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HSSB848: (?)



Currently, the south and the north were shockingly divided into two separate, distinct worlds by a formless boundary between the mountain range that served as the boundary between the eastern Vast Heaven Territory and the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory.

To the south of the mountain range, the sky was green with streams of clear qi surging, shooting into the horizon.

A towering tree soared up to the heavens, nine branches expanding towards the surroundings and extending amidst space.

Their dense leaves were clearly manifested of bolts of green thunder that flickered with dazzling radiance.

A surging vitality which nourished all things and a terrifying force which destroyed all lifeforms simultaneously manifested, suffusing space.

Meanwhile, the heavens and earth were completely purple to the north of the mountain range.

There was nothing else that existed there at all aside from thunderbolts.

The north of the mountain range was submersed entirely in an ocean of thunderbolts.

Two figures could respectively be seen at the centre of the ancient tree with nine branches in the south and the centre of the ocean of thunderbolts in the north.

About their bodies flickered seemingly eternal, inextinguishable radiance that resembled the numerous stars in the skies up above.

Their inner universes merged perfectly with the external universe, just as though they were integrated entirely with neither being separable from the other.

The universes formed of their bodies resembled actual universes with their own starry skies.



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