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In the tiny apartment, as Yang Yi is busy with work in the kitchen, a fragrance slowly drifted into the bedroom as the ventilation is terrible. The little child on the bed, sleeping like sleeping beauty with cheeks that look like silk suddenly blushes. Perhaps due to the alluring fragrance, the child's tiny nose slightly moves and a greedy little tongue stretches out of her mouth and licks her lips.

In the kitchen, Yang Yi is bustling around. As the flames try their best to escape from the bottom of the saucepan, the rich fragrance moves around as the flavour package mixes with the sesame oil.

Yang Yi then moves to cut the sausages into uniform slices. At this time, Yang Yi's ear moves and he heard a "su su su" sound from the direction of Xixi's bedroom. He looks at the child rubbing her dim sleepy eyes, walking barefooted. Xixi anxiously looks for her father and shouts "Papa,Papa…"

"Papa is here!" YangYi quickly walks to Xixi and hugs her.

In her father's arms, Xixi feels relieved and she gradually becomes more sober. Hugging her father's neck, she pouts and says "Papa, Xixi belly is hungry!"

"Papa is making dinner for you!" YangYi helps Xixi straighten her hair, comforting her with a smile. As Xixi is watching him cook, Yang Yi could not help but show off his techniques. Watching him wash the eggs and tossing it around, Xixi gasps softly! He then picks up the kitchen knife and the egg lands on the knife without a crack. Without waiting for Xixi to have a reaction, he shakes his right hand and the egg flies up in the air, and uses the knife to cut the egg shell, resulting in the egg becoming two perfect halves.

Wow! Xixi shouts with her mouth wide open and quickly covers her mouth like a lady. Yang Yi had actually not practiced these moves before and only watched them in movies and online videos. However as he used to train with the imperial blade technique, such martial arts are child's play to him. Looking at the happy Xixi, he feels satisfied and slowly lowers the egg into the soup.

He covers the boiling soup with the pot lid and adds scallion into the noodles. "When Papa is done boiling the cabbage, we can have dinner!".

Yang Yi carries the pot of instant noodles to the living room and reminded that child that it's hot. Xixi greedily sucked in the fragrance in the air and followed her father to the living room.

Lifting the lid, Yang Yi smells the fragrance. "It smells nice! Xixi we can eat now!" Xixi belly growls and she gets up impatiently. Xixi is sensible and she helps her father wash the utensils, took out her exclusive stool and sat on it obediently, waiting for her meal.

Xixi looks at the pot of noodles and is surprised! Yang Yi has made the egg into an attractive heart shape with his cooking techniques, looking like an art piece. Xixi saw Yang Yi picking up another egg for her and she immediately shouts "I want that! I want that!"

It seems like children are attracted to attractive things! Luckily Yang Yi prepared for this early and used the soup ladle to fish out the egg for her, while keeping the original appearance safely. Xixi watches anxiously, worried that the egg will be destroyed.

After transporting the egg over, they started to eat their meal. Xixi has been eating her meals alone for the past 6 months as Mo Fei was preparing for her returning debut and has no time to look after her. Sometimes Xixi even has to eat and play in Mo Fei's recording room as she works.

Xixi is looking at her bowl and hesitates to eat.

"Papa, can we not eat the egg? It's so pretty…."

Yang Yi laughs and picks the egg up, "you try eating a little first!"

Xixi takes a small bite, and the egg yolk starts to overflow from the corners of her mouth and a drop stains her clothes, frightening her!

Yang Yi comes out with a paper towel and cleans the stain off her clothes but feels awkward as he thinks that Xixi is sad.

However, Xixi eyes shine, her small tongue greedily licked the corner. Very delicious! This medium well-done egg, the flavour is super fragrant, the taste is the best!

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