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Chapter 1359: 1359
Chapter 1359: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (9)

Mo Feifei knew that she would not be able to get her visa through standard ways .

Coincidentally, Shi Guang happened to ask her out for lunch and even asked about her visa . Mo Feifei explained her situation to Shi Guang and told her that she heard countless rumors about how immensely difficult it was to apply for a study visa—in which some were even rejected for strange reasons .

Nonetheless, she did not expect that those rumors were actually true .

Upon seeing her dejected face, Shi Guang immediately consoled, “Sis, don’t be too worried . It’s just a visa . I am pretty sure Lu Yanchen can help you with it . ”

However, her consolation did not manage to cheer Mo Feifei up as she had a strange premonition . Although she knew that things were likely to be settled with Lu Yanchen’s help, she still could not help but feel a little uneasy .

Shang Mo, on the other hand, was also aware that her application for a visa was rejected and he even asked if she needed help .

However, at that moment, Shi Guang already asked Lu Yanchen for help, and so she shook her head and told him that she’d settle it herself .

“Let’s make a trip to Kyoto during the weekend . Granny’s health declined recently so I want to pay her a visit,” said Shang Mo as he placed the finance newspaper down and took a sip of his coffee .

Mo Feifei worriedly asked, “What happened to Granny?”

Granny still looked great when she left and she was even talking to her energetically . How did her health suddenly deteriorate in such a short span of time?

“Well, old people do get sick easily . Besides, she probably missed us and wanted us to visit her,” replied Shang Mo with indifference .

Judging from his look, Shang Mo had probably asked someone to check on Granny’s health to confirm that she was alright . Realizing that, Mo Feifei heaved a sigh of relief .

Mo Feifei spun the pen on her fingers . She was at a meeting but she looked rather distracted .

Her phone was in silent mode, so it lit up upon receiving a notification . She instinctively glanced at it and saw that Shi Guang sent her a message . She immediately opened the messaging app .

[Shi Guang: Big sister, your visa is settled . ]

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‘So fast?!’ Lu Yanchen really had a way of settling matters related to the police . Despite personally visiting the center, she got rejected a couple of times but he, on the other hand, settled it so easily .

Wasn’t the difference in treatment too obvious?!

[Mo Feifei: Please thank Lu Yanchen on my behalf . When are you free for a meal?]

[Shi Guang: I am free this evening . Lu Yanchen and I asked Mu Chubei and Wang Caichun out for dinner . Do you want to ask Mr . Shang to join us as well?]

[Mo Feifei: Okay . ]

Mo Feifei hesitated for a moment but still ended up agreeing . Ever since she made a deal with Shang Mo to keep their relationship a secret, she hadn’t formally introduced him to anyone .

How about she took this chance to let Shang Mo meet her younger sister? This was also a way of acknowledging their relationship in front of her family .

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Mo Feifei wanted to give Shang Mo a call after the meeting, but considering that Shang Mo was just in his office upstairs, she decided to personally pay him a visit . Besides, her colleague needed to send a document to his office .

Hence, she decided to send the document on behalf of her colleague .

Mo Feifei’s sudden request to personally send the documents to the President’s office took her colleague by surprise . It was always a task she used to avoid .

Mo Feifei went upstairs and found out that Shang Mo was in a meeting as well . His secretary and assistant were busy inside the meeting room while Big Mountain was left to wait outside .

Big Mountain was slightly taken aback to see Mo Feifei around, but he immediately smiled and walked forward . “Miss Mo, Mr . Shang is still in the meeting room . I can go in to inform Mr . Shang that you are here . ”

Mo Feifei shook her head . “No need . He can continue on with his meeting and I’ll wait for him in his office . ”

Big Mountain smiled and nodded his head . “Alright, would you like something to drink?”

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“Plain water would be fine . ”

Big Mountain poured a glass of water for Mo Feifei and left . She sat on the sofa for a while and then quickly grew bored . Looking at the rotating bookshelf, she decided to find a book to read .

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