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Published at 12th of July 2020 11:18:33 AM
Chapter 114

Chapter 114 – The Green Barracks

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The hot sales of “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword” in physical bookstores were really surprising, which has also attracted the attention and coverage of some mainstream media .

Well-known bookstore chains that originally shut out Sahara Publishing House, such as “Love Reading”, “Book Bar”, “Book Fragrant Pavilion” and so on, after repeated inquiries from customers, finally couldn’t help but put down their reserve and came to negotiate with Sahara Publishing House .

The situation of Sahara Publishing House being arrogant and coldly rejecting obviously wouldn’t happen, who could argue with money?

However, Sahara Publishing House was not easy to deal with . Fu Jun took the opportunity to put forward a request, and signed a long-term cooperative relationship with them, which opened up the high-quality sales channels blocked by large publishing houses, and strived for more space for the future of the publishing house .


However, no matter whether they were the original large state-owned bookstores and private small bookstores, or the bookstore chains that have joined now, they did not find that the books published by Sahara Publishing House, especially Yang Yi’s two best-selling books, were actually advertised on Sahara Online Bookstore!

Or they found something, but they didn’t care .

An online bookstore?

What a joke?

The high-end physical bookstores firmly believed that the only way to buy physical books was through bookstore, and their competitors were their own peers . They didn’t care about the new things that suddenly emerge, let alone understand them .

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Sahara Online Bookstore was playing a trick of silently making a fortune, quietly holding the secret that the sales of the two books “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword” in the online bookstore were almost half the sales of bookstores across the country . The methods that Yang Yi previously taught to Fu Jun made it rapidly expanded .


While actively cooperating with other small publishing houses, they also contacted a number of banks through Fu Jun’s personal relationship to speed up the research and development of online banking and online payment .

The current Sahara Online Bookstore was indeed not well-known all over the country, but they were lying in wait and waiting for an opportunity to break out!

…… .

Compared with the hot offline sales of two old books, the popularity accumulated by “Yu Zui” online was no worse than them! Even the old fans like Mu Yucheng and new fans almost forget “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword” that they once sought after for the plot of “Yu Zui” .

Everyone was completely engrossed in the current Yangcheng special training plot!


“It was completely unexpected that after losing all communication tools and all money, and being thrown into the streets of a strange city . The one who did best to adjust to the environment was not An Jialu with the best grade, or the proud second-generation, Xie Bing, but Yu Zui and Shu Biao that they despised most…”

There were many similar feelings in the book review area . Obviously, sympathetic people were secretly invigorated!

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After all, not everyone has a perfect background, and not everyone was a genius with excellent grades . Most people were actually born ordinary like Yu Zui and Shu Biao . When they see such characters performed well, they also have a sense of empathy and honor!


Of course, young fans looked invigorated, while mature bookworms looked conflicted .

Like Mu Yucheng, he has vaguely felt that this special training wasn’t quite right!

“I’m afraid the plot arranged by Great Yang has a great meaning! How can the special training of the police turn into desperate survival? I always think it’s too much . Let’s not talk about that cheap person surnamed Yu . Let’s talk about Shu Biao and Old Wang . Shu Biao is involved with the street gambling stalls, and Old Wang has become the leading role in the nightclub… Is this really good? Will they be able to return to the police force in the future?”

But no matter what questions they have, they could only keep them in their heart . The follow-up story would still be updated .

…… .

According to the arrangement, Yang Yi was going to the Jiangnan Military Region today . So, early in the morning, a military jeep came to pick him up at the gate of Jiangcheng Media University .

Before getting on the jeep, Yang Yi hesitated for a moment and secretly threw the dagger hidden in his sleeve into the grass by the side of the road .

Although there was still a lack of sense of security, Yang Yi understood that in this world, his identity was completely different . He was no longer a fugitive who was always on guard against danger . He was only invited to give a speech as a best-selling author . Who would plot against him?!

On the contrary, If Yang Yi brought the dagger to the barracks, and was discovered, it would cause unnecessary misunderstanding!

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After getting on the jeep, the soldier driving looked at Yang Yi, confirmed his identity, and without much talk, started the car and set off .

Yang Yi didn’t know that this driver was General Qiu Weiguo’s guard . Grandfather Qiu was very interested in Yang Yi that he even sent his own guard to pick up Yang Yi .

However, the guard was a taciturn person . He was uncommunicative and naturally was nothing like a taxi driver, who likes mindless chatter even if there was nothing to talk about .

Actually, Yang Yi was also a taciturn person . He didn’t want to chat, so not a word was spoken all the way to the barracks .

When the jeep entered the gate guarded by guards, and when the guards held out their chest and raised their palms to salute, Yang Yi felt an impulse in his heart, and he couldn’t help raising his hand to return a salute .

Although there was little movement, the guard who was driving still noticed it . He looked at Yang Yi in surprise, but remained silent .

After getting out of the jeep, Yang Yi looked around with some emotion . All the buildings were very simple and not very high . They were 4 or 5 stories at most . They stood like sentries in this military region .

There was only one theme color in the army’s territory, which was green . Green vegetation, green trees, and soldiers walking around were all dressed in camouflage green!

Very familiar and very close and dear!

It was right that he came here this time, because Yang Yi felt that the obsession in his heart seemed to have been released and was slowly disappearing .

“This is your home . Perhaps it would be better if I stay here?” Yang Yi thought to himself .

Of course, Yang Yi himself wouldn’t miss the barracks . From what he was wearing today, a loose shirts, casual trousers and flat-soled board shoes, he looked more like a casual businessman than a veteran .

“Are you Yang Yi?” A voice interrupted Yang Yi’s thought .

How can you be so careless? Yang Yi secretly reprimanded himself . He didn’t have any precautions at all, and has been lost in wishful thinking!

He turned around and saw two old men with white hair but strong bodies coming towards him . Both of them were dressed in military uniforms and have a dignified temperament while not being arrogant . They were obviously not small characters .

“Yes! Reporting to the Chief!” Yang Yi didn’t know how to respond for a time, so he had to learn some of his predecessor’s body reactions and stand upright on his legs, saluting to the other party .

“Sure enough, he was a soldier!” The shorter old man laughed and said to the other, “Old You’re your guess was right!”


The taller old man was General Qiu Weiguo . Grandfather Qiu looked at Yang Yi from top to bottom with appreciative eyes and said with a smile, “Was there a need to guess? To be able to write such a good literary work, he must be a soldier trained by our army!”

“Little comrade, which army are you from?” Grandfather Qiu asked .

Yang Yi hesitated .

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