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Chapter 355 - Conditions


What does that even mean?

Where did that come from?

Even though Yun Yang had a premonition regarding the reason that Venerable Lord Snow was acting reservedly, he was still very curious.

Dear Venerable Lord Snow, in what state of mind are you to utter the word misunderstanding?Right before this, the Four Seasons Tower came in all its grandeur with the absolute intention to kill. The four Venerable Lords fought with Lei Dongtian and Old Mu together; then, even Mr. Nian had personally come himself to crush my Residence of Yun a wave of his hands!

Now you tell me it's a misunderstanding?

How convenient.

Venerable Lord Ice spun around abruptly, looking at his second older brother in shock with bulging eyes that almost fell out of their sockets.

Second brother, whatever do you mean? I was just about to be chopped into pieces and here you are, calling it a misunderstanding? Do you want to make peace with them and forge an acquaintance? Get to know each other through a good brawl, the gentleman's way?

You’ve even stopped me from wiping out these vermin. What are you trying to do?

Venerable Lord Snow was clearly agitated as well.

I don’t want it to be a misunderstanding, but the eldest has been poisoned and is about to die! What can I do? I feel helpless as well.

He sighed and said, "I’ve come this time with no ill intentions. I would like to discuss something with Young Master Yun."

Yun Yang strode over and asked doubtfully, "Discuss something?"

Despite thinking that there would be a turn of events from the various actions of the other party, Yun Yang couldn't imagine what sort of request they would have to lower themselves this much!

Yun Yang had thought of manipulating the situation, like giving up on Lei Dongtian or even killing Lei Dongtian himself to soothe Four Seasons Tower’s murderous rage, but upon pondering further, he realized that Lei Dongtian was already close to death, even if Yun Yang gave up on him.

He was waiting to die somewhere not too far away and could not serve as a bargaining chip. What else was he left with to use to negotiate with the Four Seasons Tower?

Fang Mofei and Lao Mei stepped forward quickly to hold Yun Yang on both sides. They could tell that Yun Yang was very weak.

Yun Yang ordered, "Bai Yi, carry Lei Dongtian over."

Bai Yixue went as requested, and returned with Lei Dongtian in tow. "Young master, he has fainted."

Yun Yang’s eyes darted about, going forward to check his pulse and he nodded with a sigh. He then pushed a few medicinal pills into his mouth and pressed his fingers against the comatose man's neck. Lei Dongtian would not be waking up anytime soon, even if his injury got better.

"I wonder what is it that Venerable Lord Snow wishes to discuss with me?" Yun Yang's voice was level and calm. He knew that his opponents had something to demand of him. Otherwise, they would not be speaking like this. He had to grab hold of this pivotal chance or else most of the people from his side, save for a few of them, would die here, once the fight began again.

To make matters worse, the precondition of the few who would have a chance at survival would be built upon the foundation that he exposed himself as Supreme Wind. Only then would it be possible – it was still only a possibility!

Since the other party had taken the initiative to call a parley for discussion, he would wait and see what he would do next. He would decide better after he had heard what they had to say.

Even if the discussion did not go well, it would not be too late to flee. Lei Dongtian was unconscious anyway. What was most important was that Yun Yang was aware that he did not have any bit of energy left; it was an opportune moment to gain the rest provided by the discussion.

Thinking about his entrance to the mythical realm, he realized that he had practiced Saber Truth, Destiny Blade on Venerable Lord Ice for over a hundred times. Just thinking about it baffled Yun Yang!

Usually, he would be exhausted by just practicing it a handful of times. Even when his cultivation base had improved tremendously and he had ascended into the realm of heaven, he could only muster an additional two to three times of practice. On contrary, he had continuously used it for over a hundred times now in this extreme battle. How had he managed to persevere?

He had gained the upper hand over Venerable Lord Ice. It was gratifying indeed, but not one spot on his body had been saved from hurting. It was unbearably sore as well. Hearsay had it that the next day after performing a certain form of activity would result in a sore hip and back; Yun Yang wondered how significant the difference between the two forms of activity would be!

"Save the nonsense, hand over the antidote!"

Venerable Lord Snow was dying from impatience and cut straight to the chase. Once he spoke, he went straight to the point. After all, Venerable Lord Sword’s state was critical; any delay could result in an unrecoverable end.

"Antidote?" Yun Yang who was quick with his mind understood everything at once and knew what the objective of his opponent was. He laughed out loud and said, "How can Venerable Lord Sword be so careless and hurt himself? Poisoned?"

Venerable Lord Snow snorted. "Enough with the nonsense! There’s no need to ask the obvious and make a story out of it!"

He was somewhat surprised; how did this fellow know that it was Venerable Lord Sword who was injured and not someone else?

Yun Yang chuckled. "I was the one to apply the blood coagulating poison. Of course, I have the antidote."

Venerable Lord Snow gritted his teeth as flames of fury threatened to spill from his eyes. "Hand over the antidote and all of you shall be pardoned from death!"

He knew that a certain price had to be paid in order to obtain the antidote. Instead, he chose to take an aggressive stance so that he could acquire the antidote faster and save Venerable Lord Sword.

"You can very well kill me and search for the antidote on my dead body, wouldn't that be more convenient?" Yun Yang reminded kindly.

Venerable Lord Snow’s facial muscle twitched.

Do I need to be reminded by you if I can do so? Why would someone as sly as you keep the antidote on yourself? Even if there were medicine on your person, who knows if it’s the correct one?

"What do you want? Speak!" Venerable Lord Snow said angrily, "The clock is ticking, for you and for us! If my eldest brother can’t be saved, none of you will survive him for long!"

Of course, Yun Yang understood the dilemma. He could not delay handing over the antidote for too long. If Venerable Lord Sword died, his group of followers would not make it out alive.

What Yun Yang needed to do right now was to ensure that Venerable Lord Sword remained alive before negotiating for the best outcome for the rest of them.

"How is the eldest?" Venerable Lord Ice finally understood what had happened now; it also explained Venerable Lord Snow’s abnormal behavior.

"Poisoned, blood coagulating poison," Venerable Lord Snow uttered word by word. As he spoke, his eyes were trained on Yun Yang to watch his every movement.

"That’ right, time is not being nice to both you and me. However, we can still afford to wait for some time." Yun Yang said easily, "If we don't agree on the conditions, we might still have to die upon saving your Venerable Lord Sword. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that both sides arrive at a mutual agreement. I, Yun Yang, shall never do something to harm myself neither will I follow instructions blindly!"

Venerable Lord Snow said impatiently, "Then speak! What do you want? What mutual understanding?"

Yun Yang replied faintly, "I have three conditions. Firstly, today’s matter ends right here. Next, you must not find fault with me nor my friends. Third, the Four Seasons Tower’s force must stay away from Yutang at once! Agree to these and I’ll give you the antidote!"

Venerable Lord Snow immediately rejected the conditions imposed. "Impossible! My brother’s death has to be avenged! Lei Dongtian must die! I can only promise you that we won't take action against him today!"

Yun Yang sighed, "I didn’t say I wouldn’t allow your revenge on Lei Dongtian. Previously, Lei Dongtian was a guest in the Residence of Yun. As the host, I would never let a guest of Residence of Yun be harmed in my home. Beyond this day, I will not interfere in your affairs. I only ask that you refrain from any retaliatory action today, only that!"

Venerable Lord Snow’s eyes shone. "You’re only keeping Lei Dongtian safe today?"

Compared to killing Lei Dongtian, Venerable Lord Sword’s life was more important. If Yun Yang had insisted on shielding Lei Dongtian, Venerable Lord Snow had planned to be lax temporarily then turn back on his words after getting the antidote. However, Yun Yang had changed his words and place a restriction on Lei Dongtian. The situation was different now, at least it was within Venerable Lord Snow’s maximum limit!

Yun Yang sighed saying, "I’m the son of a marquis after all. The royal dignity prohibits me from allowing the guests in my residence to be killed for revenge! Especially when the Four Seasons Tower has targeted Yutang so often in the past. We are polar opposites. Not only is it not commendable, I cannot help you."

"Oh, one more thing. Lei Dongtian and I are friends. When he comes to Tiantang City again in the future, he might still look for me. I hope you don’t find fault with me because of this."

Yun Yang pretended to put himself in their shoes and said, "Speaking honestly, I have never wished to be Four Seasons Tower’s enemy forever. Since there is an opportunity to soothe this over today, I hope we can bury the hatchet. After all, it’s hard to have a single day of peace after provoking the Four Seasons Tower."

Venerable Lord Snow clenched his teeth indignantly. Our fifth brother is already dead and you still dream of burying the hatchet!

"I don’t understand you." Venerable Lord Snow said through clenched teeth, "Say it frankly."

"It is simple. The Four Seasons Tower must not find fault with me, no matter where or when. Even if Lei Dongtian comes running to my house again with nowhere to go, you’re not allowed to enter and kill him!" Yun Yang said, "Is this clear enough?"

Venerable Lord Snow was infuriated. "Won’t he be running to you for refuge when he’s close to defeat the next time we battle with Lei Dongtian? Will he come out to fight us again after enough time to recover?"

Yun Yang smiled. "Your understanding is correct. Now you understand."

Venerable Lord Snow was at a loss for words. Enraged, he practically screamed at Yun Yang. "Ridiculous! Absolutely impossible! I thought you were sincere, but it now looks like you’re only asking for too much and running your mouth off!"

Yun Yang stood with arms behind his back and said softly, "Then there’s nothing to talk about. Instead of going through the constant harassment from the Four Seasons Tower in the future, why don’t you just kill me right now? At least Venerable Lord Sword can be buried beside me. it’s not exactly a lost cause! If I were to die in the future, there wouldn't be anyone of note to die with me! I am still concerned about such things. "

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