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Chapter 60: A Wild Guess

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A master of the Virtual Realm was very special.

It was very difficult to comprehend the rules in this realm.

A half-step Virtual Realm master could project the rules of its own field and gain control of masters outside the field.

There was a very big difference between a Virtual Realm master and a half-step Virtual Realm master.

Only those who had the powers of true comprehension could break through to the Virtual Realm.

Perhaps one day, he would be able to comprehend it and ascend from the Perfected Person stage to the Virtual Realm stage.

But there was also the possibility that, no matter how much he practiced, he would never reach the Virtual Realm.

After checking in these few days, he had absorbed nearly a thousand years of power.

Li Mu had only reached the half-step Virtual Realm stage.

“Sigh! I thought that I would be able to break through the half-step Virtual Realm stage today. But there’s no hope now.”

He flipped through a few more animal skin scrolls.

Li Mu finally found a record about the Dark Yin Sect.

It didn’t mention the name “Dark Yin Sect”.

Instead, it described how one could absorb the blood and essence of others to improve one’s own strength and power.

Was this skill from the Evil Gang?

It seemed like it.

“Is this a demon in the Virtual Realm? Or perhaps it’s a demon who understands the rules of space and immortality.”

Being able to comprehend the rules of space was already very powerful!

It would be even more powerful if he could understand the rules of immortality as well.

With that knowledge, as long as there was a drop of blood left from this person, there was the opportunity for them to resurrect.

“Wow! Do such people truly exist?”

Wasn’t that immortality?

This was what ordinary people yearned for.

But it was a demon who possesses this skill.

Just the thought of this was frightening!

Li Mu had thought that he was already very skillful by gaining access to the system.

He hadn’t expected such a powerful technique to exist in this world.

Why was everyone else practicing so hard?

This was a shortcut!

As he continued to read the scroll, Li Mu’s gaze turned solemn.

“The body of the demon is currently sealed within the Demon Locking Well. In order to trap the demon there, the well has absorbed all the prenatal qi in the South Continent.”

No wonder there was no prenatal qi left in the South Continent. This explained why no warrior could reach the cultivation stage of the Virtual Realm.

There wasn’t even an advanced Perfected Person there.

Back then, there were more Virtual Realm masters in the South Continent than there were in Zhongzhou.

This all changed after the battle with the Evil Gang.

In that battle, many Perfected Persons and Saint-level masters died in the process of destroying the Evil Gang.

Since then, the South Continent has been left in ruins.

Sweat started to bead up on Li Mu’s forehead as he recalled how he had checked into the Demon Locking Well every day in the underground palace.

He was lucky that the demon had been locked up.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous.

“So that’s it! The real purpose of Zhao Laoqi’s attack on the State of Great Xia was to seal the demon in the Demon Locking Well. But how did Zhao Laoqi know about this?”


Before the birth of the Black Dragon Sect, Zhao Laoqi had been a hostage in the State of Great Xia’s imperial capital.

He never left the imperial capital.

“If that’s the case, the demon in the Demon Locking Well might be the one supporting Zhao Laoqi. Since Zhao Laoqi disappeared together with him back then, it is very likely that he now possesses the demon’s jewel that allows him to control the rules of space.”

That must have been the case.

“Let me see which part of the demon is locked up in the Demon Locking Well.”

According to the animal skin scroll, the demon had been cut into nine pieces.

One piece was destroyed by the heaven fire, while another one piece was destroyed by earth fire.

One piece was destroyed by thunder and lightning.

Of the remaining six pieces, two pieces had been taken away by Zhongzhou.

There were still four pieces left in the entire South Continent.

“Hmm. So the Xia Family is holding on to one of the pieces. The other two pieces are either with the families in hiding or in an even more terrifying place.”

Since Zhao Laoqi chose to attack the imperial palace of the State of Great Xia, it showed that the possibility of obtaining the piece of the demon from these other places was far less than that of the imperial palace.

Li Mu continued reading the animal skin scroll.

It turned out that the ancestors of the Liu Family had also participated in the demon slaying battle.

At the critical juncture, they saved the ancestors of the Xia Family, and the ancestors of the Liu Family died together with the demon.

Only a few people who had participated in the demon slaying battle knew where the location of the Demon Locking Well was.

This included the descendants of the Liu Family.

“No wonder Liu Ling chose to practice in the underground palace. The Locking Demon Well was also where the ancestors of the Liu Family were buried. In other words, it was the graves of the Liu Family.

He never expected that there would be such an important story behind the Imperial Ancestral Temple which he was struggling to find.

Only the descendants of the Liu Family knew where the Imperial Ancestral Temple was located.

With his doubts finally resolved, Li Mu checked in without worry.

As of now, the strongest person in the Xia Family was also a half-step Virtual Realm master.

Legend had it that this half-step Virtual Realm master had been guarding the Xia Family for the past five to six hundred years.

“They still haven’t had a breakthrough in five or six hundred years. It must be really difficult to reach the Virtual Realm!”

He didn’t know when he himself could become a master of the Virtual Realm.

In this world, it was difficult to achieve true freedom without reaching the Virtual Realm.

In the State of Great Xia, outside the imperial capital, five young people were talking.

“Brother-in-training Yang, there are corpses everywhere. It seems like it’s not just the work of a demon, but an Evil Gang.”

“Brother-in-training Nangong, do you agree with him?” Brother-in-training Yang glanced at a red-haired young man beside him.

“Hmm, yes! The presence of an Evil Gang can would explain why the South Continent is in such a pitiful state.”


“But where is the Evil Gang now? They can’t just disappear just like that, right?”

Behind Brother Nangong, a young man in a black robe interrupted thtem: “Why not? It’s also possible that demon has drained all the disciples of the Evil Gang of their cultivation.”

“Why would the demon do this?”

“Didn’t you notice that there are no powerful warriors in the South Continent? There’s no point for the demon to keep the Evil Gang around. It might as well absorb their cultivation.”

“Then why is the State of Great Xia left unaffected?”

“Maybe the demon is hiding in the State of Great Xia!”

Brother-in-training Yang rolled his eyes at the black robe youth. “Brother-in-training Lu, that’s not what I heard! I heard that it was caused by the failure of the Sixth Nation’s armies and warriors to attack Xia Country.”

“Haha! Brother-in-training Yang, did you hear about this from someone from the State of Great Xia? They like to boast about themselves and deliberately spread rumors to confuse others.”

“Think about it. How many males are there in the Six Nations? There are so many martial artists. They attempted to attack the State of Great Xia but to no avail. How could the State of Great Xia not have been protected by a demon? ”

Brother-in-training Lu spread his hands and walked around the other brothers-in-training.

As he paused, he noticed several seniors were looking at him.

He continued on, “There is only one explanation. They made all of this up. The demon and the Evil Gang are hidden in the State of Great Xia.”

“Is that why we came to the State of Great Xia?” Seeing that Brother-in-training Nangong seemed to agree with Brother-in-training Lu’s words, Brother-in-training Yang asked.

“Of course!” Brother-in-training Nangong nodded and took out a compass from his pocket.

The needle swiveled.

Brother-in-training Nangong took off. He flew towards the slums in the southern suburbs of the imperial capital.

Brother-in-training Yang and Brother-in-training Lu quickly followed behind him.

In a dilapidated house, there was a mirror hanging on the wall.

The two young made faces as they gazed at themselves in the mirror.


“Haha! You are so ugly!”

Black mist flashed in the mirror as wailing came from the Demon Locking Well.

“Why, I ‘ve chanced upon these two untalented children. How many years will it be before I have a chance to be released?”

“Hey! There’s someone behind you,” one of the boys said.

Five young cultivators appeared in the mirror.

The mirror flashed again with black mist.

“Finally, I see a young man with a good aptitude and cultivation level.”

Brother-in-training Lu took the mirror and handed it to Brother-in-training Nangong.

“Brother-in-training, is this thing evil?”

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