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Chapter 22: Give You Two Choices

The Qi Clan's marriage annulment contract could only be described with one word: Bullshxt!

The marriage annulment contract said this: For many years, the Qi Clan did not care about the decline of the Gu Clan; did not care about how ordinary Gu Feiyan was as she could only be a medicine slave; did not care about gossip; stuck to the marriage contract, and continued to give the Gu Clan all kinds of help. Meanwhile, Qi Yu often visited and cared about Gu Feiyan. And Gu Feiyan knew she was not worthy of him. She had always been grateful and didn’t ask him to keep his promise. This time, because of the delivery mission by the Imperial Pharmacy, she had caused a misunderstanding and caused gossip that affected him. She felt even more guilty and asked him to end the marriage. He agreed to her request, and was willing to give her a compensation for all her years of love.

When Gu Feiyan finished reading the last word, she finally understood why the normally honourable General Qi would still dare to break off the engagement despite all the rumours!

It turned out that not only did he want to end the engagement, he also wanted to use this opportunity to help her clarify the rumours and help him take down his green hat so as to restore his dignity.

This plan was really effective!

But, wasn’t he too much of a bully to slander her in order to praise himself?

Gu Feiyan forcefully closed the marriage annulment contract and coldly said, “I don’t accept this kind of annulment contract!”

He should have been angry, but somehow he felt a sense of relief. “You were pretending.”

“I almost believed that she knew her own limitations. So…”

Even Qi Fufang felt that her face had been saved a lot, she arrogantly looked at Gu Feiyan and asked, “Tsk tsk, so it’s a trick to play cat and mouse! Gu Feiyan, let’s just call it a day. How are you going to end the engagement? How much do you want? Three thousand gold, is that enough? ”

Gu Feiyan’s gaze was even more haughty than hers as she coldly said, “I’ll have to trouble you to clarify this clearly. I only agreed to cancel the engagement, I didn’t agree to let you use this kind of marriage annulment contract to end the engagement! Since you all want to negotiate so much, that’s good! I’ll give you two choices! ”

“Let’s hear it.”

Gu Feiyan said, “Either I announce with you that our engagement has been unconditionally dissolved and that it is to be judged by anyone in the world, or I go to your Qi Clan to end the engagement and leave the annulment contract empty to be judged by the world!”

As soon as these words came out, not just Qi Yu, but everyone else was stunned as well, their jaws dropping.

“Unconditionally cancelling the engagement… Men annulling the marriage… Women annulling the marriage”

This was a completely different thing!

Gu Feiyan’s cold gaze fell on the shocked eyes of Qi Yu and waited for his answer. The fact that she could agree for an unconditional end of the engagement tonight was already very temperamental and easy. One must know, to be withdrawn from marriage is a great shame to a woman, it is a black dot that can never be erased!

Which girl with a lifelong dream would be willing to endure a marriage annulment? If it wasn’t for her having no interest in the marriage, how could she have let him off so easily?

To be able to take advantage of the situation and advance even further, it's just a mess!

God knows how surprised he was. He looked at Gu Feiyan and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Of course, Young General Qi can choose neither of these two. He can insist on using this bullshit marriage annulment contract to end my engagement, but I, Gu Feiyan, will never agree to that in my entire life!”

Gu Feiyan looked at Second Master Gu and said coldly, “You are my Second Uncle, not my father! I am already an adult. If you dare to sign my name without my permission, you have to bear the consequences! ”

After she finished speaking, she fiercely threw the marriage annulment contract on the ground, turned around, and left.

After a long while, when Gu Feiyan had left, everyone finally came to their senses.

The faces of Second Master Gu and Madam Wang both turned ashen. Second Master Gu hurriedly picked up the marriage contract and said seriously, “Young General Qi, don’t be angry! Leave this matter to me. I promise you, I’ll make her sign obediently within three days!”

Qi Yu ignored Second Master Gu and stared at Gu Feiyan’s back as it disappeared. Once Gu Feiyan’s back disappeared, he flicked his sleeve and left in large strides.

For this matter, Second Master Gu and Madam Wang wanted to get benefits and money. Now, the two of them were not only afraid of losing their money, they were also afraid that the Qi Clan would be the one to suffer. The two of them hurriedly pleaded with Qi Fufang.

“Miss Qi, this matter happened too suddenly. This old man didn’t expect it either!”

“Yes, yes. Eldest Miss, we don’t know what kind of evil possessed that bxtch to suddenly act so arrogantly! Give us a few more days. Don’t worry, when the time comes, Second Master Gu will have plenty of ways to take care of her.”

Although Qi Fufang was angry, she didn’t seem to be in a bad mood like Qi Yu. She sneered. “She’s just being unreasonable!”

Madam Wang immediately understood what Qi Fufang meant and quickly promised, “Miss Qi, she will definitely sign this marriage annulment contract. Every wrong word she said tonight would also be changed. Don’t worry about it!”

“Alright, I’ll trust you guys again. If you cause any more trouble, then don’t blame our Qi Clan for not remembering your old friendship!”

When Qi Fufang was about to leave, Madam Wang personally sent her off, whispering in her ear all the way.

As soon as Qi Fufang left, Second Master Gu could no longer suppress his temper. He angrily went to take care of Gu Feiyan. Madam Wang quickly stopped him.

“Master, don’t be impatient! You saw it just now, that bxtch has really changed. We… we’ll have to go head to head with her again. If word spreads and we get into trouble with the young general, we’ll be in deep trouble.”

Second Master Gu muttered, “How strange. Even her parents were so taciturn. Who does she sound like?”

“Maybe it was instigated by someone.” Madam Wang pulled Second Master Gu back into the room and whispered into his ear, “How about this, we…”

Deep into the night, Madam Wang and Second Master Gu were discussing countermeasures while Gu Feiyan was relying on her memories to head to the Jade Flower Pavilion, the original owner’s room.

She couldn’t return to the palace in the middle of the night. She wanted to stay at Jade Flower Pavilion for one night, but when she arrived, she was dumbfounded.

The Jade Flower Pavilion was unworthy of its name; it was indescribably simple and crude. It was a cold day, and there was not even charcoal in the stove. There was only a thin layer of ash. The bedding on the bed was even thinner. The northern wind caused the windows and doors to vibrate. The doors and windows had not been maintained and repaired all these years… And were all leaking air!

The original owner’s salary and rewards from serving in the palace were almost all given to Madam Wang for 'subsidizing the household and saving the dowry'. Madam Wang had always been kind to her sons and daughters' demands but saves money on the original owner. Her three meals were all leftovers and not even the most basic daily necessities were given!

Gu Feiyan looked at the desolate house and thought about how the former owner would always drag her tired body home and suffer from the cold. She felt sorry for her. From this month onwards, she thought, Madam Wang would never be able to get any more gold from her.

The northern wind came again, filling in through the gap in the doors and windows. Gu Feiyan could not help but yawn. She quickly removed the small cauldron from her waist and rubbed the wall twice, causing it to grow slightly larger.

Soon enough, an invisible divine flame ignited within the cauldron, and the cauldron began to heat up like a small stove. Gu Feiyan carried the small cauldron to the bed and laid down on it. Finally, it was warm.

For some reason, she was originally very sleepy, but now that she was warm, she became sober. Looking at the desolate room, she couldn’t help but hold the small medicine cauldron tightly, thinking of her bastard master and the eight years’ worth of memories she had lost. Who was her master? Who was she? Did she have a family?

Gu Feiyan didn’t know how she fell asleep in the end, but when she woke up the next day, it was already noon. She quickly tidied up and was about to head back to the palace. The servant sent a letter of leave, and the steward of the Imperial Pharmacy allowed her ten days of leave.

She left the palace last night and only said that she was on leave for a day! What was going on?

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