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Translator: Vemmy This has not been edited, read at your own risk! I actually don’t want to split this chapter in half… hmm can I combine the two parts after I’m done? Will anyone mind?

As Xia Rong repeatedly explained that there was nothing improper between Su Chi and him, that this was just a complete coincidence. Although Shu Yi was still in a state of shock, after calming down to think about it, Xia Rong certainly didn't show any signs in this aspect before and had never had any ambiguous interactions with Su Chi previously.  In the end, with Xia Rong's profuse gratitude, sceptically exited the room.

After closing the door, Xia Rong wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead and turned to complain, "You really screwed me over! If Sister Yi really believed it and told my parents, I won't be able to muddle my way through the entertainment circle anymore, they'll definitely drag me back and lock me in the little dark room!"

Unexpectedly, there was only silence behind him; no response at all.

"What's up with you…" Xia Rong thought that his eyesight blurred, when he walked quickly back to the bedroom, the Su Chi who had just been sitting there moments earlier was gone.  He had to open his eyes wide in order to find that in his place, in the middle of the depression on the comforter, the silver-coloured short-haired cat from before.

"This cat, it's really you ah…" After personally seeing it, Xia Rong had to believe that, in this world, the phenomenon of turning into a human really existed. Although he found Su Chi himself hateful, towards this cat, he couldn't harden his heart.  Not only could he not harden his heart, he felt that his fingers itched a little —— on one hand, Xia Rong furiously reminded himself that "this is Su Chi's transformation, Su Chi's transformation!" so that he could maintain a serious expression, on the other hand, he couldn't help reaching out to scratch the kitty's chin.

The kitty lovably reclined in place, stretched its tongue out to lick his finger.

With a "poof", two ♥ appeared in Xia Rong's eyes.

This… … this was too adorable! (T/n: Our mc….is done for LOL I understand, I love cats too)

"Wah Wah Wah, this is my first time seeing cats type!"

"Actually pressing on the keyboard!  This is too magical!"

"Can I take pictures! Just a back view, I won't say its you! Ah Ah AH!

While using the paw pads to press down on the laptop's keyboard with difficulty, Su Chi also had to bear with the disturbance of the demonic noise from the person behind him, this was torture of a cat's life.

"Thank, you, for, saving, me." Xia Rong earnestly read the words slowly appearing on the screen, "My, clothes, cell, phone, room, card, are, in, the, under, ground, parking, lot, could, I, ask, you, to, help, me, retrieve, them?" (T/n: he actually read them character by character, out loud.  If I was Su Chi, I'd punch him)

Su Chi really wanted to stop him from reading along, listening to him read the characters one by one, it made people more agitated than constipation.  These few words already made his paws hurt (T/n: Because use they use pinyin to type, so multiple letters for each character.), so he subconsciously stretched out his tongue to lick his paw and leaned back, coincidentally leaning on the warm leg of the person behind him.  Never mind, let him be, he thought.

With an unprecedentedly high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, Rong Xu specifically put on a loose jacket, stuffed the cat into his bosom, and spiritedly[1] headed out towards the underground parking lot.

The jacket is the zipper style, to avoid notice in the hotel, Su Chi obediently huddled in Rong Xu's arms.  After reaching the underground parking lot, when there were no longer any people around, Xia Rong pulled the zipper half way down, letting the cat poke his head out and cling to his chest.

"Which one is your car?" Xi Rong lowered his voice to ask.

Su Chi shook his ears, looked around and quickly found his car.  He anxiously turned his head, using his paw to pat Xia Rong's chest before pointing in a direction, indicating that his car is in that direction.

"Hey, where are you scratching!" Xia Rong let out a "hiss" sound, he was only wearing a thin tee, it was evident that he had been scratched by the paw in a not very pleasant place.

"… …" Su Chi silently turned back and buried his face into Xia Rong's jacket.

Xia Rong was completely unaware, he just felt that since the other party could understand, if it hurt, he should say so.  He didn't take it to heart and walked in the direction that Su Chi pointed to, asking, "Is this yours?"

The cat's head once again poked out and gave a quiet "Meow", indicating yes.

…… If the cat wasn't laying on his chest, Xia Rong would have clutched at his heart! How could there be something so adorable in this world!

Walking closer, it could be seen that Su Chi's car door wasn't completely closed, leaving a not very small gap —— When Su Chi ran out, opening the door was already impressive enough, he had no excess strength to close the car door.  Luckily, there was not a lot of people in the underground parking lot at this time so no one found out that there was a car with an open door.

The open door was convenient for Xia Rong, he casually opened the door further, and saw that there was indeed a pile of clothes in the driver's seat, the black shirt and pants Su Chi usually wore, with the cell phone on top, screen still lit.  Xia Rong picked up the cell phone and saw that there was four or five missed calls with the caller ID "Han Liang Hao".

Han Liang Hao was a pretty well known manager in the circle, Xia Rong looked down, "Your manager is looking for you, is it something urgent?"

The cat in his arms shook its head: Han Liang Hao had a habit of discussing everything with him ahead of time, it shouldn't be anything urgent.  What's more, with his current form, speaking was impossible.

Therefore, Xia Rong held Su Chi's cellphone in one hand, dug out the room card provided by the program team, took a look at the room number and stuffed it into his jacket pocket.  He then picked up the rest of the clothes and planned on sending Su Chi back to his room.

The kitty's warm little body quietly lay at his check, because of the large amount of clothes in the way, it was even less noticeable.  Xia Rong carried him back to the seventeenth floor without any more incidents.

Su Chi's room card had the room number 1707, while Xia Rong's room was 1709. When they've almost reached Su Chi's room, Xia Rong joked, "So we turned out to be neighbours, adjacent ones ."  Su Chi still hadn't responded when the phone in Xia Rong's pocket suddenly rang. Because it wasn't the ringtone that Xia Rong usually used, he froze a moment before reacting: this was someone calling Su Chi's phone.

Xia Rong had already took out Su Chi's room card, and was hesitating over whether he should answer the phone while standing in place, when 1708's door suddenly opened and someone came out, holding a cellphone, walking while speaking, "Su Chi, you're finally back! Why didn't you answer the phone before…"

Xia Rong had Su Chi's phone in his pocket, was holding Su Chi's clothes in his arms, and had Su Chi's room card in his hand.  He turned his head and came face to face with Su Chi's manager.

Xia Rong: … …

Han Liang Hao: … …

The Su Chi cat hiding at Xia Rong's chest: … …

Once again, it was the manager big brother with a tenacious heart who reacted first——

He took a step forward, grabbed Xia Rong's shoulder and shook him, "Where is Su Chi? Where did you hide Su Chi?"

[1]雄赳赳氣昂昂 (xióng jiū jiū qì áng áng) – 雄赳赳 means 'valiantly, gallantly, full of power, imposing', while 氣昂昂 means 'full of mettle/vigour, spirited'.  Whenever I hear this, I imagine a rooster, confidently strutting along XD

Ummm I’ll try my best to finish asap but technology…..

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