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1470 The Cursed Yin Eye Against All Demons (Part 3)


As if a sharp object had been stabbed into a quagmire, a strange feeling passed through the Fourth Sword to Xu Xiaoshou’s senses.


Without any warning, a terrifying devilish energy burst out.

No one who wasn’t an ancient swordsman and didn’t have the approval of the Fourth Sword could withstand the demonic aura that belonged to this vicious sword.

The black-purple eyeball in front of him was no exception.

When the Fourth Sword pierced into the eyeball, the surging devilish energy almost materialized. With the eyeball as the center, it flowed out along the black-purple sea, invaded, and then polluted.

But in the next second, Xu Xiaoshou saw an even more shocking scene!

The evil eyeball, which had been calm before, shook violently after being stabbed, letting out a high-pitched and piercing mental energy sound wave.

Then, the black and purple evil energy turned into liquid, rolling and expanding crazily from the eyeball, pushing out the demonic aura with Fourth Sword!

“This kind of power can resist Fourth Sword? It’s on the same level as the vicious sword?”

“No, it’s possible. It’s even superior! After all, its current power has no consciousness and no one can control it. It’s just instinctively resisting the Fourth Sword!”

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded. This was the first time he had seen the demonic aura of the Fourth Sword and something that could not be contaminated.

Before he had time to think, the eyeball in front of him suddenly expanded and directly exploded the human body below it. After devouring the flesh and blood, it grew to the height of a human.

The black-purple power climbed up the Fourth Sword. Before Xu Xiaoshou could pull out his sword, he felt his spirit shake, as if he had been pulled into another world.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Above the chaotic black-purple sea, a limping old man with a cane floated high. His body was surrounded by endless evil energy, and his eyes were bloodthirsty.

There was a cracked black-purple eyeball on his forehead, but it was not big, just like his third eye.


The old man with the special power opened his arms wide.

As he laughed, the black-purple sea waves under his feet surged and turned into two giant hands with evil liquid flowing down. They were dozens of feet tall and slapped toward Xu Xiaoshou.

“Xu! Xiao! Shou!

“Hahaha, so it’s you, so the one who attacked me was you!

“Well then, since you dared to intrude into my spiritual world, I’ll take your head now!”

As the indescribable black-purple liquid was about to hit him, Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes narrowed, as if he had realized something.

“Elder Xie!”

He would never forget that face.

After all, the small group of five assassins from the Central Region was always thinking about his head.

Without a doubt, he had been brought into Elder Xie’s spiritual world.

Although he didn’t know why the old man’s spiritual world had mutated into such a chaotic and disorderly ocean, he didn’t know why his spiritual body had twisted into such a ghostly appearance.

However, there was no doubt that this guy was still obsessed with his head, even though he was in cultivation deviation and in an irrational state.

“You dog!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to hold back.

The other party had already used all his trump cards, so what was he still hiding?

“Your spiritual world is very strong, and your spiritual body is also very powerful, but in terms of ‘intent’ and ‘self’, you have to be careful.

“I might not have been as good as you in the past, but now…

“I, Xu Xiaoshou, am above you!”

As he spoke, the black sword in his hand slanted, and Sword Will burst out from its body.

At this moment, the vicious sword with the Fourth Sword burst out with joy that had never appeared before. They were so excited that they trembled violently, and an endless black demonic aura surged out of the swords.

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

As the swords hummed, the demonic aura condensed into liquid and flowed into Xu Xiaoshou’s spiritual body through the hilt.

In an instant, Xu Xiaoshou’s spiritual form, which was originally gentle and warm, suddenly had his black hair, which was tied up in an orderly manner, scattered and danced in the wind.

His eyebrows were dyed pure black, like two sharp swords.

His eyes turned into the endless night, as if they could swallow the sea.

His sword robe was replaced by black, and it seemed to have turned into the ultimate Yin that was only born at the beginning of the world when chaos was created. It flew fiercely in the howling evil wind, leaving spots of demonic light in space.

When the two huge tidal hands that were dripping with black-purple liquid summoned by Elder Xie clapped together, the entire spiritual world suddenly exploded with a loud boom.

Then, a majestic and ancient sword tower with 99 floors emerged from the deep sea, breaking through the joint attack of the strange black and purple hands, and carried the black figure up to the Nine Heavens.

A silver moon in the night was like a demon opening its eyes, waking up in the sky.

The silver scales scattered across the black-purple sea. In the distorted ripples, two tall buildings were reflected, connecting the extreme end of the clouds and the extreme end of the deep sea.

“This building should only exist in the heavens, and only I can handle it.”

The melodious Taoist music reverberated at the edge of the world, and the image of Sword God Gu Louying was formed.

Under such an extraordinary image, after a long time, a disdainful, cold, and unruly voice drifted down from the sky.

“The Heart Sword Technique against all demons!”

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