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1558 God-Slaying Official (3)

“+(Detested, Passive Points+) +1.”

“+(Missed, Passive Points +) +1.”


Xu Xiaoshou didn’t care about this at all. He poked the seal of the cell with his hand.

“Yo, you’ve thought it through? Brother Chen Tan, have you decided to save me?” Elder Han’s voice was a little lighter. He was obviously happy that Chen Tan had come back so quickly to look for him.

Being dependent was addictive.

He wasn’t afraid of trouble, but he was afraid that Chen Tan would not bother about him, ignore the seal and would not come back and save him.

“This God Execution Order? What is that?” Xu Xiaoshou went straight to the point.

“Hey, you’ve come to the right person. You should’ve asked me earlier. That b*tch would never be able to tell you anything.”

Elder Han first complained, as if he was aware of the situation outside. After a pause, he said.

“You’ve grasped the ‘Power of the Ancestor Technique’, and you’ve also seen the power of her ‘God of Death’. You must have some understanding of the Power of the Ancestral Source, right?”

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He turned his head and saw that Ye Xiao had also turned to look across from afar.

However, he knew that as long as she made a move, Elder Han would retaliate. She had already suppressed her temper and was not in a hurry to interrupt the conversation.

“There were many talents in the ancient times. Not only did these ten Gods appear, but there was also a God-slaying official called Ran Ming. He had the Power of the Ancestral Source…His combat strength was slightly higher than that of the Ten Ancestors.” Elder Han said.

God-Slaying official, Ran Ming?

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment. He felt that this term was very strange, but it was also vaguely familiar.

He tried to recall carefully, then searched through his ‘Perception’ and suddenly found the familiar point.

When he signed the Red Ghost Inscription contract with the Void General Hong, he had experienced Hong’s life. When he was on the verge of death, he was pierced through the chest by the Demon God, and this God-slaying official was included in his last will.

“Ran Ming…I’m sorry…”

“I…could only…Let’s go first…One step…only…”

Xu Xiaoshou blinked and came back to his senses. He glanced at the indifferent Ye Xiao and suddenly didn’t want the God Execution Order anymore. He felt that it was another big burden.

Elder Han continued. “After the death of the God-Slaying official, Ran Ming, everyone looked for for his ruins. They wanted to inherit his power. After some research, they should have found a method.”

“What sort of method?” Xu Xiaoshou was exalted, but in his heart, he thought that such a powerful person had also died?

“If we gathered the three ‘God Execution Orders’ that Ran Ming had, we would be able to find the treasures he left behind. The ultimate source of all this was in the ‘Ran Ming Ruins’.” Elder Han’s voice was extremely certain.

“Chen Tan!” Ye Xiao, who was on the shoulder of the Necromancer, couldn’t stand still anymore. She obviously didn’t expect Elder Han to be so knowledgeable.

“Don’t forget, he’s a Demi-Saint.” She warned.

“I know.” Xu Xiaoshou scanned the Information Bar and didn’t see any ‘Bewitched’ or ‘Spiritual Awakening’ warnings being triggered.

The second true body in the Yuan Mansion used the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale as a tool. The news that he received was that Elder Han wasn’t lying. At the very least, Elder Han believed that what he said was the truth.

“The God Execution Orders have all been collected?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

He deduced this because the Ran Ming Ruins had been mentioned in Elder Han’s story. Someone must have found it and seen the Ran Ming Ruins with their own eyes, that was why the news had spread.

“You’re really smart, kid, just like me!” Elder Han chuckled and said, “It was collected once, but after the Ran Ming Ruins appeared, the God Execution Orders were scattered, and no one had ever entered it.”

“So, this is the key to unlock the treasure and also the Guidance to the ruins?” Xu Xiaoshou took out the God Execution Order, that was half the height of a man, and his heart thudded with excitement.

Ye Xiao was obviously a little restless when she was in midair. The aura of death oozed faintly from her body, as if she was hesitating whether to attack or not.

She was anxious. Elder Han really knew a lot, and he might be right…Xu Xiaoshou didn’t need to look back to make the judgment. He immediately asked again, “Then do you know where the other two God Execution Orders are?”

“Ha…ha…ha…” Elder Han laughed in a strange manner and a conceited voice came out of the cell. “Most of the Demi-Saints in the world can’t give an answer to your question. Most of them don’t know, and a small number would not dare to tell… But I know, I dare, I know everything!”

“Chen Tan!” Ye Xiao shouted coldly.

“+(Warned, Passive Points+)+1.”

Xu Xiaoshou snorted and didn’t look at her at all.

“Where is it?”

“The Holy Divine Palace!”

He had thought that Elder Han would use this information as a condition for him to be released. Xu Xiaoshou was already prepared not to have the answer. Who would have thought that Elder Han would really tell him?

What he saw with his ‘Perception’ was Ye Xiao’s, who was on the Necromancer’s shoulder, eyes suddenly raised in disbelief.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Xu Xaoshou mumbled silently.

If he didn’t know that the two of them had nothing to do with each other, he would have really suspected that Elder Han and Ye Xiao were in cahoots. One of them did the talking and the other put on a show as they tried to trick him.

“What about the Ran Ming ruins? Since Elder Han knows so much, don’t tell me you know everything about the Ran Ming ruins as well?” Xu Xiaoshou asked in disbelief. Was this guy really a know-it-all?

“Hahaha…” Elder Han was overjoyed. The sound of someone hitting the floor came from inside the cell door, and then frosty white cold air seeped out from the holes.

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t block it. The cold air froze into ice and turned into two huge bat-shaped ice wings to protect him. Time and again, it slapped away Ye Xiao’s crazy attacks.

“Chen Tan, you’d better not.”

Ye Xiao who was on the shoulder of the Necromancer disappeared and joined the attack. Countless three-legged owls attacked the bat-like ice wings and tried to melt down the defense but to no avail.

The power of a Demi-Saint was not something a higher void level who had mastered the power of the God of Death, could break through in a short time. This was the difference in realm.

“You really want to know?” In the cell, Elder Han hesitated for a moment.

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid of death. Why did they say that curiosity killed the cat? At most, he would just abandon the identity of Chen Tan in the future. Would one die after he gained some information?


Endless explosions rang out behind his back as his ice wings broke and reassembled.

If the hole wasn’t sealed, and Elder Han’s power didn’t stop, Ye Xiao would never be able to break through it.

After waiting for three whole breaths, Elder Han didn’t make a trade request. Instead, he received a firm answer that didn’t ask for anything in return.

Four Symbols Secret Realm!

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