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Chapter 413: Attack from a True Sage!

Below Saint Mountain, regardless of whether it was the younger generation or the overlords of their respective sacred grounds, all their attention was focused on Shen Tian.

There were quite a number of experts in the Tribulation Transcendence stage present. They were all the pillars of the various sacred grounds and supreme elders. They were all experienced and knowledgeable.

However, these Sages who were thousands of years old had never witnessed such a shocking scene.

They were still in disbelief that the Heavenly Tribulation would actually be affected by a human being.

However, the scene before their eyes was so realistic that they had no choice but to believe it.

Could the Divine Firmament Saint really be the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Dao?

Obviously not!

How could the Heavenly Tribulation be so easily affected?

All of this was the result of Shen Tian using the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground’s forbidden chapter, Decalamity, to divert the attention of the Heavenly Tribulation from the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill to his body.

Decalamity was a forbidden technique kept in the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground. When cultivated to the extreme, one could even transform into tribulation lightning and unleash the divine punishment unto the world.

Shen Tian practiced diligently and had long cultivated this forbidden technique to an extremely deep level. At his current level, he was able to interfere with the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation!

Otherwise, once such a terrifying lightning tribulation descended, his Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill would probably turn to ashes.

This was a pill that Shen Tian had painstakingly refined for 12 straight days. He had even used a large amount of Yang fire to refine it. How could he allow it to be destroyed?

Shen Tian lightly shouted, “Old Man Heavenly Tribulation, please be magnanimous and don’t make things difficult for these pills. I will take on all the karma retribution.”

The tribulation clouds rippled even more intensely, locking most of their aura onto Shen Tian.

Upon seeing this scene, many Sages could not remain calm. “Divine Firmament Saint, you have actually diverted the Heavenly Tribulation to your own body!?”

Their minds were greatly shaken as if they had seen a ghost!

It would still be acceptable if Shen Tian had affected the power of the Heavenly Tribulation. Perhaps the Heavenly Tribulation was just giving him some face.

But to divert the attention of the Heavenly Tribulation? This was too much!

From ancient times until now, the Heavenly Tribulation had to be overcome by oneself, and no one could interfere with it.

Once someone interfered, not only would they be unable to draw away the Heavenly Tribulation, but it would instead cause the Heavenly Tribulation’s might to become even more terrifying!

This was because the Heavenly Tribulation had already locked onto the person or object transcending the tribulation, which could not be changed!

For example, some alchemists refined peerless divine pills and attracted Heavenly Tribulation.

Although the alchemists could lend a hand to the pills, that was because the two of them were basically one.

But it was still the pills that were the Heavenly Tribulation’s main targets!

The pills were something that the heavenly Dao did not tolerate and allow to appear in the mortal world!

But now, Shen Tian actually shifted the attention of the Heavenly Tribulation onto him!

This also meant that as long as he could successfully transcend the tribulation, the furnace of pills would be fine!


This was simply unreasonable and terrifying!


As if drawn by Shen Tian, the tribulation lightning finally poured down.

The dazzling golden tribulation lightning transformed into numerous ferocious lightning dragons that roared as they resounded through heaven and the earth.

Endless lightning crashed down on Shen Tian.

The tribulation lightning covered the entirety of the sky.

Dozens of golden calamity dragons tore through the void like a hot knife through butter. They were filled with a destructive aura as they shattered the void.

Most of the people present felt their hearts tremble and palpitate.

This was the Mixed Divine Lightning. Although it was slightly weaker than the Six Tribulation True Sage Heavenly Tribulation, it was still terrifying.

Just the tribulation lightning leaking out made it difficult for many Sages to withstand.

Could the Divine Firmament Saint really withstand it?

Everyone was suspicious. Although Shen Tian’s name had long spread throughout the five regions and his Golden Core cultivation was enough to fight a Heavenly Venerable, he could be said to be an unprecedented peak talent with unparalleled battle power.

However, this was the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation. It was a lightning tribulation that even True Sages would find difficult to deal with. Any living being below the Tribulation Transcendence stage would die upon contact with it!

Even though the Divine Firmament Saint’s performance was outstanding, and he could even influence the Heavenly Tribulation, they did not believe that Shen Tian could safely survive.

The difference was too great!

The Nine Sun Saint sneered. “Even if the power of the lightning tribulation has decreased, how can this brat withstand it? He’s just putting up a stubborn resistance. He will only end up as ashes. He’s overestimating himself!”

The Nine Sun experts looked on with disdain, waiting to watch a good show.

If the Divine Firmament Saint were to be struck to death by the lightning tribulation, it would be a huge disgrace for the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground that could not be erased for thousands of years!

But how could things go as they wished?

Since Shen Tian dared to guide the lightning tribulation, he naturally had the confidence!

Shen Tian was unafraid as he looked at the Mixed Divine Lightning that blotted out the sky. Brilliant divine light erupted from his body.

Radiance rushed into the heavens, producing an incomparably dazzling scene that illuminated heaven and earth.

Numerous avatars erupted behind Shen Tian, shaking heaven and earth!

The 10 Lightning Beasts’ avatars, Dragon God avatar, Phoenix God avatar...

Behind him also appeared a green lotus that illuminated the sky and enveloped heaven and earth!

Upon seeing this, Wang Shenxu’s mouth twitched. “It’s only been a month since we last met, how did Brother Shen become so fierce!?”

Back on Immortal Abode Island, Shen Tian’s combat strength had already been unparalleled. To be able to defeat a Heavenly Venerable at the Golden Core stage was enough to shock these paragons!

It had only been a short month, and Shen Tian’s cultivation had actually reached Peak-Stage Nascent Soul?

Even if I take drugs every day, my cultivation will not rise as fast as his!

What kind of pills did Brother Shen take to increase his cultivation?

Wang Shenxu felt dizzy. He had initially thought that he could still put up a fight against Shen Tian, but he decided to forget about it now. Was it not good to live?

Must he go and get himself beaten up?

Qi Shaoxuan’s body shook too. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

Although Qi Shaoxuan was convinced by Shen Tian some time ago, he still harbored some thoughts. After all, as Eastern Wilderness’ top genius, Qi Shaoxuan already felt like he was no weaker than the others with his Thearch talent!

It wasn’t until Shen Tian had appeared that he felt heavy pressure and was repeatedly defeated!

However, this didn’t affect Qi Shaoxuan. Instead, it aroused his fighting spirit, hoping to catch up to Shen Tian one day.

However, after today, Qi Shaoxuan had completely given up!

How was he supposed to chase after him?

He couldn’t even defeat Shen Tian when he was at the Golden Core stage, let alone when he had reached Peak-Stage Nascent Soul.

Forget it. Since I can’t become the strongest in Eastern Wilderness, then I will fight to become the strongest in the world!

At the thought of this, Qi Shaoxuan regained his heroic spirit, and purple energy rose from his body as he looked down on the world!

Shen Tian’s aura was getting stronger.

Lightning erupted around him, reflecting the tribulation lightning in the sky!

Dazzling lightning surged out and covered his entire body, bathing him in the lightning and heavenly aura. He was like a Lightning Emperor descending to the mortal world.

This was the forbidden technique of the Divine Firmament Lightning Imperial Sutra, which allowed one to turn his body into tribulation lightning.

At that moment, Shen Tian seemed to have transformed to become the controller of the Heavenly Tribulation and was all prepared to fight with the Mixed Divine Lightning!


The Mixed Divine Lightning erupted. Golden lightning dragons opened their bloody mouths and tore toward Shen Tian!

Terrifying tribulation thunder continuously shot out, overturning the heavens. The void distorted and shattered into nothingness.

Shen Tian’s expression didn’t change. He took the initiative to rush toward the tribulation lightning and was instantly covered by it.

A Nine Sun Heavenly Venerable mockingly said, “This boy is playing tricks on us. If he dares to meet this Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation head-on, he’s dead for sure.”

Against the power of the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation, even a True Sage who had yet to undergo his Six Tribulation might not be able to resist it!

Not to mention, Shen Tian was merely a Nascent Soul junior. How could he withstand the tribulation lightning?

The result was obvious!

But what happened next shocked all the Sages present!

The terrifying tribulation thunder crashed down, intertwining with the lightning on Shen Tian’s body and shooting out an incomparably dazzling light!

Shen Tian was in an endless sea of thunder, but the tribulation lightning behind him was unable to harm him in the slightest.

The 10 Lightning Beasts’ avatars behind Shen Tian suddenly opened their bloody mouths and lunged at the golden lightning dragon.

In an instant, the golden lightning dragon collapsed with a bang, and it was ceaselessly absorbed and refined into the purest source of lightning!

Some Sages were shocked and could not help but exclaim, “How is this possible? The Divine Firmament Saint is actually absorbing the power of the tribulation lightning!?”

The Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation made even Sages feel pressured. However, not only was Shen Tian safe and sound, but he had also transformed into a thunder beast that wanted to devour the tribulation!

In the last 10,000 years, was there anyone who had dared to swallow the Heavenly Tribulation and the Mixed Divine Lightning tribulation on top of that!?

Even a True Sage would not dare to do so!

It was too scary!

This was simply shocking!

Shen Tian had an indifferent expression. He was able to swallow the tribulation lightning because of the Divine Firmament Lightning Emperor Sutra and the Everchanging Heaven Devouring Art!

The Divine Firmament Lightning Emperor Sutra had extremely great control over the power of lightning. It could even use forbidden techniques to transform one’s body into tribulation to interfere with the tribulation lightning!

Against the Heavenly Tribulation, cultivators who cultivated the Divine Firmament Lightning Emperor Sutra were at an advantage.

On the other hand, the Everchanging Heaven Devouring Art was a cultivation technique from the Chaotic Tinder Sutra. It could devour all things in the world and fuse them into one’s body to strengthen one’s foundation!

It was also thanks to this cultivation technique that Shen Tian completely devoured even the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning!

The numbing lightning tribulation tasted quite good!

Endless lightning enveloped his body, making him appear even more mystical.

It was as if he was a god that controlled lightning, who had the divine lightning of the world submitting to him!

The faces of the people from the Nine Sun Sacred Ground were ashen. They originally thought that Shen Tian would die without a doubt, but not only was Shen Tian fine, but he had even relied on the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation to strengthen himself.

They felt like they had been slapped on their faces!

“The Divine Firmament Saint is indeed a genius. He will definitely reach the peak of the five regions in the future!”

Most of the Sages present couldn’t help but be shocked, and their opinion of Shen Tian underwent a tremendous change!

The strength Shen Tian displayed far surpassed their imagination.

Even the Middle Ground Sages sighed. “It’s said that a young paragon had appeared in the Great Wilderness Celestial Dynasty. At a young age, he has already become a Heavenly Venerable.

“He even killed a True Sage from the Evil Spirit Sect. He is famed as a supreme paragon that is rarely seen in the five regions.

“The Divine Firmament Saint’s talent is probably not inferior to that supreme youth paragon!

“I wonder who is stronger between the two of them.”

Even a Sage might not be as relaxed as Shen Tian when facing the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation.

Not to mention that Shen Tian was able to convert the power of tribulation lightning into his own!

As such, the power that Shen Tian displayed had already surpassed most of the Sages. He was a dragon amongst men!

“If the Divine Firmament Saint can grow up safely, he will definitely be an existence that dominates the world!”

Some Sages couldn’t help but mutter to themselves, “Middle Ground and Eastern Wilderness have already produced such peerless geniuses. It seems like the world is really going to fall into chaos.”

The era where all the paragons appeared could be said to be a golden age, but this also meant that there would definitely be a great calamity incoming!

This had basically become the order of heaven and earth. Only when this world sensed a great calamity would a large number of peerless geniuses be born.

This was for the sake of nurturing a hero who would save the world when the calamity descended.

This theory was as vague as Karmic Luck, but it was an existence that everyone had no choice but to believe!

The brutal battle from 10,000 years ago was still vivid in everyone’s mind!

Thus, Shen Tian’s abnormal talent made many Sages worry.

18 streaks of Mixed Divine Tribulation Lightning struck Shen Tian for an entire hour before it finally stopped!

Shen Tian had absorbed a massive amount of Mixed Divine Lightning. His entire body shined, and the origin source of the Mixed Divine Lightning became increasingly thick.

Even the lightning around his body became incomparably resplendent, releasing golden divine radiance, seeming incomparably dazzling!

This was the power of heaven and earth. It had greatly increased Shen Tian’s strength and his control over the Mixed Divine Lightning. If he could refine all of the lightning he had absorbed, his strength would definitely increase greatly!

At that time, even True Sages would be fearful of him!

Sensing that he had absorbed most of his energy, Shen Tian transferred the remaining lightning essence into the Lotus Thearch Cauldron.

For a time, the Lotus Thearch Cauldron shone brightly like the scorching sun. It was mixed with the power of lightning as if it was about to transform!

The Heavenly Tribulation was also a form of baptism for the pills!

After absorbing the Mixed Divine Lightning Tribulation source, the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills’ medicinal efficacy would rise by another level!


A divine rainbow shot into the sky, illuminating the pitch-black night sky with incomparable brightness!

The Lotus Thearch Cauldron stood tall in the void. Its light was extremely resplendent, like a blazing sun rising up, attracting everyone’s attention!

The lid of the cauldron slowly opened, and 18 sparkling and translucent medicinal pills floated out. They were enshrouded in a dense fog and were as dazzling as stars!

An extremely rich pill fragrance emanated out of the cauldron, spreading thousands of kilometers and enveloping the entirety of the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground!

In an instant, everyone was immersed in the pill fragrance. All their pores opened wide as they greedily absorbed the pure spiritual energy that leaked out.

Under the influence of this pill fragrance, many of the paragons with lower cultivation levels immediately experienced a breakthrough, with their strength greatly increasing!

This phenomenon happened everywhere. It made the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground seem like a venue for cultivation breakthroughs!

Even the Sages benefited from this. The divine light on their bodies was resplendent, and their auras were faintly changing.

They seemed to have comprehended something!

Such a divine pill was enough to drive everyone crazy!

Even in the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground, there were many experts whose hearts were beginning to stir. After all, supreme treasures were capable of moving one’s heart. They were capable of making one take risks out of desperation!

Finally, someone couldn’t hold it in anymore.

A figure suddenly appeared in the air and transformed into a long rainbow that charged toward Shen Tian.

That figure was extremely fast, as fast as lightning.

Space shattered wherever it passed, instantly appearing on Saint Mountain.

He suddenly stretched out a large hand that blotted out the sky and the sun. It carried an irresistible force as he grabbed at the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills!

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked!

This was the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground, yet there was someone so bold as to snatch the pills here?

Was he not afraid of being besieged by the Divine Firmament experts?

However, the crowd soon reacted.

The attacker was very powerful and had reached the True Sage level.

His speed was extremely fast, far surpassing that of ordinary True Sages. He was comparable to a Great Sage!

Most importantly, this fellow was also very skilled in concealment techniques.

If it wasn’t for this, it would be impossible for him to approach Saint Mountain without making a sound and without being discovered by anyone!

After all, more than one Sages were watching over Saint Mountain. This person could definitely be considered as someone with great skill and courage!

His goal was clear. After snatching the supreme pills, he would flee.

By the time the Divine Firmament experts reacted, it would probably be too late!

After all, Shen Tian was the only one on Saint Mountain. How could he resist a True Sage?

These Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills were his!

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