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Chapter 9 Invitation

  "Gosh, the four statue of Mount Rushmore I only forgot about Jefferson, Miss Greene ask me to sing a song in the class room because of that. It’s so unfair, they can’t even named one.” Sited at the back of the school bus, Angela complain to Jessica.

  ”That’s because you are very unique, attention catching.” Jessica open her mouth wide and laugh.

  "Jess! “Are you taking a pity on me or making a fool out of me!” Angela swings her small fist annoyed.

  Jessica make a bitter expression, with a serous tone:"In my honest opinion, Ohime sama, if you don’t stood out from the mass, how would your Ouji sama find you?”

  ”Drop the act! I said your acting!” Angela opened up her arms, wanting to pinch Jessica’s cheeks. However, Jessica only giggles and keeps dodge always from Angela. Both of them starts laughing and giggles again.

  After fooling a around for a while, Angela suddenly looked at Jessica and and sighed faintly, Jessica find it odd, waving her hands in front of her, “Hey, Angie, are you al-rite?”

  ”It’s nothing,” Angela shake her head, with a bit of sadness in her tone “It’s just that, I’m Graduating this year, furthermore you are going to the performance art collage next year, we might not able to take the school bus together in the future.”

  ”Oh god, You think too much, I’m not going to move away. Even if we are not able to meet each other on week days, but we can still play together on weekends.”Jessica is a bit strange, she isn’t a “forty years old” “old man” with that many kind of worrying sentimental.

  "Yea, yea, lets not talk about this,” Angela shrugged, change the topic, using the handouts rolled together and pretending it as a microphone and pointed to Jessica: ” So, Miss Jessica Alba, what do you think of now that you have won the Oscar award for Best Actress.

  When it come to performance, Jessica is always very talkative, Which gives Angela plenty of time to get sentimental, that’s why she’s so emotional, other than being “old”, she is her only friend of her age. The few years of sugar happiness, happy sugar life. It makes her feels that some thing is missing in her life without seeing Jessica for a day. Of cause, the reason for them to be soul-mates is also because in her pass life, Jessica Alba’s have became ‘his’ idol, not having worry about things, as she don’t have any tricks for her works.

  ”Hehe, Ange! There you go dreaming again!” Jessica wave her hand in fount of her repeatedly, nagged unhappily.

  ”Wat, oh, sorry,” Angela came back to her sense, with a apologetically smile: ” Then, Miss Alba, Please continue your award winning speech.”

  "Didn’t you hear it just now?” Jessica fold her arms, tilt her head looking at Angela.

  ”Oh, don’t be like that, honey, you know that some times I lost my focus easily.” Angela stick out her little tongue playfully.

  Jessica sighed, lean her arms on the sits in front, laying her head on it and said it softly, “You know? Ange, I don’t really wish to get awarded or such. All I want is to perform, perform in front of my audience. Regardless, weather it’s TV, or movie or even stage show. I only want a stage where I can show them who am I, allowing myself to shine in my dreams.”

  Angela looked at her cute little face, uncontrollability her heart suddenly beats faster. She know that Jessica will be successful in the future, but to the general public, they only care about her outer appearance. Even then, no one can denied her hard work and determination to achieve her dreams. Now, hearing her talking about her dreams while looking her eyes filed with determination and she feels motivated to achieve some thing, as if there is some kind of new strength running in her bodies, she felt a bit agitated and excited.

  ”How about this, Jessica, when you have become quite famous I’ll write a personally scrip just for you!” Angela leaned in fount, stared and her and said seriously.

  Jessica got a little surprised, then laugh while speaking: ” What the hack, you plan to get in to a performance art school?”

  ”I’m serous!” Angela was a little displeased, : “You know, Yesterday the Touchstone Pictures under the Disney had sent some one to my house, they are interested in one of my animated scrip and one of my Movie Scrip and plan to purchase them.”

  ”Wha?” Jessica look at her with a surprised face, both of her eyes where wide open, her mouth were almost in an “O” shape, “Really? !”

  ”Believe it or not, you will know it when the movie and the animation aired.” Angela was not satisfied that Jessica doubtfulness, she pops up her chest like a proud little pigeon.

  During this time, the school bus make a turn to another road, arrived near Brenket Street, the little girl immediately grab her bag, jump out of the bus, while not forgetting to make a funny face to Jessica.

  ”Hey, Ange, what you said just now is true?” Jessica climb on to to bus window, shouting at the Angela who alighted from the bus.

  ”I had already told you! It’s up to you to believe it or not!” Angela make a funny face, not waiting for her to reply, she ran a few dozen of meters and looked back, the bus is no where to be seen.

  ”Dammit Jes, you doubted on me!” Angela grumbled, slowly walk home while feeling irritated. Now, she had completely forgot about the fact that even her parents couldn’t believe the facts.

  In the fount gate, Jennifer, as usual, brought a cups of milk waiting for her.

  ”Little pipsqueak, how are you today in school?” the female steward smiled and asked.

  ”It’s really bad, I forgot that there is still Jefferson.” the little lass gobble down in one breath and shrugged.

  ”That’s great, at least you didn’t mistaken and call him Mr Rushmore.” Jennifer joked, then with a serous tone:”Chris, Mrs Meyers came looking for you.”

  ”Mrs. Meyers? How long had they being here?”Asked, Angela’s with glittering eyes.

  ”About……half an hours?” Jennifer thought about it and answered.

  ”What do she want from me?” The little lass pinch her chin, “If it’s about the purchase of two of my scripts, about the price, they should talk to my parents instead. Why are they looking for me?”

  ”Won’t you know when you go in? ” Jennifer said with a smile.

  ”Gosh, there you go again, why don’t you tell me when you know it.” Angela rolled her eyes, walk in with a bit of nervousness.

  Just like yesterday, mama Elena and Nancy sited dividedly on the sofa, just that there is an uncomfortable air between them.

  ”Hi, mama, I’m back.” Even though Angela is puzzled, she still greeted very politely: “Hello, Mrs. Meyers.”

  ”Hello, Angela, Nice to meet you again, you can call me Nancy.” Nancy answered with a smile.

  ”Chris, can you puts down your bags and come to the living room, Nancy have some thing that wants to talk to you privately.” Elena took a look at Nancy and said, with a obvious strange atmosphere.

  Although the little lass did not understand what is happening, but that did not stop her from pulling little trick up her sleeve, she scratched her head and said with a laugh while looking her mum, “If its just to talk alone, we can do it in my room lol.”

  Elena frowned slightly and replace with a trace of a smile, nodded and replied “Aright, fine with me.”

  Angela licked her lips, carrying her bag and do a welcome gesture. Nancy followed her up to her room with a smile. As soon as he entered the room, the little lass loose her breath in relief, and take a peep at the corridor, looked very cute.

  ”It seems that, you are afraid of your mom.” Nancy joke around beside him.

  ”It’s not afraid, but love.” Angela spoke solemnly :”There is a saying in China ‘因爱而惧’, it is because of the love to be afraid of her, afraid of getting angry, afraid of giving her more trouble, afraid of letting her up sad. Even though it’s mostly used between couples, but I think it can be use to describe the relation ship between parents and child.

TLN: There is no such saying in Chinese. Don’t try to show off in fount of girls >.<

  "Yi ah ah ki?" Nancy frowned and barely pronounce the sound and ask in surprised : "You even knew Chinese? !”

  ”Oh, I knows English, Chinese, French and a bit of Swedish and Greek.”Angela Shrugged with a smile, and thought of some thing, hurrying move the stool in front of the dressing table: ” I’m so sorry, please have a sit.”

  Nancy just sat down and she was to wait while Angela ran off, this made her uncontrollability shakes her head. Still, she like the little lass even more. Totally out of expectation, the genius girl is even gifted in with language. She turned and looked around Angela’s room, It’s spacious and organise, seems like she clean it often, from the look of the small items she can tell that it’s cleaned by her personally. —— of cause, she don’t know the fact that his force to clean her room by her mum.

  This time, Nancy’s eyes focused on the piano near the balcony, beside the piano, there where innumerable numbers of instruments, Violin, Guitar, Long Piccolo, etc., There where many that she couldn’t even name them. Opposites the piano there were an Easel, there where stacks of drawing paper and many brush on the table ——those are not the crayons for children that are use to Doodles, but real legit Artist grade charcoal pencils that is use in sketch, the pen with nibs that is used in manga, it is believed that the concept map of Lion King was created from here!

  All of this makes Nancy even more Surprised, let say Angela is so talented, then what kind of other surprise would she brings?

  ”Sorry to make you wait.” Angela carried a tray back, there was a teapot and cups and her juice.

  ”Thank you very much.” Nancy receives the cup, then pointed to the musical instruments: “looked like, you like music a lot.”

  ”Yes, but, leaning musical instruments is just an coincident.” The little lass answered with a smile, “When I was young, doctor said I had attention-deficit disorder. That’s why I was never able to keep my focus doing one things. After that, I choose to learn drawing and musical instruments, I didn’t feels it at the start, but after some times I became addicted. In the end, even the United States Children’s Association’s members came.

(TLN: for those without any medical knowledge it’s ADHD-PI)

  ”Why is that?” Nancy puzzled and asked.

  ”It’s because I practice it day after day, some people thought that my parents were abusing children and called the association.” Angela shrugged.

  Nancy unbearably laugh out, “Your really cute, Angela.”

  ”Thanks for your compliment.” The little lass secretly rolled her eyes. Every time she was praised by strangers for being cute she feels a little bit creepy. It seems like she still have yet to adept herself being a girl fully.

  ”Shits,” She suddenly knocked her own head, “I went out of topic again, now, Nancy, may I ask why are you looking for me?”

  Nancy put always her smile and stared at Angela for a while and said, “Angela, can I invite you to perform The Parent trap?”

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