking his beard, he gritted his teeth and uttered in a solemn tone, "I am going to wait for your explanation. If you can't convince me, I am going to f*ck your ass open! "

Yun Yang frowned at the coarse language. Why was this old man so violent and vile?

The solemn glances of old Qiu turned and peeped at the two Venerable Lords of the Four Seasons Tower. With a stare filled with uncovered hatred, he then heavily snorted and receded into the background, step by step, while holding his wide-eyed stare against the two.

Among the army there was a team distinct from the others, wearing black clothes and equipped with black armor. Standing before them was a person with a tall figure, handsomely towering and upright. Her eyes were filled with unlimited concern.

It was Shangguan Lingxiu.

The Shangguan Family of Generals had called upon their available battle strengths for the rescue effort. It was even Shangguan Lingxiu herself who had had personally led the team to lend their assistance.

Her eyes were quietly staring at Yun Yang. Upon seeing him safe and sound, she then quietly let out a sigh of relief. Shrinking her body backward, she then merged with the rest of the team.

"Second uncle." Qiu Yunshan came forward and greeted Qiu Jianhan.

"Get lost!"

Qiu Jianhan commanded, "I am more angry to see you than seeing your father!"

Qiu Yunshan instantly felt uneasy, as if he had bumped against the wall.

What kind of uncle were you? You cared about Yun Yang as if he was your own son. Why did you act as if you have seen your enemy when you met with your own nephew. Have you lost your mind for staying in Yutang after so many years?

What he missed was the trace of gratification at the corner of old Qiu eyes.

This child thought that he was the kind of lazy guy who had had no standards or abilities, like the mud which was unable to be plastered against the wall. Unexpectedly he was lucky enough to have met such a great friend.

Whoever was able to befriend Yun Yang and gain his approval would then have his own merits.


When Yun Yang came to see Venerable Lord Sword, the frame of his eyes opened extremely wide.

How could he be so miserable?

It was not that Yun Yang was insufficiently prepared, it was truly because that person's condition was terrible. He was apparently being left with his last breath, the flesh of his lower part of his body was fuzzy and indistinct, almost to the extent of losing its shape.

Just after a glance at it, Yun Yang had hurriedly turned his head back. First, it was because that was the private part of the other person, not morally right to be seen. Secondly…well, since everyone was a man, he could more a less have a sense of empathy for him for having that thing impaired. It was better not to look at it too frequently, what if that would cast a psychological shadow upon himself?

After all, Yun Yang was a virgin who had never been with a woman. He would, somehow, feel dread!

Dong Tianleng, on the other hand, interestedly took a few glances, up and down upon him. Under the stare of Venerable Lord Snow who had had his disguise pulled down, Dong Tianleng then embarrassedly walked to the side. His heart fluttered: It was just a tiny bit of it. Let alone that only one was left, even if the two were to remain, it would not have much use at all…

He could not help but grab his crotch and compare it to his heart; my baby, when compared to that of the bastard…was even larger, much better, much better! How could the consumption of the Luminary Paste be deemed as a waste?

Thinking of this, Dong Tianleng was hit by an unprecedented amount of excitement. While being jubilant, the smiling edge of his mouth was rippling and growing!

Xia Bingchuan looked at him inexplicably, "What are you laughing at? Everyone here is a man. With such a virtue, don’t you tell me that you have fallen for him ?"

"I have, in fact, fallen for him ..." Dong Tianleng gleefully glanced right and left, "I found out that at least for one aspect, I was a superb person, like the level of Ling Xiaozhui ..."

Xia Bingchuan replied mockingly, "You are dreaming, aren’t you? Do you even know what you are saying?"

Dong Tianleng burst out in jubilant laughter.

While cursing him as a neuropath, Xia Bingchuan then turned his head around and decided not to look at this insane fellow. He did not know that if that were to be converted into martial arts, Dong Tianleng could not really be deemed as bragging.

"This is the antidote. The poison will be removed once consumed." Yun Yang handed out a green medicinal pill.

"This is the antidote to the blood coagulating poison?" Venerable Lord Snow, Venerable Lord Frost, and the others looked at the pill suspiciously. No matter how they looked at it, it did not assuage their guilt."

"This is the antidote! Why would I joke at this point in time?" Yun Yang snorted.

Of course, there was no antidote to the blood coagulating poison; otherwise, with the abilities of the four Venerable Lords of the Four Seasons Tower, if in any case they were to know any of the resolutions, how would they even subject themselves to the control of Yun Yang and to the promise of his harsh conditions?

However, Yun Yang was aware of a detoxification method. It was even one that could be configured at any time.

Of course, such a method could only be achieved by Yun Yang. As for the others ...even if Mr. Nian had personally arrived, he could, at most, utilize his deep and profound cultivation base to help Venerable Lord Sword to force the poison out. It was impossible to issue another solution!

As far as the kind of poisons that was invented by Yun Yang was concerned, even if there was no solution for them in this world, as long as they had passed through his hands, Emmie would definitely come out with the antidote.

Generally, poisons and antidotes were the most problematic issues for most people. However, for Yun Yang, there was no problem at all. At least so far, there was not a kind of poison that was unable to be solved by Emmie. Conversely, for the poison that was created by Emmie, despite not knowing the specific upper limit of its poison strength, at least, people with the level of the four Venerable Lords were not able to resolve it!

Definitely despotic!

Furthermore, for the antidote that was given by Yun Yang, its only effect was merely detoxification. There was no additional help to the outer wounds of Venerable Lord Sword. Although Yun Yang could have added more of the vitality element, and even to make the damaged parts of the body of Venerable Lord Sword to regrow. This only required Emmie to add more air of vitality.

However, Yun Yang would be unwilling to do so even if he were to be beheaded. How would Yun Yang react to such foolish acts in helping the enemy to defeat himself and exposing his last card?

The effect of the antidote was immediate. Not long after Venerable Lord Sword had consumed it, color came to his cheeks, and the almost coagulated blood within his body started to flow again. At the same time, his injuries below had started to bleed profusely again.

Venerable Lord Snow and Venerable Lord Frost hurriedly applied the medicine. The medicine that they took out was of the best quality. Although the lower part of Venerable Lord Sword’s body was greatly injured, it would not affect his life if it was treated in a timely manner.

The sky-filling heavy snow continued to blanket the earth. Upon the high sky, a black silhouette was standing in the void.

His divine sense covered the entire area.

Observing the bustling activity below, his expression turned sour. His eyes were brimming with extreme dissatisfaction.

It was Mr. Nian, of course, and all along, he had never left.

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