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Boundless clear light shot out as if they want to exterminate the Heavens and Earth. As they swept across void space, scars were inflicted on void space. As the light moved, the Heavens and Earth seemed to be slashed and a wound appeared. Blood flowed out of the wound.

In the face of such a brutal sword radiance, Shi Tianfang, the Wheels of Six Paths, Shao Dongtian and the Xuan Heaven Seal were forced to retreat.

But Li Yuanfang clasped his palms together, initiating the powers of the Two Elements Creation Formation, which caused void space to be distorted.

The strong distortion force left the four of them shocked. Although they managed to escape for an instant, the violent sword radiance moved even quicker. It even became longer and landed on the Xuan Heaven Seal, which almost caused a part of the Xuan Heaven Seal to be chopped off.

The original soul of the Xuan Heaven Seal and the actual magic treasure were combined. A vast and repressive power was unleashed to resist this sword radiance. But the frightening sword radiance still managed to leave a scar on the Xuan Heaven Seal.

"What a ferocious sword!" The Xuan Heaven Seal groaned before falling backward.

In the Two Elements Creation Formation, a young lady with half black and half white hair held the Heaven-Destroying Sword as she walked out. She was expressionless as she stared at Shi Tianfang and the rest.

She was Xuan Li, Lin Feng's swordbearer.

The original soul of the Xuan Heaven Seal revealed himself, converting into an appearance of a man in black. He stared at Xuan Li, "Even the Heavens can't match up to you. Among all the swords in the world, I'm afraid only the Saintly Celestial Sword can win you."

As he mentioned the Saintly Celestial Sword, Xuan Li's originally emotionless eyes started to flash with cold radiance. Her aura started to become more and more ferocious.

Shi Tianfang and Shao Dongtian raised their brows, "How come Lin Feng didn't bring this sword along with him? Oh, so this is the case, so this is the case! The target of Mount Shu is her."

The two of them stared at Xuan Li, before shaking their heads subconsciously.

This sword was too violent and dangerous. It's almost impossible for anyone to cultivate and tame it. At most, it was possible for someone to destroy it. But even if they could do so, fighting this ferocious sword would not be worth it.

In the entire world, it's probably only the Mount Shu Sword Sect that would eye this sword. It's only them who could unleash the full powers of this sword if they obtained it.

Shi Tianfang and Shao Dongtian did not want to fight Xuan Li, but this was not something that they could decide.

The clear light on the Heaven-Destroying Sword became brighter and brighter. This time, its target was Shi Tianfang.

Shi Tianfang did not dare to delay. He clasped his palms and a huge light projection appeared above his head. As he stepped on the ground, he seemed to become extremely divine, as if there was some sort of celestial being watching all life.


As the light projection of SakrDevanam-Indra appeared, Shi Tianfang pushed his palms forward. The light projection of SakrDevanam-Indra did the same thing. A boundless light started to surge towards Xuan Li, but it was not superior to Xuan Li's sword. The light was destroyed by the sword.

As the clear light passed it, the light projection of SakrDevanam-Indra was torn into two at the waist!

Shi Tianfang's expression did not change. The light projection gathered together again, but it was no longer the image of SakrDevanam-Indra. Rather, it was a mighty God, who seemed to have created all life.

It was the image of Brahma!

"Combination of Brahma and I!" Shi Tianfang bellowed, causing the image of Brahma to descend down, combining with his body. This caused his stature to become more and more mighty as if he was a holy God that descended from the Heavens to and Earth. He lifted his right hand and pointed at Xuan Li slowly.

A secret abhijna of the Samsara Sect, the Grand Brahma Finger!

As he pointed this finger, life was created and the Heavens and Earth opened. But after he created life, destruction ensued and all life walked towards death.

At the same time, the Wheels of the Six Paths appeared on the other side. As it revolved, the face in the middle of it spat out a small red lotus.

This red lotus was formed from an extremely pure and deep red color. As it bloomed slowly, each flower petal released a clear radiance, revealing an intoxicating but illusory charm that made one tempted to infuse his soul within.

This was the Red Lotus Fire!

The Red Lotus Fire summoned by the Wheels of the Six Paths was more mysterious and frightening than an average Primordial Fire. The powers of the Wheels of the Six Paths combined with the Red Lotus Fire, forming an exceptional dominance. Not only could it drain the powers of the enemies and hurt their souls, it could even summon the weird power of karma, causing the attacker's soul to collapse and sent into the cycle of reincarnation.

Once the fire struck one's body, even an Immortal Soul Third Level cultivator would be in pain.

"The killing intent of this sword is even more intense than the Asura War-Blade. The Asura War-Blade is only intent on killing life, but this sword is bent on destroying the world." The face in the center of the Wheels of the Six Paths stared at Xuan Li, "But in this way, once she's hurt by my Red Lotus Fire, she will find it harder to escape."

Xuan Li was expressionless and lifted the Heaven-Destroying Sword up. She pointed it upwards. In the next moment, she slashed it down!

Boundless clear light gathered in a straight line. As this straight line struck down, it tore void space apart. Even the Two Elements Creation Formation shook a little.

It was as if a painting had been chopped into half by someone.

The Red Lotus Fire was cut in half. Following that, the Red Lotus Fire lost its radiance, as if it was a life that had just been ended. As the flames dissipated, it disappeared and became nothing.

The straight line formed a miraculous arc in space, completing a perfect turn. Finally, as the sword tip pointed forward, it was exactly at the position of the fingertip of the Grand Brahma Finger!

Shi Tianfang's expression changed and he retracted his finger before moving back. But the finger was already hurt by Xuan Li's sword.

Xuan Li's sword radiance continued to advance forward, causing Shi Tianfang to be cautious. His powers started to surge out and converted into six streaks of treasure light. These streaks of light gathered to form a wheel that was exactly the same as the Wheels of the Six Paths.

But it's just that this was an illusory light wheel. The wheel was equally divided into six parts too. As the wheel revolved, it acted out the Six Paths of Samsara.

The white part represented the Path of the Heaven-Born, the green part represented the Path of Hungry Ghoul, purple represented Path of Beast and the colorful part represented the Path of Humanity. These four parts were carved with extremely clear images. Whereas the red part and the black part represented the Path of Asura and Path of Hell respectively. On these parts, the carvings were blurrier.

The Path of the Heaven-Born cultivated the Book of Six Paths of Samsara, inherited from the Samsara Priest. They were only the path who were able to cultivate the Tao fruit of the Six Paths of Samsara. But because everyone was different, the Tao fruits that they cultivated varied greatly and none had been perfect yet. The only person to have cultivated a perfect Tao fruit was the Samsara Priest.

Shi Tianfang's wheel started to revolve, causing time to be distorted. It threatened to drag everything into this cycle of Samsara.

Whereas the Wheels of the Six Paths was positioned facing him, revolving in the opposite direction. The Wheels of the Six Paths distorted time as well.

They formed a miraculous connection with each other, supplementing each other's powers. They worked together to form a twisted world, causing everyone around to be affected, as they became unstable and were on the verge of being dragged into this twisted world.

As two of these wheels revolved at the same time, the distortion force even caused Xuan Li's sword radiance to become unstable.

Xuan Li's eyes turned blood red and a violent blood light flashed across the tip of the Heaven-Destroying Sword.

Following that, clear light surged. At the end of the clear light, a crimson, blood-red light also became more and more eye-blinding. Whereas the clear light started to shrink in size. At the very end, there was only a blood-red sword radiance that was filled with killing intent and ferocity.

Shi Tianfang and the face in the middle of the Wheels of the Six Paths started to look gloomy. They did not speak but tried to summon their powers to their fullest. As the two wheels resonated, they converted into a huge black hole. This hole caused the Two Elements of Creation Formation to start distorting.

With this tremendous power, Shi Tianfang and the Wheels of the Six Paths were able to repress the Heaven-Destroying Sword radiance. But the blood-red radiance still managed to inch forward slowly.

"Powerful!" The face in the middle of the Wheels of the Six Paths commented, "Among magic treasures below the destiny realm, this sword has the best offensive strength. Maybe only those who are only a step away from the destiny realm are able to win this sword."

At the same time as Xuan Li was resisting Shi Tianfang and the Wheels of the Six Paths, the rest of the Celestial Sect of Wonders also entered the arena to resist the enemies.

Eye-less and Luo Qingwu commanded the Yin-Yang Sea to resist Zhang Enrui, whereas Gu Peng fought off the Heavenly Ghost Priest. The Virtuous Zen Master, who was injured, challenged an Immortal Soul Second Level cultivator from the Path of Humanity, while the Dual Polarity Heavenly Mountain also disregarded its injury to stop the East Sea Holy Man.

Xiao Yan entered the Two Elements of Creation Formation and unleashed his Immortal Soul Avatar, converting into a flaming Taiji Diagram. He then went on to battle Shao Dongtian and the Xuan Heaven Seal.

Xiao Zhener, Jieyu and the others also entered the formation. They tapped on the powers of the formation to battle some of the Immortal Soul Stage cultivators.

Li Yuanfang commanded the Two Elements of Creation Formation and he coordinated with the rest. He had no powers to trap so many Immortal Soul Stage cultivators and magic treasures. But as these cultivators and magic treasures faced Xiao Yan, Xuan Li and the rest, the formation could take effect by attacking suddenly. In this way, these cultivators and magic treasures could be defeated.

At the same time, he also guided the Two Elements of Creation Formation to restrain the frightening Asura War-Blade.

As they fought in the Two Elements of Creation Formation, Xiao Yan, Xuan Li, and the others had the home ground advantage. Under such a circumstance, Xiao Yan was able to fight off two by himself.

He was adopting a defensive stance, trying to stall for time. Whereas for the others, they were adopting an offensive approach against the enemies.

Zhang Enrui was constantly disrupted by the Two Elements of Creation Formation as he faced Luo Qingwu and Eye-less. He was in a dire situation at the moment.

Xiao Zhener's powers were exceptional and she had a lot of magic treasures too. She caused her enemy to be placed on the losing end, whereas Jieyu, Bai Guang, Northern Sea Whale King and the others combined strength to gain a stable foothold.

Besides Shao Dongtian and the Xuan Heaven Seal who were on the front foot, the Celestial Sect of Wonders was in more advantageous situations elsewhere. Over at Xuan Li's side, her advantage was further boosted with the help of the formation.

Shi Tianfang looked around and creased his brows, "This formation is giving us a lot of trouble."

He thought of something before the original soul of the Asura War-Blade, Zhan Xiuluo, roared. He grabbed hold onto the Asura War-Blade and stabbed, causing a terrifying force to be converted into a deathly gas.

The eyes of Zhan Xiuluo were blood red and they flashed with a cold radiance, "Deathly Gas Stone? Lunar-Destroying Deathly Gas? So, one of the magic treasures that was used to make this formation is the Deathly Gas Stone from the Path of Asura."

"Since this is the case, how can you trap me?"

Zhan Xiuluo looked into the sky and howled. A brutal, deathly gas attacked the Two Elements of Creation Formation. Li Yuanfang felt something abnormal at this moment.

The Deathly Gas Stone in the formation started to experience some weird changes. As it jerked tremendously, it was trying to exit the formation and go to Zhan Xiuluo's side.

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