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Chapter 156

Chapter 156 – Drawing Sword Flower

Early in the morning, beside the flower bed with butterflies flying, Mo Fei was leaning against the lush banyan tree with a light smile as she watched Yang Yi and her daughter practicing martial arts . It was a bit inconsistent to say that they were practicing martial arts, it was better to say that Yang Yi was teaching Xixi swordsmanship .

As usual, Yang Yi asked Xixi to do a few sets of lunges to get her to stretch her body . In the past, Yang Yi planned to gradually increase the amount of exercise for Xixi, but Mo Fei was worried that her daughter would be trained into a masculine woman, so Yang Yi was strictly prohibited to make Xixi train her muscles…

However, when practicing martial arts, Xixi’s small face still has very serious expression . The little girl wore short-sleeved shorts when practicing martial arts . With her serious expression, she was a little cool!


“Today, Papa will teach you a fancy move . It’s not very practical, but it looks good!” Yang Yi said, “You watch Papa perform it first . ”

Xixi watched very seriously, and Mo Fei also opened her eyes wide with interest .

They saw Yang Yi held the sword with his wrist, took a slight step forward, and wields the sword using the inertia of his waist . The stainless steel sword body, although it has not yet been polished and forged, still shines with silver light . When it was waved, it seemed that the light was connected into a line, and the line was connected to form an image . It resembled a sword flower blooming .

“Amazing!” Mo Fei couldn’t help exclaiming .

She couldn’t put her finger on what was so amazing, but from an aesthetic point of view, this kind of fancy move was very attractive!

Xixi was the same . She couldn’t resist beautiful things . Although the little girl was still serious, she couldn’t wait to clench her little fist and whisper, “I want to learn, Papa, I want to learn this!”


Yang Yi stopped . He smiled and put the sword aside . Then he twisted his wrist and said, “Come, Xixi, first stretch your wrist with Papa . ”

Although Xixi was eager to draw the same sword flower as her father, but after these days of exercise, her patience has improved a lot, and she obediently moved her wrist with her father .

On the contrary, Mo Fei playfully put her hand behind her back and strode over, picking up Yang Yi’s sword as if she were a thief . She wanted to learn how to wield it, but as soon as she lifted it, she felt the heavy weight .


“Wow! It’s so heavy!” Mo Fei exclaimed, she couldn’t hold it with one hand . She had to hold it with both hands .

After hearing this, Xixi proudly puffed up her chest and said, “Because Papa has great strength, just like Sun Wukong . He has to carry a lot of weapons!”

Yang Yi took the iron sword from the disappointed Mo Fei . He said with a smile, “if you want to play, I’ll give you a light one later . ”

“No, no!” Mo Fei shook her head and said, “How can I have time to play? I’m going to start recording songs again soon!”

Well, she has to go back to the company to prepare her new album . For convenience, she naturally still has to live in a house in the Binhai District1 . Yang Yi felt very reluctant in his heart, but he still has to be considerate of Mo Fei’s hard work, so he didn’t persuade her to stay .

Yang Yi shook his head, sorted out his thoughts, and then continued to explain to Xixi: “This move is called Drawing Sword Flower, of which there are two moves, one is wrist-cutting flower, the other is wrist-lifting flower . ”


Yang Yi and Xixi stood face to face, each holding a sword . Xixi also lifted the wooden sword like her father .

“No matter which move, you should pay attention to the hand movements . Like this, you should clasp your fingers tightly, but not too tightly, and keep your wrists and sword moving flexibly . ”

“But Xixi can’t turn . ” The little girl pouted and said to her father .

Yang Yi put the sword to his left hand, and held Xixi’s small hand in his right hand and taught her: “Come on, follow Papa’s movements and take your time . For this wrist-cutting flower move, the direction of the sword rotation is from outside down, to inside, and then to the outside . ”

Under the guidance of her father, Xixi soon formed a certain muscle memory, and gradually was able to draw a little sword flower .

“I’m so tired! My hands are sore . ” After a while, Xixi couldn’t hold on any longer . After all, she was still a child .

Finally, it was Mo Fei’s time to shine . She hurriedly took out Xixi’s milk bottle from the bag next to her and said, “Take a rest when you are tired . Girls shouldn’t rush to learn these rude things .  Take your time . Drink some soy milk first . ”

With Mo Fei’s pampering, Yang Yi had no choice but to stand with his sword on one side . He also pampered his daughter, but when Xixi practiced martial arts with him alone, she was still not so delicate .

After learning for less than five minutes and taking a long rest, Xixi herself felt that she had had enough rest . The little girl, holding her little wooden sword, came running over to find her father to continue learning .

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“Your hands are sore just now . The problem is that you are exerting your strength in the wrong way . You should make full use of your waist to reduce the burden on your wrist . ” Yang Yi patted his waist with his left hand to give a hint to Xixi, while drawing sword flower as a demonstration .

Yang Yi stopped and motioned to Xixi, “Try it yourself and find out the frequency and feeling of waist rotation . ”

The little girl was indeed a little talented . She could still remember the movement of wrist-cutting flower just now, and she didn’t need her father to describe it in detail . She twisted her small waist, left and right, left and right, and gradually found the feeling .

“Yes, you can speed it up a little bit . ” Yang Yi gave an appreciative look .

The little girl who was praised by her father immediately became happy, and she became more and more energetic .

“Let’s try the wrist-lifting flower again . This is the opposite of the wrist-cutting flower . It’s from the inside to the outside . ” As before, Yang Yi first made a demonstration by himself, and then taught his daughter hand in hand .

Xixi learned very quickly, and after a while, she became very skillful in both movements .

“Okay, it’s almost time to go back to have breakfast!” Mo Fei still loved her daughter dearly and didn’t let Yang Yi teach any more .

“All right, we’ll continue to learn connecting the moves tomorrow . ” Yang Yi put the sword away and said to Xixi with a held fist2 .

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“Yes!” Xixi also held the sword handle upside down and greeted his father with a held fist .

Xixi’s figure was taller than that of children of the same age, and looked mature, so now she looked not only cool, but also looked like a beautiful big girl .

Mo Fei couldn’t help giggling . She went to hold Xixi’s hand and said softly, “Our Xixi is smart, right? Your Papa told Mama that Xixi learns things very fast! Mama is very happy!”

“Hee hee!” The little girl now looked like a four-year-old girl, snuggling in her mother’s arms like a spoiled child, smiling a little sheepishly .

“But Mama doesn’t want Xixi to be just as fierce as Papa . Xixi should to be a good girl! How about learning how to play the piano and sing like Mama?” Mo Fei took the opportunity to say .

Yang Yi, who followed behind, smiled helplessly .

He wasn’t very fierce . He was only fierce to Mo Fei once . It was only that time when he lost control of his emotion . Usually, although he wasn’t a person who could coax people, at least he was a nice and gentle man, right?

“Mm-hmm . Xixi also likes to play the piano . ” Xixi nodded in response .

Bathed in the morning sun, the three of them walked home along the path filled with the fragrance of flowers .

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