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Chapter 5

The Black Dragon Totem

The Pillar of Origin was right in front of Jiang Zizai. It's covered with ancient carvings and it soared high upward, piecing the clouds.

Countless eyes were on this thin boy.

The majority of the crowd were commoners, and they looked at him with sympathy, the same way they sympathized with their own fate.

But Jiang Zizai knew that there were people in the crowd that looked at him with contempt.

He looked back toward his mother. She smiled gently toward him. That smile gave him strength.

"If I can change my destiny today, I will live for my family." He thought.

My parents, my brothers and sisters.

Of course, he considered Lu Dingxing and Su Qianyu as his family too.

Su Qianyu was not here today and it was a pity.

Maybe he just did not want to see him fail for the 7th time in a row.

Jiang Zizai forced himself to give up the distracting thoughts and looked at the PO again, the holy pillar that could change his fate forever.

"The al-mighty, the ancient gods, are they real?"

"Just be sincere, and the sincerity will be rewarded."

But he was born carefree.

The commoners' sons and daughters knelt down in front of the PO as early as 7 days before the Worship Day to show their sincerity. But he had never done that. Nor did the children of the other Kyrin Lords. But many of them were blessed while the commoner's sons and daughters seldom were. Was it fair?

"Jiang Zizai, hurry up. The sun is setting." the person in charge of the proceedings saw that he was a bit absent-minded and urged him to quicken up.

The crowd was becoming restless too.

He could even hear the voice of Jiang Junduo and Jiang Junxing, "Little Prince, don't be afraid, you are not doing this for the 1st time."

A roar of laughter followed their words.

Had it been yesterday, they would not dared to say a word.

Jiang Zizai felt a bit dizzy.

But suddenly, he thought of the dream he had last night.

His father was there, and the black dragon, the black petal, and the broken sky and the cracking earth!

Without knowing, his hands reached out to the PO.


When his palms touched the PO, something very strange happened.

Something that had nevered happened in thousands of years!

The Pillar of Origin, built by the ancient gods with a rocky material that no one knew the name, suddenly turned black from top to bottom in the split of a second.

It was not due to some light or anything from outside of the pillar. The rocky pillar just changed color all by itself!

For a moment, the black shadow was so enormous that the whole Temple became dark.

And Jiang Zizai turned black too!

He no longer saw the Pillar. He felt himself in another vast universe, the stars were around him, revolving with him as the center.

The stars were huge, but he could see what's on their surface! There were lands, lakes, and even humans, and essence beast!

Suddenly, he heard the sound of dragons. He turned around and saw a huge white — as white as snow — dragon dashing among the stars.

Everything on the white dragons path were destroyed and turned into ashes.

The white dragon had bloody red eyes that were very frightening, as if it wanted to destroy everything.   

It seemed that the white dragon was doing just that. All lands and seas on its path vanished!

Jiang Zizai felt that this unverse was doomed. But something else appeared without being noticed.

Just above the head of the white dragon, there was an enormous and pitch black petal.

The petal was larger than the land and the sea!

Jiang Zizai remembered! In his dream, there was a petal in the black dragon's mouth! It was the same as the huge one he had just seen!

The huge black petal broke into countless tiny petals and enveloped the white dragon.

The white dragon were trapped by the tiny petals and could not escape! It struggled, but failed.

Then the tiny black petals all entered the body of the white dragon, like being sucked in. And the snow white dragon became black!

The black dragon seemed to be tamed by the petals, its body coiled about and stopped dashing around. One last black petal slowly fell down in front of the dragon. The dragon opened its mouth and the petal rested inside.

Everything then became quiet.

He felt the tamed black dragon was looking at him, with a strange smile on its face.

That look impressed him so much that he would never forget it for the rest of his life.

Then everything suddenly disappeared and the Pillar of Origin was back, right in front of him.

At that moment, the black color on the PO disappeared.  

Jiang Zizai felt pain on his forehead, just between his eyebrows. Something seemed to have pieced through from here.

He struggled to open his eyes and looked around. what he saw were dazzled faces all around. The crowd was as bewildered as he was.

"Did they saw what I did just now?" He thought.

What he saw was so stunning that he forgot what he was here for!

But he realized that people were looking at his forehead and he remembered he was here for the ZT!

"Have I just made it?!"

His fetched the bronze mirror from his clothes and looked at it.

He saw it for real!

Right in the middle of his two eyebrows a black dragon coiled into a circle. In the center of the circle, there was a black petal.

Before he could see enough of it, the mark disappeared, hidden itself inside his body.

But Jiang Zizai was sure that he had been changed!

He felt that his Shenting accupoint had been unlocked and he felt that the Qi seed of martial art was inside his body. It was weak and tiny, but it was there.

With the seed, he could now become a real Totem Martial Master!

The Totem had unlocked his Shenting Accupoint and sowed the seed of the Qi.

It was difficult to keep calm at such a moment.

"What I saw after I touched the PO definitely meant something!" he thought, "what will be the category of my Totem? Maybe it will a Mysterious category totem!"

It was his instict.

Black dragon, encircling a black petal.

For the moment, he could not have his Totem mark reappear on his forehead. That would require a lot of Qi.

"What was the connection between the dream last night and the Totem? Why was father in the dream but not seen today?  Could father be an ancient god?"

He had so many questions that needed to be answered!

Suddenly, he felt himself in the arms of somebody. It's mother! He felt the warmth.

She could no longer lift him up like before. But it was the same kind of warmth that he felt.


He saw tears in her eye.

"Have I done it." He still could not believe it was true. It meant that he would not need to be deprived the title of prince.

"Yes, my son." She nodded.

So it was true.

He looked at the PO, and felt sincere and grateful.

"Brother!" Xiaoyue also came along. She smiled, but there were tears in her eyes.

"Boss!" Lu Dingxing wanted to say something but he did not know what to say. So he just gave him a thumb up.

"They are my family!" Jiang Zizai thought. "They are the ones that truly wanted him to have the Totem."

He looked up toward the altar. Among the four Lords of Kyrin, at least three of them seemed unhappy.

Jiang Liu looked especially grim. He said to Jiang Shang in a low voice, "Brother Shang, it seems that we have to postpone our plan for now."

Jiang Shang nodded his agreement.

Had Jiang Zizai not got his ZT today, he would be stripped of the title of a prince. If then Jiang Junjian be hanged by the emperor, there would be no male heir for the Lord of the Purple Kyrin.

But Jiang Zizai got his ZT today and would still be a prince. That meant some trouble for them.

At least they could no nothing bad now.

Jiang Liu laughed coldly, "When the Totem entered his body, it did seem strange, but there was no Awakening. That meant the Totem was not a good one. "

Awakening means that after entering the body of the recipient, the Totem would shake and then an enlarged mirage of it would appear on his or her head, so that everybody sees clearly what the totem is. The Fiery Tiger Totem and the Gold Mane Kyrin Totem both awakened today.

Even some very low level Totems awakens after entering the body and those do not awaken are considered of very poor quality.

The announcer hesitated but finally made up his mind, "Jiang Zizai, without awakening, and the Totem seemed like a black snake, no category."

"Black snake?"

Hearing these two words, some people could not help but laughed.

"No wonder the PO turned black, this Totem was so low that even the PO could not bear it."

"But his father has the Nine Sky Kyrin Totem, one of the Eight Super Totems, and his mother has the Emperor Peony Totem, a rare type of plant Totems which is considered to be above the Heavenly Category."

"Shut up and stop gossipping."

The commoners started making comments and argued with eath other.

Generally speaking, the Totems are inheritable. For example, the boys and girls of the Kyrin Family usually get Kyrin totems of some sort. Sometimes they inherit their mother's totems.

If there is no sign of inheritance, two possibilities exist.

One is called "Totem Variation", which rarely happens. When it does happen, the variation would not be very surprising. For example, the parents have a Ape Totem, the child may have a Monkey Totem.

The second possibility is more tricky. The father could have been cheated by the mother.

And in reality, the second senario happens more often.

However, people dared not make such a comment on the Lord of the Purple Kyrin.

But it is different today.

"It is really bizzare. It could not be a 'Variation', because kyrin and peony are far different from snakes. So is there any interesting stories behind? Hh….."

It was not a loud commentm but everyone heard it clearly!

Someone dared to make the insult!

People looked around and found the speaker, a chubby middle aged man standing among the golden kyrin's family members. He said the words in a joking tone. But he realized that his comment had gone too far.

The chubby man is Jiang Liu's brother in law, and his name is "Wang Fu". His son is Jiang Junxing, who was standing right beside him.

Jiang Zizai was really offended by his comment, and he knew his mother was too.

He wanted to kill Wang Gu right now, but he knew he did not have the strength to do that.

But someone else did.

Ruohua approached Wang Pu.


Between Ruohua's eyebrows, the Emperor Peony appeared. She hit Wang Pu with her palms on his chest, where a mark of a blossoming peony was vividly left.

Wang Pu collapsed to the ground, without making a sound.

He was dead!

Jiang Zizai seldom saw his mother in rage.

Ruohua turned to the crowd and said, "If anyone dare to say something like he did, he will know what happens next."

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