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"Delicious! Xixi really likes this!" The child pats her bulging stomach happily while sitting on her exclusive chair, smiling at her father.

there are some leftover noodles in her bowl as she could not finish her dinner.

"Tomorrow Papa will go grocery shopping and make you more delicious food!" Yang Yi says with a smile and he feels very satisfied in his heart.

When he was alone, he only cooked for himself and praised his own cooking but now, with his daughter's praise, he feels a sense of achievement that he has never felt before! His appetite increases and he finishes the leftover in Xixi's bowl.

Although Yang Yi said that he would bring Xixi to the amusement park to play tomorrow, how is he going to spend the time tonight?

Can he just continue to sit opposite Xixi and stare at each other for the rest of the night? There is a playground for children near the apartment but he does not want to bring her there.

"Xixi, Papa tell you story okay?" Yang Yi says while drying Xixi's hair with a towel. After taking a bath, Xixi has turned into an obedient and peaceful little girl, letting her father comb her hair. The child has inherited Mo Fei's genes and already looks attractive even as a little girl, with her long straight hair…

Although she is only coming to play at her father's house for 2 days, her mother has prepared a huge suitcase full of clothes. There are several sets of pajamas inside and xixi is now wearing a pretty pink pajamas with a rabbit printed on it. Xixi wanted to wear this and told him that this is her favorite cartoon character! This gave Yang Yi an idea!

Will her father also tell her a story? Xixi cannot imagine this as her father has never told her a story before and it was always her mother who read her bedtime stories. However Xixi is still excited as she has a story to listen to before bed!

" Un! Xixi most likes to hear stories!"

What story can he tell her? The previous Yang Yi only knew how to kill people, don't even think about fairy tales, he did not even have a childhood! He has heard about stories like Andersen's and Grimm's fairy tales but he has not even looked at a single page of these books! Therefore Yang Yi can only look to movies for inspiration. Luckily he had watched some animated movies and as a movie-lover, he has watched a ton of them!
"Cough cough," Yang Yi clears his throat, feeling somewhat anxious. He started to tell the story.

"a long long time ago, in an island which was surrounded by vast seas, there was an extremely beautiful Arendelle Kingdom. There lived two adorable and beautiful little princesses…."

Xixi imagination went into overdrive after hearing the description. Yang Yi  memory has always been good and he could remember things only after looking once. He continued "… The elder sister is called Elsa, while the young sister is Anna. Anna is very playful and loves to run around, she also often asks her big sister to play with her!"

Yes! The story that Yang Yi is telling, is the hugely popular animated movie <> of his world! Xixi asked curiously "Why do the names feel like a lot like America names?"

The US of this world is very similar to the US of the past Yang Yi's and Xixi was born in the US, but was not registered as a US citizen as Mo Fei decided to register Xixi as a citizen of China.

Yang Yi smiled and said "They are not Americans, but they are foreigners." Yang Yi continued "Actually big sister Elsa has a magical ability, and has been able to create snow and ice since her birth! With a fling of her arm, she can make it snow!"

Xixi watch her father's arm swinging around and imagines snow falling, feeling very envious.

"Magic is amazing, but is also dangerous!"

"One night, Anna could not sleep and woke her sister up, asking her to create a snowman for her!"

Xixi knows what a snowman is and her eyes grow big, feeling excited!

Yang Yi then described about how Elsa brough Anna outside to play, creating huge amounts of snowman and brought Olaf alive and made him ice-skate around.

Yang Yi’s descriptive power of literary is very strong and could easily allow Xixi to see what was happening in the story with her imagination.

Xixi is now feeling very envious and said "Xixi has not played with now before L Mama does not allow!"

Yang Yi answers that playing with snow is dangerous! Even if you are bigger than sister Anna!

The story moves slowly, Xixi learns about how Anna is hurt and grips her father's hand tightly. Luckily she also knows that Grandpa Troll has medicine that can save Anna, but Anna memories will be lost. Xixi eyes start to turn moist as she feels sad. Yang Yi continues with a low and deep voice, talking about how Anna wakes up and the King told Elsa not to use her powers anymore, then dismissed all the castle servants and separates Elsa and Anna.

Overnight Anna has almost lost all memories of her sister, Elsa and Elsa spends all day locked up in her room, never playing with Anna ever again… Even if Anna would sing outside the door, Elsa knows in her heart that she cannot play with Anna for her own good…

Xixi starts tearing up as she suddenly as she feels similar to Anna. Due to Mo Fei's status, Xixi also cannot play with other children… "Papa, what to do? What to do??Quickly help Anna!" Xixi asks anxiously and crying softly at the same time.

Yang Yi sits hastily, hugged kid in the bosom, rubs her small head "Do not worry, the story has not ended!" The night is very long, Yang Yi is prepared to tell this story until Xixi falls asleep!


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