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Published at 17th of September 2020 03:20:06 AM
Chapter 1340: 1340
Chapter 1340: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (30)

Once the call was connected, she immediately heard a cold voice . “Put me on speaker!”

Su Qianxun froze momentarily . ‘Why would Lu Yanzhi call me at this point in time? Could it be…’ But in the end, she obediently followed his instructions .

Once she put him on the speaker, she immediately heard Lu Yanzhi screaming over the phone . “Tell the person in front of you to stay put and let you leave immediately . Otherwise, I will make sure that his brain will explode into bits!”

Su Qianxun was speechless . She really had to give him full marks for his great acting . He told her to put him on speaker and yet he still addressed Su Qianxun and wanted her to redirect what he had said to the person in front of her .

She looked at Su Wencheng as if she was waiting for him to move out of the way .

However, Su Wencheng remained as stiff as a rock .

He could sense the danger seeping in and it sent a chill down his spine . He moved out of Su Qianxun’s way as a reflex .

Su Qianxun slowly walked forward with big strides while staring deeply into Su Wencheng’s eyes . He looked very calm, however, his calmness looked as if he had lost all sense of life within him . It was almost similar to that of a cold robot .

She instinctively quickened her footsteps for she desperately wanted to leave this place .

She wanted to dash forward to the door, but Su Wencheng grabbed her hands as she passed him by .

Su Wencheng pulled her to a corner while Su Qianxun struggled to get her hand out of his grip . “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

However, her efforts were futile . Su Wencheng hugged her from behind and tried to yank the thing out of her hands .

Su Qianxun gripped it tightly and refused to let go of the U-Disk .

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He finally managed to uncurl her fingers, only to realize that there was nothing in it . Su Wencheng could only try to open her other hand but by then, she had already switched the U-Disk back and forth in her hands .

He did not have time to guess which hand she hid the U-Disk into and could only try his best to uncurl her fingers from her fist . A hint of murderous intent could be seen in Su Wencheng’s eyes as he had started to lose his patience .

He let go of Su Qianxun and took out his gun before pointing it at Su Qianxun . “Hand the U-Disk over to me, or else, you will never leave this place ever again!”

Although death was at her doorstep, Su Qianxun was not afraid . “Even if you kill me today, I will never hand it over to you!”

Just then, someone harshly kicked open the door .

Su Wencheng’s eyes immediately widened while he stood behind Su Qianxun with the gun pointed against her temple . He then looked at the intruder who entered his room .

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Lu Yanzhi rushed into the room, only to see a gun being pointed at Su Qianxun’s head . His facial expression turned colder while his eyes dangerously narrowed .

The temperature in the room immediately dropped by a few degrees .

Su Wencheng looked at the intruder and sniggered . “The person who had your back was actually Lu Yanzhi and not Lu Yanchen . He actually agreed to use you as bait . This could only mean that you mean nothing in his heart . If it wasn’t because he was a soldier, he probably wouldn’t even care if you are dead or alive . ”

His facial expression was very cold while he said in a deep tone of voice, “So this is the man you choose, huh?!”

Su Qianxun did not make a sound and only looked at Lu Yanzhi . Lu Yanzhi also glanced at her at the same time, his eyes looked very deep yet complicated .

Her line of sight turned a little blurry from the tears that welled up in her eyes . His sudden appearance was really strange as he clearly said that he was returning to the military . Could it be…

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Lu Yanzhi ignored the look Su Qianxun had, and instead gave Su Wencheng a death glare . He coldly said, “Let go of her and I’ll pretend that nothing happened today . ”

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