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Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 2 of 2)

The bulged green veins on the emperor’s forehead intimidated the imperial physician.

‘Your majesty, I don’t know why she’s bleeding but… she’s not pregnant,’ the imperial physician whispered.

The emperor took a deep breath, pushed the imperial physician, turned round and glared at the empress.

Most of the wedding guests didn’t understand why the emperor was angry if Yan Shi Ting was healthy.

‘Empress, do you know what the punishment for deceiving the emperor is?’ the emperor asked coldly.

The empress kowtowed in front of the emperor and cried pitifully. ‘Emperor, I was deceived too. I didn’t know anything.’

Consort Mu narrowed her eyes. She was shocked and resented the empress. Her heart cursed the empress, ‘Kang Thi, your cruelty is impressive! You can sacrifice anyone to protect your son. That’s your niece, your blood little sister’s daughter but you have no mercy!’

Yan Shi Ning and Pei Jin exchanged a secret look then they lowered their heads… they underestimated the empress’ cruelty.

Yan Shi Ting widened her eyes, stared at the empress and forgot to cry. What empress was deceived? Lies! The first person who suggested she should fake a pregnancy to force the crown prince to marry her sooner was the empress! The empress and her mother discussed the plan together!

The empress raised her head and accused Yan Shi Ting. ‘Shi Ting! Has your aunt mistreated you? Why did you deceive me?’

‘Aunt…’ Yan Shi Ting said.

‘Empress, you and Kang Hua are sisters!’ the emperor said.

The empress turned her head to face the skeptical emperor and she continued to cry. ‘Emperor, you and I have been married for many years. You know what kind of person I am. I have never deceived you. I was deceived by Kang Hua. I don’t know anything. Emperor, please investigate this situation. Xiao Lam, say something.’

The emperor looked at the crown prince. He knew the crown prince was an honest person and he wanted to believe the crown prince’s words.

Yan Shi Ting looked at the crown prince. She didn’t know what the crown prince would say. Would he save her?

Pei Lam stood still while everyone looked at him and waited for his reply.

Pei Lam lowered his head and thought deeply. Everyone was anxious but his heart was calm. He remembered Yan Shi Ting cried for mercy, a pity it only amused him. She had no relation to him. He was overjoyed she was exposed because he could escape her… but in his lifetime he couldn’t escape his cage… unless his words could find an escape for him.

Pei Lam pursed his lips, hid his joy and kowtowed in front of his father. ‘Imperial father, truly imperial mother and I don’t know anything. We were deceived by aunt’s lies.’

Yan Shi Ting looked at the crown prince who calmly lied.

‘Since I was young, aunt always wanted me to marry Shi Ting,’ the crown prince said. ‘I don’t love Shi Ting and refused to marry Shi Ting many times… but at a palace banquet Shi Ting put lust herbs into my wine. Then she threatened me… I felt helpless and agreed to marry her. Yet she’s this shameless and faked a pregnancy to ensure I marry her.’

All the wedding guests understood what happened and they looked scornfully at Yan Shi Ting.

Yan Shi Ting didn’t care how the wedding guests looked at her. She continued to look at the crown prince who was intimate with her many times. Her sky collapsed and there was only chaos.

Yan Shi Ting heard ‘lust herbs, threatened and shameless.’ Why did the crown prince lie? Why did the crown prince wanted to push her toward execution? Why did he pour dirty water on her head in front of everyone?

Yan Shi Ting stood and pointed at the crown prince and the empress.

‘No!’ Yan Shi Ting said. ‘You’re a liar! Don’t believe them!’

End of Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 2 of 2)

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