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"Qiu Zi, your boy is releasing himself again."

Liu Rongxuan smiled at the microphone. "By the way, have you finished your work?"

Qiuzi is a friend of Liu Rongxuan who grew up together as a child. This guy is very smart, but he can not go to school. After graduating from high school, the way to become a soldier. This guy is very intelligent and well informed. I worked in the army for several years and returned to work in January of this year. He is waiting to fix his work.

"Still struggling, you know it has not been read for a few days, forget it, see you in the old place."

"Okay, I'll leave immediately."

Liu Rongxuan left the desk to one side, has been improved and left.

Outside the courtyard of the county party committee, Liu Rongxuan picked up his phone and made a call to his family. Then I got on bus number 2 and headed straight to the Wuxi River.

A gust of wind in the afternoon, which provides instant comfort, although it is the end of September, but also when autumn is in full swing, Liu Rongxuan looks at the crowded streets, think about the house of the little supermarket, the old man told El heart of the city to open a store.

The economic ranking of Wuxi County is the first of the nine counties and districts of the city of Yongling, and sometimes even in the Zishan district to become the second.

As the sun sets, the crowds on the streets become increasingly dense. Children who meet their children, children who laugh and make fun of themselves, lovers who cling to their fingers despite the heat ...

Liu Rongxuan got off at the entrance of the road near the street of the barbecue. The prosperity of the county town began in this place and spread all around. Of course, the prosperity of the street barbecue is located near the Wuxi River. About three or five friends, blowing fresh wind, eating cold beer and an oily barbecue, which is also a great enjoyment this summer.

As they passed through the smoke and the flames, Liu Rongxuan and Ping Sanqiu sat at a table with their hands raised, and two young men with flat heads and T-shirts were sitting with him.

"Yu Feng, Wang Kai are my soldiers in the army, they are only from the army last year, they are our county of Wuxi ..."

Ping Sanqiu introduced himself and introduced Liu Rongxuan to the two people at the same table. Yu Feng's uncle, Yu Ping-lai, was the director of agriculture. Wang Kai's mother was a teacher at the county's No. 2 high school. Both were from the city of Chengguan.

"Qiu Zi, have you finished your work?"

Liu Rongxuan took a swig of beer, cold liquor from his throat, chest and abdomen cooled regretfully, breathing involuntarily.

"I do not have, but I have two options, I go to the Civil Affairs Office or the police station, I prefer the police station, but I can not stay in the county town after going to the police station."

PingSanqiu shook his head and took a drink from the bottle. His face was a little lonely. "Xuan Zi, who used to hear that local departments have been used as soldiers, thought it was an exaggeration, I now have a real experience."

"Autumn is, I do not like it very much, this is also something very normal."

Liu Rongxuan sighed, "Your officers returned from the army, all levels are relatively high, accustomed to the leader of the people returned to be a small soldier, there will naturally be imbalance in the heart."

"But think about it," he said, "those who have been working on the unit for years have been watching with caution and diligence and hope for promotion. you expect them to accept you happily? "

"Do not let them, you are not a civil servant, in fact, you do not know my temperament, since childhood can not sit down, and I have not read a few years, after the dry to the military academy is also suffering from , or the police station is more suitable for me. "

Ping three Qiu laughed, "no, drink, drink."

Obviously, Ping San Qiu wanted to go to the police station.

Two bottles of beer, Ping Sanqiu words more up, "Xuan Zi, since childhood I know you are smart, straightforward personality, but this personality is not suitable for mixed officialdom ah, although I said these years in the army, but, in essence , the same ... "

The two grew up together, PingSanqiu is naturally to understand Liu Rongxuan's character, I've spent so many years in the army, it's been a human touch, although the local and army is not a system, but thousands of years of traditional culture, some of the truth is the same.

Although Liu Rongxuan is clever and smart, after all, I have contacted the society later, and have little understanding of these curves and turns. When I have talked about these, I have naturally studied and comprehend them carefully.

Moreover, PingSanqiu was born young, which was one of the reasons why he was able to attend military academies in the army.

Several people chatted and drank until 9:00 p.m. Yu Feng proposed to go to KTV to sing. Liu Rongxuan did not go. He wanted to call his girlfriend back in the evening and made an appointment.

"Xuan Zi, our two brothers will have to help each other."

Ping San Qiu patted Liu Rongxuan on the shoulder and strode forward.

When Liu Rongxuan returned home, he was still thinking about some officialdom that Ping Sanqiu had just said. These are all the experiences of Ping Sanqiu calendar for many years. Now he is also going to the official career, which is exactly what he needs.

Unfortunately, no one to give him any advice or advice maze, but this evening with the Ping San Qiu reunion, news Corey happened, Ping San Qiu immediately pointed out the key point, section chief Chen Dayong is to take the opportunity to knock him, but also to take the opportunity to inspect his mind.

This let Liu Rongxuan's heart a secret sigh of relief, as long as it is not given up by Chen Dayong, in fact, his own heart also understands this truth, but ultimately is a matter of their own future, the heart of this string has been very tight.

Now Ping San Qiu such an analysis, at last is to let go of heart.

Next should be an opportunity, Liu Rongxuan had an idea in his mind, remembered the time had come, picked up the home phone to dial the girlfriend Hu Yanfei dormitory phone.

A clear voice sounded in the microphone. "Millet, leave me some. Hello, who can I speak to, please?"

Obviously, the first sentence is not to say to him, but to the dormitory of a girl called millet, millet Liu Rongxuan know, is a relatively beautiful girl, face a few small freckles.

"Hello, I'm looking for Hu Yanfei. I'm his boyfriend Liu Rongxuan."

Liu Rongxuan laughed at the microphone.

"Oh, Hu Yanfei and millet have not returned to the library, so you can call back later."

Then he hung up the phone.

Liu Rongxuan was stunned when he heard that he hadn't come back from his study. How could it be possible? No, the phone said he went to the library with Milly, but the girl over the microphone was talking to Millet.

Liu Rongxuan's face sank when he buttoned up the phone.

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