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How Is It My Fault That I Look Like a Girl! 长得像女孩子怎么可能是我的错!Chapter 11

Streaming Crisis?!

"Hahaha! Seeing you scared, you should learn what you need to do!" Senior Sister pointed beside me at Cheng Zixi.

Isn't this joke just too much?! You don't have to joke like this! You demon!

"Senior Sister, please stop joking, okay? We're seriously practicing!" I shouted at Senior Sister.

"I know, I know, you're not messing around. Actually all you need to do is make it look like you are doing it. If you turn away from the stage and lean in close it would look like you two are kissing." Senior sister said while patting my head. Hey hey hey! Just because I'm short doesn't mean you can pat my head, and it's not because Senior Sister is tall! But then again I'm only 3' 5", and was more than a head shorter than Senior Sister. So sad! QAQ

"Oh! It's past three!" Senior Sister looked at her watch, "Sorry everybody, I forgot to look at the time. Rehearsing for so long, I think everybody’s tired now, rest for half a hour." Senior Sister really was a careless person, to even forget…forgetting about exhaustion…"

After Senior sister announced the break, everybody in the classroom came over except for Cheng Zixi and Senior Sister…

"Wow! With a closer look he's even more cute! I really want to hug him! (>﹏<)!" "Seriously, really cute!" "Wa! I'm so envious of his white soft skin!" "Why do I feel like I lost…." Hey hey hey! Look at your image, no don't touch! Hey! Big Sis don't actually hug me!

"Senior Sister hurry help me!" I turned towards the spectating Senior Sister crying for help.

"Oh yeah, I can't help you out with that, little brother somethings just depend on your luck!" Senior Sister was taking joy in watching my disaster. Don't do this! Why can't you save me! Sigh….looks like I can't count on this heartless Senior Sister, so I called for help from Cheng Zixi.

"Zixi! Save me!" I shouted out towards Cheng Zixi.

"Ah, sorry Little Yan, I need to go to the bathroom…."

Cheng Zixi you heartless person, where was the basic trust between people? I thought of you as a brother, why do you treat me like this!

I don't know how long, I don't know how many people asked me, I don't know how many times girls sexually harassed me, and then finally from the stage came Senior Sister's voice.

"Everybody quiet please, now that everybody’s rested, we can continue rehearsing.


Along with Senior Sister's order, I finally was finally free! I really don't know how I survived.

We rehearsed till the evening and finally ended, I wasn't rushed to return home, rather me and Cheng Zixi went off campus to a fast food restaurant nearby. Because after eating I would be late again, might as well just eat outside….

"Little Yan, I say, How can you eat so much?" Cheng Zixi looked at my table of food and asked.

"Hmph! Well who told you to be so heartless and just abandon me to go! Do you know how much I suffered!" I bit into a chicken leg resentfully towards Cheng Zixi sitting across from me.

"But you don't need five hamburgers?!" Cheng Zixi pointed towards a plate full of hamburgers.

"Don't be stingy! There isn't five hamburgers?"

"Although I'm the one treating, you don't have to waste it?!"

"I'm not wasting it! I can eat all of it!"

"You can? How can I believe that?" Cheng Zixi said with a look of concern, to a clumsy loli, at me.

"Hey hey hey! What are you thinking? It looks like you're looking at a clumsy loli?! I'm not a little girl!" I expressed my displeasure towards his gaze.

After ten minutes, the plate was empty and all that was left was Cheng Zixi's stupid expression. Hmph! You take a look, even before I could eat a whole potful of rice by myself. How could I not finish this? Truly naive!

We left the fast food restaurant and walks towards home.

"Little Yan, How is your live streaming going?" Cheng Zixi suddenly asked.

"It's okay, but I don't remember telling you that I live streamed? How did you find out?"

"Actually I was on a xx live stream and then went to another live stream and the voice was like yours. And they way they talked was like you, and it was one of your favorite games. I just recognized you." Cheng Zixi confidently said.

[TL: Okay before somebody think's that Cheng Zixi was on some R18 stream, the xx is the type of stream i.e. gaming, type of game etc. but there's no name so I left it as is from the raws.]

"You guessed it all out…"

"Haha, don't you know how many years we've been friends?"

"That's right ha!"

Quickly, I finally got home and Cheng Zixi left. Like always I went to turn on my computer , and turned on the streaming software to enter in my account, and tested my microphone before streaming. However when I logged in, what I saw shocked me.

I remember yesterday that I had 4000 subscribers, but today it had fallen to 3000? This really is abnormal! Just as I wondered what was happening, a comment came into my sight.

"The other streamer's have started to have webcams, only Lao D still hasn't, boring, unsubscribe, unsubscribe…" Afterwards there were more comments, sure enough they all just wanted to see my face…

I turned on my microphone, and began to stream.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, It's me Lao D." I said into the microphone, "Regarding what everybody has requested, I'm somewhat powerless because of my living expenses, and therefore cannot satisfy everybody’s request…" Before saying anything else the comment section exploded. "Isn't it just a little short of money? Brothers brush up, so that Lao D can buy a webcam tomorrow!" Then a red packet of money was sent to me….

[TL: So if you don't know, red packets are sent to other people for special occasions etc. and they would have money inside. If you want to find out more, just Google it]

"Thank you everybody, I promise that if nothing bad happens tomorrow I will buy a webcam for tomorrow's stream." I wore a grateful voice and said, I can't just take the money and run…after all I still want to stream. However it isn't for the money, but to have something to do so I won't be bored.

Just after I finished speaking, the subscription count flew back up…apparently not showing my face would be unavoidable…

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