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Chapter 418: Are You Satisfied Now?
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When Duan Que collapsed, the single-arm figure stood above the platform. Everyone was dazed.

Did Ye Wuchen just win the battle? The Demon Swordsman was killed?

Realizing that, people's hearts beat fast. Shang Hai's heart also pounded as if a big hammer was beating it. His face paled all of a sudden, all the color draining.

Not a long ago, he had just presumed that he was going to win it all back. Now he was frozen by this fact. A deep fear came to him. What happened before him seemly set him into an icy cellar.

Duan Que was dead. Ye Wuchen killed him. Shang Hai didn't care how Ye Wuchen did it or why he was so strong. He only cared about the result. This battle was a gamble to him. The wager was what they got in the second round, including the mines. The big fortune was even more important than his life. Now, because of his gamble made out of impulsion, he was going to give all the fortune away. Of course he was frozen and terrified. He had never thought about what could happen if he lost the gamble. Would his grandpa forgive him easily?

The leader of the Merchant Union looked livid. They'd actually been defeated. Duan Que, that proud Demon Swordsman, was killed by a silent single-armed swordsman.

As the saying went, the more silent was the more dangerous. In previous battles, both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were very high-profile. Compared to them, Ye Wuchen behaved in a more low-profile way. But as a result, he killed Duan Que.

"What a wonderful fight!" the leader of the Thunder Clan exclaimed. "There has not been such a wonderful battle of four forces for many years. He was seemingly very glad to see the Yunyue Merchant Union to be defeated. Among the major four forces, Yunyue Merchant Union was the strongest force. The Thunder Clan naturally didn't want the Yunyue Merchant Union to be the final winner. The Thunder Clan's leader was very confident that his clan had a stronger comprehensive strength than Wang Family's. Even if there was a year for Wang Family to develop, they still couldn't threaten the Thunder Clan. What's more, Ye Futian's group was just the Wang Family's external aid. He would not feel threatened unless the Wang Family's youth were as strong as Ye Futian's group.

As long as they were not the Wang Family's members and they didn't plan to join, he would not mind. He also believed that the Wang Family wasn't attractive enough to them.

Hearing the Thunder Clan's leader's words, the leader of the Merchant Union felt more embarrassed. The Wang Family's members were also stunned. Wang Yurou just couldn't believe what she had just witnessed.

"What a promising youth!" the Wang Family's leader also exclaimed. He kept looking at the Yunyue Platform and laughed. "The real talented one didn't show his interest but was forced to fight. Somebody just wants to be humiliated." His words were like a slap.

From Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen's previous reaction, everyone knew that they were not interested at all. But Shang Hai and Duan Que provoked them again and again. They were forced to fight. People all witnessed the result of the fight. Moreover, Shang Hai had planned to let Sorcerer Wu and Demon Swordsman fight Ye Futian's four people. As a result, the Demon Swordsman was directly killed by Ye Wuchen.

"It's not over yet." At this moment, Shang Hai clenched his fists, veins standing out under his skin. His eyes fell on Sorcerer Wu. Though the Demon Swordsman was dead, the mysterious Sorcerer Wu was here. He still had a chance to win it all back.

"Kill him. If you win, what I have promised Duan Que before, I'll give you in double," Shang Hai said to Sorcerer Wu determinedly. Sorcerer Wu was his last hope. As long as Sorcerer Wu could kill Ye Wuchen quickly, it was still possible for him to handle Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. As for Wang Yurou, he didn't even count her in. She didn't have the strength to get involved in this battle at all.

Hearing Shang Hai's promise, Sorcerer Wu stepped out. His figure in the black cloak looked very mysterious. He glanced at Ye Wuchen and suddenly a stream of dark flames surrounded Ye Wuchen's body. The demonic dark fire bloomed like flowers and swept toward Ye Wuchen.

Sword intent appeared from Ye Wuchen and wove into a sword curtain to protect his body. The dreadful demonic dark fire gathered to attack the sword curtain. A hole appeared. The demonic fire penetrated it and the hole kept expanding. That terrible fire eroded the curtain rapidly. The curtain was going to disappear.

Sizzle. The curtain suddenly transformed into beams of sword light and dissipated. Every beam of light contained some demonic fire. Ye Wuchen retreated. He stared at Sorcerer Wu sharply. Sorcerer Wu was not just a fire-attribute sorcerer. The fire was really demonic, but it was also because of his comparatively low level.

Ye Wuchen had a sword body melted with the sword intent given by his grand master. That was why it was a mistake for Duan Que to attack him with sword intent. Unless Duan Que had stronger sword intent, he couldn't get the upper hand. But this time, the Sorcerer's level was also higher than his and he attacked Ye Wuchen with such a strange way. Ye Wuchen would very possibly be defeated.

People were surprised at this sight. It seemed that Sorcerer Wu was more fearsome than Duan Que though his level was lower.

The Merchant Union's leader's eyes brightened. Shang Hai also became hopeful. It was possible to win.

"Kill him!" said Shang Hai. If Ye Wuchen was killed, the path would be smoother.

The dark demonic fire seemly turned into countless snakes and wreathed toward Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen's sword intent broke out and soared up as if it was going to rip all everything apart. But suddenly, a thunder was heard and a flash of purple lightning crushed the demonic fire into dirt.

Ye Futian walked to Ye Wuchen and said, "Let me handle it." It was not because Ye Futian didn't trust Ye Wuchen's strength. When fighting with Duan Que, it was about Ye Wuchen's dignity as a swordsman. He had to fight. But when confronting with Sorcerer Wu, Ye Futian didn't want Ye Wuchen to handle it alone.

Looking at Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen nodded and retreated back slowly. People around the platform were surprised. They thought Ye Futian was overconfident. He could help Ye Wuchen to fight Sorcerer Wu together but chose to fight one to one. Was he really so confident about his strength?

"You could fight together," said the Sorcerer in a low voice. Hearing his low and eerie voice, many people were surprised. The Sorcerer was even more arrogant. Ye Wuchen had killed Duan Que, yet the Sorcerer was still so arrogant. Did it mean that Duan Que's strength meant nothing to Sorcerer Wu?

Hearing Sorcerer Wu's words, Shang Hai's eyes brightened more.

Ye Futian froze but then smiled at the Sorcerer. He turned to Shang Hai and said, "I'll give you a chance. You can fight together with him too."

"What?" The spectators were speechless. Were they competing about who was more arrogant? It seemed that they didn't take each other seriously at all.

"This is your idea. Everyone heard you. Don't regret it!" Shang Hai wouldn't miss such a chance. He walked out and directly stepped onto the platform.

"Of course." Ye Futian nodded and stepped forward. While he moved forward, the Death Coil was released. His body turned into a big tree. Endless golden vines rushed out toward Sorcerer Wu.

In a black cloak, Sorcerer Wu lifted his head. Dark fire lit up in his eyes. Suddenly, those vines were set on fire by the dark flames. Dealing with such a spell was a piece of cake to him.

The vines appeared endlessly; so did the dark fire. What Sorcerer Wu didn't expect was that the fire didn't stop the vines. He dodged quickly without getting hurt by the vines. His eyes sharpened and more fire burnt the golden vines up. However, there were too many vines to burn.

Whoosh. The wind raged. A horde of horrible black fire crows appeared behind the Sorcerer's body and pounced toward different directions. Where the crows swept, all the vines were burnt out.

One black crow transformed back into Sorcerer Wu's figure and overlooked Ye Futian in the sky. That pair of horrible eyes under the cloak looked straight at Ye Futian. In an instant, Ye Futian's whole body was shrouded in darkness.

"Burn!" the Sorcerer said coldly.

However, Ye Futian's will wasn't burned down. He looked up at Sorcerer Wu indifferently. Was Sorcerer Wu attacking him spiritually? It seemed that Sorcerer Wu had been hiding his real strength. What a scary man!

At this time, an enormous black crow appeared behind Sorcerer Wu.

"It's none of your business. You shouldn't have come," Ye Futian responded with a cold look. Dreadful lightning flashed in his eyes. The two's eyes collided and Sorcerer Wu trembled a little as if that lightning struck him.

Lightning gathered and overshadowed the sky. Then the mighty lightning hit down. Since Sorcerer Wu was good at dark spells, Ye Futian decided to attack him with the lightning. The sacred lightning cracked down directly on Sorcerer Wu's body. Endless black crows around Sorcerer Wu were shattered. He couldn't escape at all as if he was confined

Sorcerer Wu looked livid. What kind of power was the lightning?

Boom. The lightning descended as if doomsday had come. With the Thunder God Spell cast, the destructive lightning seemly turned into chains and whipped Sorcerer Wu's body. Both his mentality and body were hurt heavily.

Another black crow appeared. Sorcerer Wu's eyes became extremely cold. But the lightning descended again and pierced through the black crow as well as Sorcerer Wu's body. He shook violently.

At this moment, Ye Futian walked forward. His eyes were so indifferent.

Seeing this scene, people's faces all paled. Ye Futian's spell was so strong that it even broke the limit of levels. This was also out of Shang Hai's expectation. He rushed toward Ye Futian immediately. Extremely wild power projected from his body. He folded his hands behind him. Horrible power was gathering there.

"Be careful!" Wang Yurou cautioned Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his hand and a long staff appeared in his hand.

"You must die!" Shang Hai's figure descended. A big destructive handprint rushed toward Ye Futian. The Wang Family's members paled. How could Ye Futian be so careless? Generally, a sorcerer couldn't bear Shang Hai's attacks within such a short distance.

Boom. Ye Futian's body spun in the sky. A great momentum gathered and his body was surrounded by thunder and lightning. A thunder dragon seemed to appear in the sky but growled like an ape. Finally, with the great momentum, Ye Futian slashed his staff down to Shang Hai who was rushing to him too.

Bang! Without any suspense, Shang Hai dropped like a flash of light and fell down on the battle platform heavily.

Boom! With another blow, Sorcerer Wu's body was thrown away. Then Ye Futian rushed downward with his staff in hand. With a loud explosion, the whole platform shook violently together with people's frightened hearts.

Ye Futian slashed down beside Shang Hai's body. Shang Hai's whole body trembled heavily. That blow almost frightened him to death.

"Is this what you want? Are you satisfied now?" The staff disappeared. Ye Futian stood beside Shang Hai and looked at him disdainfully. Then he turned around, leaving an extremely conceited figure.

The leader of the Merchant Union stood up from his seat, his hands slightly quivering. The Merchant Union was defeated in such a miserable way.

The Wang Family's leader also stood up. Looking at Ye Futian, he took a deep breath. Ye Futian was too strong and powerful. It was a pity that he wasn't the Wang Family's member.

Both the Thunder Clan and Feng Family shared the same pity. In this battle, the Wang Family was the biggest beneficiary. The whole thing was just because of a young man who defeated Sorcerer Wu with a strong spell and deprived Shang Hai's ability to fight.

Years later, people in the Yunyue City would still remember their shock brought by this stunning fight. Probably no one could surpass Ye Futian. Though not at the same level, Ye Futian still defeated his rivals so easily. The three young men just showed people their invincible mighty power.

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