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HSSB486: (?)



Within the scene, that woman suddenly appeared before the Extreme Yang Seal.

She seemed to completely not fear the bright radiance and blazing heat of the great sun at all as she walked neither hurriedly nor slowly on its surface.

Streams of clear radiance descended from the Extreme Yin Crown on her head, the moonlight resembling water.

Touched by the radiance of the Extreme Yin Crown, the Extreme Yang Seal seemed slightly stimulated.

That woman’s gaze was condensed to the point of being tangible as two streaks of light shot out from her eyes, landing on the Extreme Yang Seal which suddenly shook as a result.

Then, bright light illuminated the surrounding area all around as the manifested true martial intent of the original owner of the Extreme Yang Seal that was concealed within the Sacred Artifact appeared.

Seeing the figure manifested of the agglomerated sunlight, the woman was silent for a long time.

While her face was enveloped by the moonlight and her true features could not be seen, Yan Zhaoge was still vaguely able to feel her disappointment.

“Fist-intent incarnation? No wonder you left the Extreme Yang Seal here; so it was sacrificing the lesser for the greater,” The woman sighed softly, “You’ve really hoodwinked so many people. Yet, I wonder where you are now?”

Looking at the Extreme Yang Seal, she shook her head, “Forget it. Since you have arranged it so, I will not wreck your plans. Let the Extreme Yang Seal continue remaining here then, awaiting a future destined one.”

As the woman turned to leave, she said, “I guess I’ll also leave the Extreme Yin Crown in this world.”

As Yan Zhaoge recovered from his ponderings, he thought about what that woman had said earlier.

“There were some fortunate experts who survived the Great Calamity,” Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “That woman indeed wasn’t an ordinary person as well. It is just that I had not expected that she had actually come to the Earth Domain, also being an old acquaintance of the original owner of this Extreme Yang Seal.”




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