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Chapter 12: Super Soldier Program (2)

"Ah… more than ten physique skills cards… is this the effect?" With his lips curved, Kyle looked at the mirror in great satisfaction. He looked like an artist's masterpiece creation — convinced that his strength, speed, and physique was no less than the special forces.

He hasn't remained idle over the past few days. In addition to the physique skill cards, the other white and green skill cards illuminated brightly. Under his belt were thirty-six green skill cards and over four hundred white skill cards he snatched here and there without thoughts.

After all, he did say the recruit training base was his for the hunting to feast.

Kyle felt like a true omnipotent genius.

"Nearly a week has passed since my rebirth. According to the progress of the film, the Super Soldier Program should begin soon." Kyle muttered to himself.

Then, he heard a click.

The door leading to the barracks opened.

"Steve?" Kyle walked out of the bathroom rubbing his hair dry with the towel. Surprised to see the figure of a beautiful woman, he soon stopped in his tracks. "Agent Carter? I think you've entered the wrong place. This is the barracks for recruits."

Well, aren't you a sight to behold. 

Her mature body had been covered and delineated by her usual uniform. She held a document in one hand and stopped in the halls of the barracks at a neat pace.

"No mistake. I came to see you," Peggy Carter frowned slightly and coldly asked, "Shouldn't this be the time for recruits to train collectively? How come you're bathing in the barracks freely?"

"Haha… it's just a little privilege given for breaking far too many records here." Kyle smiled, not proceeding to put on a shirt to cover his upper body. Instead, he slung the towel over his shoulders. "I don't have much to entertain so feel free to relax and sit anywhere you like."

Keeping her cool, Peggy Carter looked around and found there were no chairs to be found. She decided to sit on the edge of a bottom bunk bed.

"So, what brings you here?" Kyle asked politely. He wiped his wet hair with a towel and sat close to the other side of the bed. The two were separated by only a meter.

"Why are you sitting so close?" Peggy Carter looked over coldly.

Kyle shrugged. "This is my bed. It's normal for me to sit in my own bed."

"……." She frowned.

Unexpectedly… choosing so casually and it turned out to be a mistake… 

Kyle smiled brightly.

There was a reason why he chose to sit close to her. He wanted to steal her green skill cards.

While the beauty chats away freely, he could easily extract the skill cards.

Seems easy enough. Just need to keep her entertained.

"I'll get straight to the point. How much do you know about the Super Soldier?" Peggy Carter questioned, her legs closed together.

"Super Soldier?" Surprised, Kyle pondered. Then he answered, "All I know is that our recruits are recruited under the guise of a Super Soldier Program. As for the rest, I am unaware."

"Then I'll explain it to you. The Super Soldier Program is a project created by Dr. Abraham Erskine. It is an experiment involving a serum that stimulates cell viability and transforms the human from inside out. In theory, the serum is designed to improve all aspects of a person's physique three times or more! We want to create a capable super soldier far from the average American soldier." Peggy Carter explained eloquently. "The training officers should have informed you and the recruits that a candidate will be chosen to participate in the Super Soldier Program."

"I know." Kyle nodded but he looked a little absent-minded. "So… you chose me?"

"I haven't made a final decision yet. What do you think?" Peggy Carter took a small glimpse over Kyle's hard abdominal muscles before quickly turning away.

"Super Soldier Program?" Lost in his thoughts, Kyle placed his chin on his palm.

In the film, Steve was the first person selected to pioneer the Super Soldier Program. He then acquired the perfect human constitution. This journey led him to become Captain America.

But at the moment of Steve's success, spies broke in. They destroyed the serum drug and murdered Dr. Abraham Erskine. No longer would they be able to replicate the Super Soldier Serum after Steve Rogers' success.

Now, because of the excellent performance he's shown thus far, he'll be replacing Steve…?

Kyle squinted his eyes. He looked at Peggy Carter and smiled softly. "I'm sorry but I refuse. I won't be a part of the Super Soldier Program."

T/N: I'm so happy Kyle refused. Yes!

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