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Chapter Thirty-Eight (Part 1)

The crown prince and Yan Shi Ting’s wedding day was fated to be an auspicious day for some guests.

At the Yan Manor, the bride woke up early, wore her wedding dress and makeup.

‘Mother, have you noticed father has been strange the last three days?’ Yan Shi Ting asked. ‘He acts distant when I talk to him.’

‘Perhaps he’s busy with work,’ Princess Kang Hua lied.

‘Yes, you’re right,’ Yan Shi Ting said.

At Pei Jin’s manor, Yan Shi Ning prepared the wedding gifts.

Pei Jin hugged Yan Shi Ning. ‘Wife, you need to be careful.’

Yan Shi Ning kissed Pei Jin’s lips. ‘If I’m uncertain about the outcome then I won’t act.’

Pei Jin nodded his head. ‘I think seventh brother’s people are prepared too. Let them expose Yan Shi Ting’s deceit so we can watch an amusing performance. If seventh brother acts out a plan, he won’t be merciful.’

Night and day, Pei Jin cautioned Yan Shi Ning enough to make her laugh helplessly. ‘Pei Jin, when did you become a woman?’

Pei Jin rubbed his face on Yan Shi Ning’s neck. ‘I’m scared my little lion will be scared if she sees fresh blood.’

Yan Shi Ning felt Pei Jin’s lips on her neck and pushed him away. ‘Pei Jin, I know. Umm… don’t take off my dress… it took me a long time to wear it… umm…’

Pei Jin pouted his lips. He didn’t get to eat Yan Shi Ning but she got to hit him. ‘Wife, you don’t even let me touch you.’

Yan Shi Ning wanted to vomit blood. ‘If you want someone to touch then you can marry a second wife.’

Pei Jin rubbed his chin and nodded his head. ‘That’s a good sugges-’

Yan Shi Ning kicked Pei Jin’s leg. ‘Pei Jin, do you dare?’

Pei Jin laughed. He knew it was nearly time for the wedding so he adjusted Yan Shi Ning’s dress. ‘Wife, be careful inside the palace and at the Yan Manor. I’m worried Princess Kang Hua found out about the plan.’

Yan Shi Ning nodded her head.

‘Remember today we need to perform well inside the palace,’ Pei Jin said.

Yan Shi Ning pinched Pei Jin’s ear. ‘I know.’

Pei Jin escorted Yan Shi Ning to the horse carriage. Afterward he instructed Xiao Hui and Xiao Zai. ‘Protect my wife and be weary of the princess.’

‘Yes ninth prince,’ Xiao Hui and Xiao Zai promised.

Unfortunately Pei Jin was the groom’s brother and needed to wait at the palace for the bride while Yan Shi Ning was the bride’s sister and needed to go to the Yan Manor and escort the bride to the palace.

The moment Yan Shi Ning arrived at the Yan Manor, she saw Yan Jing was welcoming guests. Her heart laughed coldly at the fake smile on Yan Jing’s face.

Yan Shi Ning remembered a few days ago after she gave the letter to Yan Jing she returned home and asked Pei Jin to send Xiao Zai to eavesdrop at the Yan Manor.

Pei Jin confided in Yan Shi Ning that Xiao Zai had a special talent for eavesdropping. She didn’t believe Pei Jin until Xiao Zai returned to the manor and reported Yan Jing and Princess Kang Hua’s conversation without omitting anything. Also, Xiao Zai had a special talent of mimicking other people’s voices. She was impressed after hearing Xiao Zai mimicked Yan Jing and Princess Kang Hua’s voices.

Yan Jing spotted Yan Shi Ning, he smiled gratefully at her and escorted her to the bride’s courtyard.

Yan Shi Ning kindly reminded Yan Jing to ‘remember to rest’ then she walked toward the bride’s chamber.

On the way to Yan Shi Ting’s chamber, Yan Shi Ning saw Princess Kang Hua in the courtyard and she smiled politely.

Princess Kang Hua straightened her back and looked wearily at Yan Shi Ning. She didn’t understand why Yan Shi Ning used to lower her head and didn’t dare to look at her but suddenly Yan Shi Ning dared to look at her on Yan Shi Ting’s wedding day. It was Yan Shi Ning’s eyes that looked like a hunter staring at a prey that made her wearier. The longer Yan Shi Ning looked at her the more she thought about the young beggars, the two letters, Yan Jing and who was the mysterious person behind everything.

Princess Kang Hua remembered what old nurse maid reported to her.

‘Who did master meet that day?’ Princess Kang Hua asked. ‘Why did he remember his suspicions about Yan Shi Ting’s identity?’

‘Someone saw ninth prince’s wife visited master that day,’ old nurse maid said.

Suddenly Princess Kang Hua felt breathless in front of Yan Shi Ning. She raised her chin and quickly walked past Yan Shi Ning.

Yan Shi Ning smiled while she watched Princess Kang Hua poorly hide fear.

End of Chapter Thirty-Eight (Part 1)

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