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Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Jealousy


Very well, she even dared to affectionately call that person by his first name in front of him . That had only made Zhong Zhendong even angrier .
“An old lover has found you . Are you trying to rekindle old feelings?”
She frowned deliberately: “What’s the matter with you? Since you knew he is my old lover, you should also know that it is all in the past . Wasn’t you to told me not to dwell on the past and old lovers? And also that you didn’t care about my past and old lovers?”
“Hmph, getting smart-tongued . But you are right, I don’t care about the past, but if that becomes the present that is another history . Be careful not to piss me off . And don’t you dare cuckold me…”
“Don’t confuse me with any other woman . Zhong Zhendong! Since we’ve known each other, you’ve always lied to me . When have I ever lied to you?”
Zhong Zhendong took a deep breath, stared at her, and then spoke: “Don’t try to change the subject . I know that the guy surnamed Bai wants to win you back . Moreover, you had seen him every day . You guys had gone out together to dinner, to watch movies, and also took part in the parent-teacher conference . If you want to marry him, you have to ask for my permission!”
She knew it, this man said he didn’t spy on her . Nonetheless, whenever he was abroad, he always knew exactly what she had done and who she had met . He may refuse to admit, but he was a pervert .

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In the past, she was used to be afraid of him . But now she had figured it out on her own . Thus she had become immune to his possessive behavior .
“You’ve done a pretty good job . But who said I’m marrying him?”
“Don’t play dumb! I already know that he had asked you to marry him! Tang Xianlian, I may not be the man you love the most in your life, but I am the best man for you . If you don’t take me, you’re a fool who deserves to be treated badly!” He said quite angrily .
If she hadn’t been used to him being so bossy, she wouldn’t have been able to calm down . But she wasn’t angry, instead, she wanted to laugh . In fact, she even held it back . That man usually sweet-talked her, yet today he was in his most honest form . He may be full of jealousy, but that was quite of her liking .

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In the face of his jealousy, she calmly asked: “Really? And do you know that I had rejected him?”
Zhong Zhendong was flabbergasted . It wasn’t even necessary to ask that question . The words “I don’t know” was clearly written on his facial expression .
“Did you say no?”
“Yes . ” She answered him quite effortlessly, yet he was quite incredulous . All that pent up anger had nowhere to go . And for the first time, he was blinded by her .
This time it was Tang Xianlian’s turn to be arrogant . Yes, she had declined him . That day, when Bai Shuli had asked for her hand in marriage, she turned it down on the spot .

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Honestly, she was quite tempted . Right in front of her, there was already the father and the son . Although they may have taken a long detour, she would finally reach the path she was so dedicated to pursuing . Her dream was right in front of her . So long as she nodded her head, it would all come true . A son that she dearly loved, as well as an outstanding husband . They would form a normal happy family .
However, in the end, she still declined him . The temptation was genuine, but so was the lack of hesitation .
She saw that the jealousy in Zhong Zhendong’s eyes had disappeared . Moreover, it had been replaced by a burning glow, so that even grim on this mouth was slowly disappearing .
“Why?” He asked .
“I’ve already agreed to be with you, haven’t I? Although I easily get into trouble with men, it doesn’t mean I’m a philanderer . As long as you are willing to be kind to me and loyal to our feelings . I will remain by your side, and won’t fool around with others . ”

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